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Gossamer Gear G6 backpack
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Richard Morbey
(rmorbey) - F
Gossamer Gear G6 backpack on 06/16/2005 02:27:04 MDT Print View

I'm located in the UK, and recently purchased a Gossamer Gear G6 pack. The product which arrived is poorly made, with the lower harness attachment points stitched in different positions. The right attachment point is stitched in to the bag 2" to 3" higher up than the left one. Also, one of the lower stretch cord attachment loops is missing entirely.

The cost of returning the bag is prohibitive, and the thought of trying to get customs duty reimbursed in this country is daunting, so I will take the bag apart and restich it myself.

The questions I have for the forum are these: has anyone else had quality problems with Gossamer Gear products? How did you handle the problem?

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
GG quality on 06/16/2005 03:01:34 MDT Print View

I have placed many orders with GG - both for myself and for others. It has to be over a dozen orders now - for all types of gear sold by GG.

Best company I have ever dealt with. No problems whatsoever. Quality has always been top-notch & service can't be beat.

The owner, Glen Van Peski, will probably bend over backwards to help you. He's that kind of guy. Perhaps the most honest web merchant I've ever encountered.

You should contact him ASAP & let him know. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to email him a copy of your post to give him a "head's up" on your problem. Please still contact him yourself.

If you need contact info for GG, please post back & I will post it for you.

Original post above:
Edited portion below:

I emailed GG the text of your post.

Again, I hope that you don't mind.

May I make a suggestion? Don't take apart & restitch until you hear back from GG. They may have a better solution to your problem.

Unless Glen Van Peski is away from home giving seminars or lectures elsewhere in the USA (he has one coming up, but I forget the date - so not sure if it is now), I would expect him to get back to you the same day or following day based upon how quickly in the past he has answered gear questions for me when I've emailed him.

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Al Shaver
(Al_T.Tude) - F - M

Locale: High Sierra and CA Central Coast
GG QA on 06/16/2005 05:07:32 MDT Print View

I've bought several items from GG including a meticulously crafted G6 Uberpack. I did return the carbon fiber trekking poles for being too weak a design, but not for quality problems. I concur with Paul that Glen would probably want to do whatever is necessary to get you a high quality product. Unfortunately for you, your pack is probably a fluke that slipped through quality control. Is it really that expensive to ship a 4oz. item overseas?

Cheers, Al

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Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
G6 Problem??Really on 06/16/2005 06:03:54 MDT Print View

I got my G6 about 3 weeks ago. It is one of the best made pieces of gear I have ever bought. I checked the construction of the pack inside and out. I had to marvel at the craftsmanship. My pack weighed 3.44oz and was everything I expected.

I am sorry to say the following, but I would have to see your pack to believe it was that poorly made by Gossamer Gear.

Andy Ledbetter
(dronfield) - F
Re: Gossamer Gear G6 backpack on 06/16/2005 06:43:35 MDT Print View

I also live in the UK and have brought two G4's from Gossamer Gear in the past two years. Glen has been helpfull at all times. Email him with your problem I have to guess he will be receptive. I am genuinely surprised that there is a problem with a Gossamer Gear product.
To return it to the US will cost you around 4 UK pounds (7 US dollars). Not what I would call prohibitive. Import duty should have been around 10 UK Pounds (18 US dollars). Pack a copy of your duty recipt in with the pack when you return it to GG. They then pack it with the replacement and UK Customs will then know that duty has been paid and cannot be charged again.


David Spellman
(dspellman) - F
Re: Gossamer Gear G6 backpack on 06/16/2005 18:02:20 MDT Print View

Mine's fine -- very well done. You've definitely got a fluke. Glen's absolutely aces about taking care of problems like this in the rare instances when they arise. Contact him and it will be resolved, and I'm sure to your satisfaction.

Glen Van Peski
(gvanpeski) - F - M

Locale: San Diego
Re: Gossamer Gear G6 backpack on 06/16/2005 21:48:03 MDT Print View

Richard -

Get ahold of me so we can take care of you. I don't have contact information for you because you bought the pack through BPL. We will definitely replace it. Until fairly recently our Quality Control and shipping was done by an outside source. Not to say that an item or two might not slip past us, but the G6s were inspected and packaged up by others. We stand behind our products, even the ones with no warranties.. they have to be right when you get them at least. Get ahold of me at and we'll work out the replacement.

Glen Van Peski
(gvanpeski) - F - M

Locale: San Diego
Re: Gossamer Gear G6 backpack on 06/16/2005 22:09:45 MDT Print View

Oops - accidental double post

Edited by gvanpeski on 06/17/2005 08:40:08 MDT.

Richard Morbey
(rmorbey) - F
Re: G6 Problem??Really on 06/19/2005 04:24:30 MDT Print View

If you give me your email address I will send you the same images of the bag that I have already sent to Glen.

Richard Morbey
(rmorbey) - F
Re: GG quality on 06/19/2005 04:27:11 MDT Print View

Thanks for sending the email to Glen. As you can see, he has replied to the forum and I have sent him images of the faulty bag.

Richard Morbey
(rmorbey) - F
Re: Re: Gossamer Gear G6 backpack on 06/19/2005 04:31:54 MDT Print View

Thanks for taking the time to post your message. I have sent images of the faulty bag to Glen.

Richard Morbey
(rmorbey) - F
Re: Re: Gossamer Gear G6 backpack on 06/19/2005 04:36:48 MDT Print View

Your prompt response is appreciated. I have sent two images of the bag to you by email. As you can see, the harness attachment points are stitched in different locations, and I think that there is supposed to be another bungie-cord loop at the bottom. Thanks again.

Richard Morbey
(rmorbey) - F
Re: Re: Gossamer Gear G6 backpack on 06/19/2005 04:48:35 MDT Print View

Apologies for the multiple posts, I'm just learning how the forum works.

To Glen - I've just looked again at the 3D image of the G6 backpack here on Backpacking light. If my bag is supposed to be the same as the one in the picture, then I'm missing one bungie-cord loop on one side, and the lower one on the other side is in the wrong position.

Richard Morbey
(rmorbey) - F
Re: Re: Gossamer Gear G6 backpack on 06/19/2005 04:58:41 MDT Print View

OK, now the forum software is double-posting - sorry for all the chaf.

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Kevin Lane
Re: Gossamer Gear G6 backpack on 06/19/2005 05:36:42 MDT Print View

Perhaps give folks a chance to correct any perceived problems before posting a message like this would be appropriate in the future. As you may have seen, Glen is one of the incredible people in this arena and both his company and his products are phenomenal

Einstein X
(EinsteinX) - F

Locale: The Netherlands
xcelent service! on 06/19/2005 05:58:44 MDT Print View


My G4 pack was sent to my neighbours by accident. I contacted Glen the day before my pack was returned to him about the where-abouts (how do you spell that) of my G4. He did not know but promptly send a new one to me. So a G4 was send from te US to Holland then back again and another one to Holland again. All cost free.

So only great service from Gossamer. (thanx Glen)


Kim Skaarup
(skaarup) - F

Locale: Cold, wet and windy Scandinavia
Gossamer Gear service are worldclass. on 06/19/2005 06:19:38 MDT Print View

Gossamer Gear customerservice are extreamly good. I have bought some stuff from them and I have never had a quicker delivery from USA here to Denmark-Europe.
Also the postage they paied was actually a little higher than they have charged me.!
Bottomline = LIGHTITUDE candidate.!

Prolightgear are also very very good. Very quick and give you a personally service.! 112% recommended
***** with their superfine LED lights are also very quick on delivery to Europe (Express letters!) These LEDs are btw the very finest in the world.! so their lights should be LIGHTITUDE candidate.!

Then our very own BPL has a high star due to their fine intregrity, but sometimes their customerservice seems unabel to cope with their success.!
Anyway I have always received the goods, but they lack that extra mile the others go.:-) But that should not be a problem in these SUL days. They could reach much further.

PhotonLight are also rather quick on delivery.
****+ make some very fine carbonpoles and I have bought quite a few from them and Linas also deserves a lot of credit. Quick delivery and a fine product.

Edited by skaarup on 06/19/2005 06:31:23 MDT.

Roger B
(rogerb) - MLife

Locale: Here and there
Re: Gossamer Gear service are worldclass. on 06/19/2005 15:43:08 MDT Print View

Hi Kim

Can you email me at aussiemath (at) mac(dot)com regarding hiking in Denmark and Sweden



Edited by rogerb on 04/05/2013 13:20:20 MDT.

Kim Skaarup
(skaarup) - F

Locale: Cold, wet and windy Scandinavia
Re: Visit Sweden on 06/19/2005 16:55:47 MDT Print View

Also I will email you.

Richard Morbey
(rmorbey) - F
Re: Gossamer Gear G6 backpack on 06/20/2005 05:30:28 MDT Print View

I just want to thank all the forum members who helped in what ever way to connect me with Glen Van Pelski. I sent two photographs of my curiously constructed G6 pack to Glen, and as many writers here predicted, he has been outstanding in his response to the problem.