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2013 Mid Layer Hoody Roundup / Contingency Plan
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2013 Mid Layer Hoody Roundup / Contingency Plan on 02/21/2013 12:54:24 MST Print View

Been a lot of threads on this, but I was hoping to put together a comprehensive list of the top options - now that the Capilene 4 is out of stock until Fall.

Ibex Hooded Indie (16.6oz)

MEC T2 Hoody (5.6oz)
MEC T3 Hoody (7.2oz)
Patagonia Capilene 4 (7.9oz) (unavailable)
RAB Orbit Hoodie (8 oz) (women only)
NorthWest Alpine Black Spider Hoody (10oz)
Cabelas Expedition Weight ECWCS hoody (?oz)
Melanzana Micro Grid Hoodie (?oz)
RAB Baseline Hoody (12oz)
Patagonia Piton Hybrid hoody (11.2 oz)
Mountain Hardware Desna Hoody (12.3oz)
Eddie Baur Hangfire hoodie (15oz)

So Fleece and Material Experts: above these are arranged by (listed) weight, which I assume is a pretty good correlation with warmth - how would you stack these up in terms of breathability? Does any other company use the exact same fleece setup as the recent Cap 4?

*for personal reference: This will be over a Icebreaker Merino Base, and under a Patagonia Houdini, which is pretty standard.

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William Chilton
(WilliamC3) - MLife

Locale: Antakya
Re: 2013 Mid Layer Hoody Roundup / Contingency Plan on 02/21/2013 13:23:37 MST Print View

If you want a truly comprehensive list, perhaps it should include the RAB Women's Orbit Hoodie (8 oz). I don't know why they don't make a men's equivalent.

Bradford Rogers
(Mocs123) - MLife

Locale: Southeast Tennessee
Re: 2013 Mid Layer Hoody Roundup / Contingency Plan on 02/21/2013 13:55:53 MST Print View

Melanzana Micro Grid Hoody?

Re: 2013 Mid Layer Hoody Roundup / Contingency Plan on 02/21/2013 14:01:59 MST Print View

Added both, thanks. I originally left off the Melanzana because the fit is less "tactical" (which in my mind makes it not ideal for 'layering'). Couldn't find a weight for it on their site.

Justin McCabe

Locale: Southern California
RE: on 02/21/2013 14:09:07 MST Print View

No love for the Ibex Indie?

Not a microgrid obviously but, it's my go-to next to skin or second layer.

Ozzy McKinney
(PorcupinePhobia) - F

Locale: PNW
Cabelas on 02/21/2013 15:09:14 MST Print View

Cabelas Expedition Weight ECWCS hoody, uses some type of polartec grid, and comes in tall (which makes it far superior to other offerings :b )

Serge Giachetti
(sgiachetti) - M

Locale: Boulder, CO
Re: 2013 Mid Layer Hoody Roundup / Contingency Plan on 02/21/2013 17:07:31 MST Print View

Add the patagonia piton hybrid hoody. Some retailers still have them. 11 oz w/ windpro panels. I like this piece b/c it gives you a little more versatility as a mid or outer. I like the T2/cap 4 grid as shoulder/winter base and I'd like to try the piton as a mid/outer.

edit: I'd also add the Vapour Rise lite alpine. I use it as my winter action layer, and I think it balances breathability/wind resistance well enough to work as a mid as well.

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Richard Fischel
NW Alpine - Sorry, missed it on teh original list on 02/21/2013 18:09:07 MST Print View

i always see it as nw alpine

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Adam Rothermich
(aroth87) - F

Locale: Missouri Ozarks
Re: 2013 Mid Layer Hoody Roundup / Contingency Plan on 02/21/2013 18:39:13 MST Print View

Another fleece option is the Eddie Bauer/First Ascent Hangfire. Mine weighs 15.8 oz in size large, so its on the heavier side but its quite a bit warmer and blocks the wind better than my Microgrid Hoody. Its stylish enough to wear around town if that's important too.

FYI my Large Microgrid Hoody weighs 10.2 oz.


Rick M
(rmjapan) - F

Locale: London, UK
Re: Re: 2013 Mid Layer Hoody Roundup / Contingency Plan on 02/21/2013 19:25:47 MST Print View


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Greg F
(GregF) - F

Locale: Canadian Rockies
T2 vs Cap 4 on 02/21/2013 22:58:11 MST Print View

The T2 is lighter weight than the Cap4. I believe the T3 is the same as the cap4 but might be slightly heavier. The T3 has the same spacing as the T2 but with thicker fuzzy parts.

Just look at the weights post and the T3 is much closer to the Cap4. You could ask on the MEC website what the fabric weight of the T3 is. They are usually quick about getting an answer back.

Edited by GregF on 02/21/2013 23:00:02 MST.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
Eddie Bauer on 02/22/2013 00:53:55 MST Print View

EB Hangfire hoodie.

Varying weights of fleece for "heat mapping". 15 oz. men's Med.

Serge Giachetti
(sgiachetti) - M

Locale: Boulder, CO
devils advocate on 02/22/2013 01:06:19 MST Print View

@rick. The jacket looks good, I'll check it out.

I'm still a little skeptical about the role of designated mid layers for 3 season backpacking. It ads redundancy, complication, and weight to your layering system. The base layer wicks, wind shirt for wind and mobil warmth, shell for the bad weather, and a puffy for stationary/sleep insulation.
Jordan and co make a strong case for this system from the get go:
and Nilsey, in more tech detail here:

I'm not sure why polartec high efficiency gives us more reason to carry a mid. Polartec designed it primarily as a base, and the grid fleece wicks best next to skin. I don't think its lightness is a good reason to add it to the pack.

Of course there is a lot of ways to pack (I err on the side of simplicity), and great if it works in your system. Just thought I'd invoke some of that old gospel from our founding fathers. :)

...I'll add, from a purely functional standpoint, a piece that wicks, breaths, insulates, and still has light weather protection, like a vapour rise, boreas or piton makes some sense to me in place of a wind shirt.

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Rick M
(rmjapan) - F

Locale: London, UK
Re: devils advocate on 02/22/2013 01:32:38 MST Print View


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Re: 2013 Mid Layer Hoody Roundup / Contingency Plan on 02/22/2013 10:48:26 MST Print View

Thanks for the input guys - added some of those pieces in there.

*For reference, so far my 'Capilene 4 replacement' is either the MEC T3 or the NW Black Spider.