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Cuben Duomid Question
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James DeGraaf
(jdegraaf) - MLife

Locale: Bay Area
Cuben Duomid Question on 02/08/2013 14:25:38 MST Print View

I received a new Cuben Duomid from Ron about a week ago and am planning a trip for its maiden voyage, however, due to the zipper stitching and top peak loop stitching piercing the fabric, should I seal these areas? And if the answer is yes, what would you suggest? Silnet doesn't seem (pun) like this would be the appropriate application here, what about seam grip? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Seth Brewer
(Whistler) - MLife

Contact him on 02/09/2013 09:45:08 MST Print View

I'd call Ron directly..I thought all his new cuben stuff was taped..thus you wouldn't need to seal it. Don't know either way, but if I was in doubt I'd wait until you're sure. A few drops of water through stitching wouldn't really hurt anything either I don't think.

Andy Howell
Duomid Seam Sealy on 02/18/2013 14:58:13 MST Print View

I seam sealed all of the seals on my Duomid - have never had a problem with a leak in four years.

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Seam sealing on 02/18/2013 20:48:39 MST Print View

I'd also wait until you're sure. No sense adding ounces back if you just paid hundreds extra for cuben to shave 6oz. I believe virtually all the cuben seams don't need it, but maybe there's some around the peak where the fabric is added that do. I suspect not though or MLD would tell you this.

Phillip Damiano

Locale: Australia
Re: Cuben Duomid Question on 03/11/2013 02:45:02 MDT Print View

Seal them.

I received my Cuben Duomid in the past couple of weeks. Pitched it out the back yard for a couple days testing in the rain and my DuoMid started to leak in behind one of those white patches on either side of the peak. Water is getting into the seams and leaking inside.
I've been advised not to use SilNet. Use SeamGrip or Cuben Tape to seal the stitching.

Ron Bell
(mountainlaureldesigns) - F - M

Locale: USA
Re: Re: Cuben Duomid Question on 03/11/2013 12:58:29 MDT Print View

Phillip gave us some good feedback and pics about his issue. It was a small leak at two specific points at the vent area he saw after three consecutive days of century long record Australian rain storms (you may recall the worldwide news stories of that widespread flooding) when he had it set up for 72hrs straight in the rain. We have started taping a small area differently to seal those two spots. - Upside is that even after that extreme rain / wind test those were the only two spots with any issue. Problem Solved.

Phillip Damiano

Locale: Australia
Re: Re: Re: Cuben Duomid Question on 04/13/2013 17:21:43 MDT Print View

I'm happy to report that the sealing and tape provided by Ron has been a succes thus far. However since this trail test at home it's only showered a couple of times while out hiking. So further tests are warranted.

Ron, it did not rain constantly for the couple days I had the shelter up, You misunderstood me, it rained constantly for a few days prior to pitching the Duomid in my backyard. While the shelter was up, it was only showers off and on.

The shelter was in no way, under extreme testing during those two days. It was only very light of and on shower, with one heavy downpour on the 2nd night for half hour.

I always subject all my shelters after purchasing to such tests before a hike, for good reason's. So to get used to pitching the shelter and to check on water proofness.

I suspect the water was coming through those two rows of stitching on the peak, and because the white patches where not sealed to the Cuben correctly this was leaking through on the inside. I feel that if this patch was correctly sealed, this leak would not have eventuated. But this proves one thing, that water does indeed get through the stitching on the peak.

Edited by Phillipsart on 04/13/2013 17:27:06 MDT.

Phillip Damiano

Locale: Australia
Re: Re: Re: Re: Cuben Duomid Question on 04/13/2013 17:30:38 MDT Print View

Actually I'm very curious now, as the shelter has not been really tested apart from a couple light showers since sealing the leaks, I'm going to pitch the shelter out the backyard and put the hose over it for a while.

Will be back soon with the results of such test.

Update: Success.
No more leaks. :)
This is the best tent shelter. I love how it holds it's shape when wet. No need to constantly readjust as you need to with a silnylon shelter.

Edited by Phillipsart on 04/13/2013 22:02:38 MDT.

Anthony Weston
(anthonyweston) - MLife

Locale: Southern CA
duomid on 04/14/2013 11:07:43 MDT Print View

I like the cuben not just for the weight savings but also because I don't have the condensation problems that I had with my contrail.

I seam sealed my duomid in a few places and it doesn't seem to have hurt the cuben. I never had leaks.

Ron uses a very generous amount of seam tape compared to other companies that make similar pyramids. I love my duomid.