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Cuben Fiber 1.2oz Rain Pants
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Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Cuben Clothes on 09/23/2011 01:02:01 MDT Print View

I made some cuben rain pants using 1.2oz cuben which weigh about 1.9oz total. They work fairly good for what I want. For short periods of wearing, I toss them on over my hiking pants and they work like normal rain pants. For extended wear, they get clammy/sweaty due to the zero breathability so I ditch my hiking pants (too keep them dry) and then just wear these.

They're a nice thing to carry on trips where little to no rain is expected but I don't want to go sans rain gear.

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Jesse H.
(tacedeous) - MLife

Locale: East Bay, CA
arbor press on 09/23/2011 05:27:36 MDT Print View

just a lil fyi, I see a lot of these arbor presses marked up, I almost bought one for rivets, only to find a cheaper alternative... If you have the means to modify the ram and anvil accurately, look at buying the specialty dies and just buy the arbor press from harbor freight:

Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
Re: Re: Cuben Fiber 1.2oz Rain Pants on 09/23/2011 10:40:58 MDT Print View

Timothy and others,

First, it is nice to see the new activity on this old thread.

After I made these pants I was able to buy a really nice snap press second-hand from one of our members. In testing "I" found that kind of snap hard to open wearing glove liners, as when it is cold. I am thinking about making another pair of cuben pants and use small button size Velcro pieces.

All of my Cuben garments are first a Vapor Barrier Liner and second for rain. I don't always say that as most folks have no real idea how to wear or use a VBL item. I would prefer to wear the Cuben things next to my skin so any sweat doesn't get into my cloths. I do however, make sure I have venting options. I also think it is more comfortable sleeping in VBL cloths then using a VBL liner with a sleeping bag or quilt.

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William Bylund
(lhs2miler) - MLife
Re: Re: Cuben Fiber 1.2oz Rain Pants on 12/04/2011 08:21:23 MST Print View

I'd like to build these. How much is a snap tool cost? If too expensive, can I ship a pair to you to add the snaps?

Jim Leonard
(mxracer33x) - F

Locale: West Coast
Breathable Cuben Fiber on 12/05/2011 11:47:35 MST Print View

Has anyone tried makign a set of Pants out of the "Breathable" cuben fiber that zpacks offers?

Very pricey, and Im not sure how it would do for activewear, as compared to using it for bivys where the breathability woudln't have to be as much.