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3mm Lineloc (MLD trailstar) trouble using 2.35mm line
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Marcus Strohm

Locale: SE Texas
3mm Lineloc (MLD trailstar) trouble using 2.35mm line on 02/21/2013 16:05:34 MST Print View

Just wanted to check around and see if anyone else has had issues with the linelocs on the MLD trailstar holding through gusty winds using 2.35mm guy line (lawson equipment glowire)? On a recent short trip, I experienced a number of instances where the guyline would seem to slip through the lineloc during a heavy wind gust, causing the Trailstar to flap around wildly and even partially collapse. At first I did have the Trailstar pitched fairly tall with a corner up for a door but after the first couple of instances where the line slipped I "battened down the hatches" and put it low to the ground all corners down and the slippages continued to occur. I suspect the guyline is probably the problem and bought some 3mm line to test on my next trip.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated


David Olsen

Locale: Steptoe Butte
A little thicker will grab better on 02/21/2013 16:09:56 MST Print View

In heavy weather you might want to back it up with a tauntline or releasable hitch.

Andrew F
(andrew.f) - F - M

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: 3mm Lineloc (MLD trailstar) trouble using 2.35mm line on 02/21/2013 16:44:48 MST Print View

Yep. The LineLocs are designed for 3mm line and will slip at moderate loads with anything smaller. The only exception I've found is the green Nite Ize 2.4mm reflective cord, and that only works because the reflective tape woven into the sheath makes it kind of bumpy which also impedes the action of the lineloc. I would recommend you either use the yellow 3mm paracord supplied with the Trailstar, or tie a slippery half hitch under the Lineloc after each time you tighten them. Depending on what cord you use, the half hitch might still slip.

Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
Knot on 02/21/2013 17:04:34 MST Print View

Like David said, you can back up the gizmo with a knot, but that almost defeats the purpose of using line-locks in the first place.

I can never decide, bypass the ease of re-adjustment from inside my shelter and use lighter line or carry the extra weight line required by the line-locs?

I would prefer to use the 1mm line that David (Oware) sells because of its gripyness and light weight, but it won't work in the 3mm line-locs.

Edited by brooklynkayak on 02/21/2013 17:09:52 MST.