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Precharged NiMH Battery Charging Kit
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Ike Mouser
(isaac.mouser) - F
Precharged NiMH Battery Charging Kit on 02/11/2013 07:40:03 MST Print View

I want to put together a rechargeable battery kit to power all my electronic devices like, headlamps, small flashlights, small radios, gps units, etc. I want this kit to be a quality product, which means, the only thing i will need to replace are the rechargeable batteries overtime.

I require the followng capabilities in the system:

+ 2000+ maH Precharged NiMH batteries
+ AA, AAA charging capabilities
+ Smart off capability(it knows when the battery is full and stops charging it)
+ lightweight
+ durable, proven and tested technology
+ solar & plug in charging capability
+ ability to chage 3-5 batteries at once

From what i can tell, there are two ways to go about this:

1. A unit that offers both solar and plug in charging capabilities.

2. Two units, one for when i need solar, and one for when i am somwhere i can plug in and use the wall socket.

I believe in paying more and buying things once, instead of replacing new chargers every two years. Please recommend solid products and keep it light!

Also as an added bonus, an item that had car/crank charging capability would be cool too, but not required.

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j lan
(justaddfuel) - F

Locale: MN
Re: Precharged NiMH Battery Charging Kit on 02/11/2013 09:38:19 MST Print View

This -

With a usb AA/aaa charger.

Buy a couple.

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Ross L
(Ross) - MLife

Locale: Beautiful BC
Re: Re: Precharged NiMH Battery Charging Kit on 02/11/2013 10:03:05 MST Print View

Check out Sanyo Eneloop at Non solar but highly regarded newest technology in rechargeables.

Manfred Kopisch
(Orienteering) - F
NiMH Battery Charging Kit on 02/11/2013 10:28:47 MST Print View


All my devices (headlamp, GPS, SteriPen, camera) use AA batteries. This set works for me now for many years here on the West Coast. I'm using my GPS mainly to document my hikes and have a track for later download. That requires a fresh set of AA batteries every day. The longest I have done that was 5 weekswith out any issues.

So here is my setup

Batteries: Eneloop

Solar Charger: PowerFilm USB + AA Solar Panel Charger which weighs less than 5 oz.
I also use the PowerFilm AA Battery Solar Panel Charger
which charges 4 AA (instead of 2) when I don't need USB charging capabilities. It has 6 panels (instead of 4) and weighs even slightly less.

Right now I'm planning a trip where I can't rely 100% on the sun. Therefore I got the Goal Zero Battery Pack . It allows me to charge AA (and AAA) batteries via USB from my solar charger or from outlets. Goal Zero has all sorts of accessories (including solar chargers), but I have no experience with those. They look sturdier (and heavier) than what I have.

Best Regards,


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David Lang

Locale: Northwest U.S.
Goal Zero on 02/12/2013 21:58:23 MST Print View

I just picked up a Goal Zero solar charger with battery pack as well at REI. It was on sale for $73.93, down from $129. It seems well made. The panel is smaller to fit on top of my pack, and charges the battery pack in 6-8 hours of sunlight.

The kit was the Goal 10 mobile plus. It comes with the Nomad 3.5 solar panel, cords, battery pack, and 4 NiMH AA batteries. The stock NiMH batteries are rated at 2000maH.

I will see how these batteries work out, but I may upgrade them to higher capacity batteries.

REI doesn't have the smaller kit listed anymore, but here is a link to the kit with the larger Nomad 7 solar panel. It charges the battery pack in 4 hours.

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