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Uber-lite <> Torsolite
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Woubeir (from Europe)
(Woubeir) - F - MLife
Uber-lite <> Torsolite on 06/15/2005 12:46:47 MDT Print View

Anyone an idea how these two compare to eachother. Comfort, insulation, ...

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
uber-lite vs. torso-lite on 06/15/2005 13:58:40 MDT Print View


I own & have used both. haven't used either in below freezing temps.

1. both excellent pads
2. both inflate well & can be slightly overpressurized by blowing into it w/o the valve leaking the overpressure while inflating it. (not sure if blowing into them is a good idea [moisture], especially if temps are below freezing. if anyone out there would care to educate me on this practice, please reply. many thanks.)

[Note: i had a prolite3 whose valve just vented most/all of the extra air if i tried to blow into the valve to slightly "over-pressurize" the pad. the proltie3 compressed much easier than either of the two pads you are interested in. way too soft, IMHO]

3. either would be a great choice, but...

even though the uber-lite is lighter (mine weighs just 8oz on my scale vs 11oz (11oz is NOT a typo) for the torso-lite.

I prefer the BMW/BPL Torso-Lite. Why?

first: my inflated torso-lite is slightly, but noticeably, firmer than my uber-lite. don't get me wrong, the torso-lite is NOT overly firm - it's the best self-inflating pad i've ever used.

second: basically, only one real complaint with the uber-lite (this may just be a personal pref. on my part; someone else may not mind & prefer to save the 2-3oz wt) the basic "hour-glass" shape of the uber-lite saves weight & is fine, but causes the valve position on the uber-lite to leave something to be desired. the self-inflating area forms a ~6" neck running from the valve, which is centered left-to-right on the top edge of the pad, down to the hour-glass shaped self-inflating area. this neck is narrow & unless one is using something for a pillow, even through my sleeping bag, i find this a bit uncomfortable since turning my head, left or right, causes my head to roll off of the narrow self-inflating neck onto the thin foam surface on either side of this "neck".

While the two pad's lengths are somewhat similar (the uber-lite is a bit longer), the uber-lite's inflatable "neck" causes the uber-lite to be effectively a shorter pad - about the same length as the torso-lite or even a tad shorter. The "neck" & hard inflation valve interfere with head positioning. I have an 18" torso for pack size purposes. With my buttocks on the pad, the back of my head rests on the self-inflating "neck". I could imagine that someone taller would have their head, and sleeping bag, resting right on the hard plastic inflation valve. Not sure if this is a good idea, having the sleeping bag "sandwiched" b/t one's relatively heavy head & the hard plastic valve, especially if the bag's outer material is a very light weight mat'l like in the WM Highlite. Would this, over time, damage the bag's outer mat'l??? Guess one would need to use something for a pillow & place it b/t the pad's hard plastic valve & the sleeping bag - not the best/normal place for a pillow IMHO - i would prefer a pillow inside of my sleeping bag instead of underneath it, though i rarely use a pillow..

If you are tall, then i think that you might need to use a pillow, or something to serve as a pillow, with the torso-lite b/c it might be too short to keep both your buttocks & your head on the pad. being quite short & having only an 18" torso length, this is not quite a problem for me, though it almost is. the back of my head just rests on the torso-lite when i position my buttocks on the pad. this is something that you should consider b/f purchasing one.

Hope this info helps. Any other questions I failed to address?

[Note: I mainly use a GossamerGear NightLight TorsoPad - much lighter, nicely forms a virtual frame in the ext. pad pocket of my GossamerGear G5 pack, i find it warm enough for 32deg & above.]

Edited by pj on 06/15/2005 14:38:32 MDT.

Woubeir (from Europe)
(Woubeir) - F - MLife
uber-lite vs. torso-lite on 06/15/2005 14:37:48 MDT Print View

Thanks Paul,
since I normally use a stuff sack with some clothes in as a pillow, the valve issue is perhaps less relevant but still somethink to think about.
Do you rate both pads equally warm and how would you compare them at this point to both the prolite 3 and ultralite (which I currently use)?
Since I don't use sleeping pads as a frame for my pack, the smaller volume of a self inflatable is an important factor.

paul johnson
(pj) - F

Locale: LazyBoy in my Den - miss the forest
Tom: reply #2 on 06/15/2005 14:48:33 MDT Print View


re-read my prev. post. i was editing it while you were replying to it. the issue of a pillow, even for the torso-lite, should be read.


i find both ok above freezing. i would give an edge to the torso-lite however due to its complete rectangular self-inflating shape. i haven't used either in below freezing temps yet.

i didn't like it at all. compresses FAR, FAR, FAR too easy. has a real flimsy feel to it when compared side-by-side to the torso-lite and the uber-lite. in contrast, both torso&uber seem comparable to each other & the outer skin of either seems far more robust/thicker than the prolite3. prolite3 seems like it could be punctured rather easily. the uber & torso give me a sense of confidence with their robust skin. however, i have 2 co-workers who love the prolite3 (one bought mine & loves it) & my boss loves the prolite4 (he thought the prolite3 was too thin).

Ultralite: i'm not sure what pad this is. perhaps i'm just confused, or i've never heard of it. sorry.

Edited by pj on 06/15/2005 14:49:42 MDT.

Woubeir (from Europe)
(Woubeir) - F - MLife
PJ: reply ultralite on 06/16/2005 01:25:52 MDT Print View

The Thermarest Ultralite is de forerunner of the current prolite 3.