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8.2 lb High Sierra solo gear list.
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(ardavis324) - F

Locale: High Sierra
Re: Re: Re: 6.3lb on 02/26/2013 14:32:41 MST Print View

down to 6.28 after further tweaks. Im not trying to get down to any number, really just hoping to analyze each item and decide what will add/subtract to an enjoyable experience.

Of course "lightness" has a lot of value towards overall enjoyment. Trying to be very careful to avoid "stupid light" choices.

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Richard Colfack
(richfax) - MLife

8.2 lb High Sierra solo gear list on 02/27/2013 12:34:01 MST Print View

Your Medium 16.2 ounce Exped Synmat UL 7 is a pig. Seems to me it's a problem when your pad weighs more than either your tent or your pack. I realize pads are very personal but a 9 ounce NeoAir saves you over 7 ounces and it worked fine for me on the JMT.

(ardavis324) - F

Locale: High Sierra
Re: 8.2 lb High Sierra solo gear list on 02/27/2013 20:37:15 MST Print View

Did you use a quilt? What did you put under your legs/feet that weren't on the pad? My g.g. murmur has the removable back pad that I could integrate into my sleep system.

I really don't want a neoair because of the noise, but I agree the exped stands out. I consider it well worth its weight only because I sleep so well on it, the energy recharge it offers offsets the weight penalty.

Got me thinking though..

Brian Lindahl
(lindahlb) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Re: 8.2 lb High Sierra solo gear list on 03/04/2013 09:58:20 MST Print View

The Nemo Zor Short weighs 9.1oz (at least mine does). Add a trimmed-down 1/8" thinlight pad for a couple ounces and use your Murmur pad for the thighs/legs, along with any extra stuff/pack for your feet (all under the 1/8" pad). Should drop some weight there, plus you have insurance in case your pad pops.

I've found the dropoff from a short 2.5" airmat to be quite uncomfortable, but some people can do it. Also, a short pad means anything under your legs/feet will migrate throughout the night. The 1/8" pad will keep this from happening (it's very grippy).

The Zor Short with the thinlight will be around 12oz at most. I've used this setup with a quilt before and it works fine. I actually use a trimmed full-length 1/8" Evarest (3oz), but they're out of stock right now. Keep in mind we're only talking about losing a few ounces for a possible change in how you sleep, so it may not be worth it for you. I've found it to be extremely comfortable, though - moreso than a NeoAir. Never tried a SynMat.

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