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Zpacks sleeping bag sizing
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USA Duane Hall
(hikerduane) - F

Locale: Extreme northern Sierra Nevada
ZPacks / EE on 02/15/2013 18:57:33 MST Print View

I've thought a little also of getting a quilt that would cover a wider temp range, but I need to stay focused on my goal of going for a lighter summer pack weight, trying to get the lightest that I feel will work for Sierra trips, not a shoulder season capable setup for week long vacation trips. For local or weekend trips, I can add a little weight back and use my existing gear. That's why the hair splitting and procrastinating. I still have enough of my income tax refund to get a quilt, it all has been budgeted for new bp gear and a few things to get my newer motorcycle set up for camping/road trips.

Annie Varnot
(AnnieVarnot) - F

Locale: NYC
updates on the Zpack? on 04/21/2014 07:23:39 MDT Print View

Hi everyone,
It's a year later. Are you happy with your Zpack sleeping bag? I am going to purchase either the 10 or 20 degree bag and am wondering if you guys would request anything different if you were to purchase a new one?

Mike V
(deadbox) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
"Zpacks sleeping bag sizing" on 04/21/2014 07:55:28 MDT Print View

I have had my 20* Z-packs bag for at least a year now and am VERY happy with it. The quality is top notch and the temp rating is conservative. I would reccomend ordering it in wide if you are going to order with a zipper (it is very tight in regular width). Standard width is great if you are getting it without a zipper to be used as a quilt.

Cesar Valdez
(PrimeZombie) - F

Locale: Scandinavia
Re: updates on the Zpack? on 04/21/2014 08:26:33 MDT Print View

I am very happy with my Zpacks bag. Glad I went with long/wide. I have used it quite a lot over the past year, coldest I took it out was around -3C, and I was fine (just had to put on all my layers).

I have decided to eventually buy a 20/-7 degree bag in the future for winter and colder parts of spring/fall. I will again go long/wide and keep the standard zipper.

I honestly have a hard time saying anything bad about my bag. On occasion there is a stray down feather that leaks out, but not only is this rare, it's also easy to fix by just pulling it back into the baffle.

I was skeptical about the drawstring closure at the top of the bag that goes around your neck, but I have found it to be comfortable and shows no sign of being worn out yet.

I find that most of the time I leave the bag fully zipped, but I am glad I kept the zipper on it so that I have the option of using it kinda like a quilt (which I do sometimes). I hardly ever notice the zipper, and I tend to move around somewhat in my sleep, switching from my side to my back usually.

I hope you like your bag as much as I do!

Annie Varnot
(AnnieVarnot) - F

Locale: NYC
Re width on 04/21/2014 10:59:07 MDT Print View

So if I am a med size woman (5'5" at 135 lbs) would you suggest wide?

michael levi
(M.L) - F

Locale: W-Never Eat Soggy (W)affles
Re: Re: updates on the Zpack? on 04/21/2014 13:16:11 MDT Print View

I'm almost 6 foot and got a 30 deg long wide.

If I were to buy one again I would rather go x long, it was borderline tall enough and I feel like when there is more length the down doesn't get compressed or scratched. I would rather go reg wide/xlong next time.

Picture a green caterpillar, when it'd stretched out it becomes flat. When it's short it becomes lofty and fat.

Eric Osburn
(osb40000) - MLife
Order longer and Wider than you think you need. on 04/21/2014 13:29:31 MDT Print View

Order longer and Wider than you think you need, that was the advice that I received from a few people and even though I'm only 5'6" and 160lbs I ordered the long, wide and it fits great. I don't think I'd be comfortable with much shorter or narrower.

Cesar Valdez
(PrimeZombie) - F

Locale: Scandinavia
The very hungry caterpillar on 04/21/2014 14:37:21 MDT Print View

Annie - Not sure. I'd email Zpacks and ask them, they would know best. Your height and weight seem to me like you'd be good in a medium length and regular width, but also keep in mind that it's good to have some room for layers and maybe a few pieces of gear or whatever.

Michael - You know what. Your post actually motivated me to get up and test out this caterpillar theory. Got my bag out, got inside, and tried stretching it as much as I reasonably could. And it's somewhat true in my case, actually, though I never noticed it before. I am 6ft tall, so the long length is *just right* for me. When I stretch the bag out while inside, the last baffle rests right below my eyes. I never do this when I am out in the field, obviously. So I never really noticed or thought about the baffles being stretched, albeit slightly, which I suppose translates into slightly less efficient warmth. Then again, because I use this bag generally from late spring to early autumn when it's warmer, a tiny bit of baffle stretching is probably not enough to notice in these conditions.

Anyhow, I have an inch or two of extra space in my bag, so that when I normally sleep my feet are touching but not tight on the footbox, and the drawstring is snug and comfy around my neck.

But now I am split about what size to get for my 20f/-7c bag. I wonder if they could do an in between size? Because when it is colder out it's all the more important to have the best loft possible for most efficient warmth, of course. So squishing into a fatter caterpillar might be the way to go for my next bag with a x-long length (or maybe a custom "long plus" length?).

Anyhow, still quite happy with my sizing for my 40f/5c bag. It fits me spot on, but for a warmer/thicker bag, having more length would be much more important. Good to know. Thanks for this caterpillar tip!