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New 2013 Golite Gear
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John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: New 2013 Golite Gear on 02/08/2013 18:58:12 MST Print View

I'm disappointed they are not carrying their travelite carryon convertible backpack any longer.

Sam Farrington
(scfhome) - M

Locale: Chocorua NH, USA
new Golite Gear on 02/08/2013 19:18:21 MST Print View

Thank you for the update and clarification.
There I went again, getting all judgmental like that.

A concern with these 10-20D tent fabrics is whether they will hold up very well.
There was a seemingly great Vango tent a couple years ago, but when BPL reviewed it, they found that the inner was prone to disintegration.

On the other hand, when Richard Nisley first started with his HH tester, as I recall it was a GoLite silnylon tent or tarp that that he stuck on the tester and found very waterproof compared to most else.

Was looking at that Imogene only from a solo plus dogs perspective, and for that it would be very roomy and a lot lighter than the 3# Wilderness Equipment Bug Dome with carbon poles I've been using because I love the space and awnings. Because the Imogene is wide for 2 persons at the front, it is plenty wide for entry and egress, albeit maybe not as much as a 'side-entry' tent. I like the forward cant of the front awning, that adds to both stability and rain management, plus the points made by Dan D. If the materials are reasonably durable, it could be a winner for solos and couples.

Some tents with similar frames are the EMP Kilo, Brooks Range Foray already reviewed on this site, and the Mtn HW mentioned above. Ordered and returned the MH last year. It just didn't look like it would stand up to the elements very well for a variety of reasons, including stability of the frame in high winds, and was cramped inside for even one person because of the 'pup-tent' cant of the inner sidewalls that the design allowed under most of the ridge pole. And a tent that sets up inner first is always a problem when needing to get into secure shelter in really foul weather. But an inner first tent can overcome this if the inner is high DWR fabric that will resist penetration during the setup until the fly is set. All things to think about with these and other tents.

Edited to correct Vaude to Vango - Sorry Vaude.

Edited by scfhome on 02/10/2013 00:11:41 MST.

Clayton Mauritzen
(GlacierRambler) - F

Locale: NW Montana
Re: new Golite Gear on 02/08/2013 23:30:38 MST Print View

I'm pleasantly, if mildly, happy to see the Ultra 20 brought back in the form of the z30 (assuming the specs are similar). I enjoyed that quilt a lot.

Still, at that price, why not just go with an Enlightened Equipment quilt? My Revelation 20° is significantly warmer (in the 6' version, it has 30% more down than my Ultra 20 Long did) and less than an ounce heavier.

I suspect it will look better once the price inevitably drops, but then you have to wait for GoLite's new, unpredictable pricing model.

Andrew Urlacher
(anarkhos) - M

Locale: Colorado, Wyoming
Re: Re: new Golite Gear on 02/09/2013 08:31:55 MST Print View

I've only ever had good experiences with GoLite gear. I own the Bitterroot Down Parka, various gloves and hats, and hard shells. All are excellent quality.

But the main reason I'm so enamored with GoLite is because I live only a few minutes from one of their brick and mortar stores here in Colorado. I know they aren't really considered a "cottage manufacturer" anymore (if they ever even were), but I really like being able to go to a specialty gear store and try on and handle gear before buying. Then I know exactly what I'm getting into (plus no shipping!). It's just peace of mind I can get that isn't available when I order from MLD or Gossamer or whoever. Having to rely on other peoples opinions, especially considering clothing fit, really sucks. My opinion may have been different not living close to a retail outlet, but it is what it is.

All that said, apparently in the last few days the Tumalo rain pants went up $10 and 2 ounces. BAH! Damn you, GoLite!

Sam Farrington
(scfhome) - M

Locale: Chocorua NH, USA
new when? on 02/17/2013 16:44:36 MST Print View

Just noted that GoLite has changed the availability date of the Imogene tent on their site from late this month to late April.

Sure, this kind of thing may be due to unforseen glitches in production and/or marketing. But it happens so often that one wonders if it is not really a game of tease. Maybe the best response, for all companies who do this regularly, not just GL, is to simply ingore them, as M B and I suggested at the outset of this thread.

Edited by scfhome on 02/17/2013 16:45:18 MST.

Phillip Asby

Locale: North Carolina
wow on 02/17/2013 18:01:15 MST Print View

I didn't realize go lite was so controversial ... I get the marketing issues such as they are. But as a newbie with a somewhat limited budget their products are an appealing entry point into lighter gear. I'll say this much I got a used feather 20 bag that saved my you know what this weekend on my first backpacking trip with my scout son ( his first trip as well) where it snowed and tips dipped into the low 20s and I was toasty warm. It was light and comfortable and very well made to my eye...

I'm a happy owner...

Sam Farrington
(scfhome) - M

Locale: Chocorua NH, USA
New GoLite Gear on 02/20/2013 09:51:16 MST Print View

Would you believe the GoLite site has just changed the arrival date for the Imogene tent back to later this month. Guess they've got me hooked now to find out how it all turns out. Clever, but not controversial. That would be giving poor business ethics too much credit.

Tim Klaus
(WWhermit) - F

Locale: So Cal
Tents are now in. on 02/23/2013 20:49:23 MST Print View

Looks like the tents are available now. I'm anxious for the first reviews to start coming in.

Sam Farrington
(scfhome) - M

Locale: Chocorua NH, USA
Imogene 2 on 02/23/2013 23:06:21 MST Print View

I'm in. Pop-up heresy, and orange, no less. Price and weight got me.
Will report, but will only take it out if the decision is to keep it.

Thanks for the heads up, Tim.

Edited by scfhome on 02/23/2013 23:07:52 MST.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Re: Imogene 2 on 02/23/2013 23:31:20 MST Print View

Looking forward to the pictures.

Dan S

Locale: Pacific NW
Still love Golite on 02/25/2013 13:29:40 MST Print View

Long time reader, second time poster (already added this info to another thread). I can't thank everyone enough for all the great ideas on making my own gear and getting my pack weight down.

As for Golite, my wife and I like their clothing line and I currently use a Shangra-La 3 with a BWD Pyranet 2 inner and it's been the ideal shelter for my son and I. And it's still pretty light for solo use. I'm in the market for a new sleeping bag and couldn't be happier about the new offerings from Golite. I'm considering the Z10 or Z30 sleeping bags, since I'm a cold sleeper, and got the following from Golite's customer service:

Availability date: March 11th
Down fill weights:
- Z10= 610 g
- Z30= 430 g
- Regular shoulder girth: 60" (62" for a long)
- Regular foot width: 39" (40" for a long)

They said the bags are currently undergoing EN testing, but the results won't be available this season. Golite certainly isn't part of the cottage ultralight industry, but for mainstream retail, they're not too bad.

Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
. on 02/25/2013 13:54:37 MST Print View


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Dan S

Locale: Pacific NW
RE: Still love Golite on 02/25/2013 13:58:51 MST Print View

The Z30 two-season sleeping bag supposedly weighs 24 ounces, but who knows until someone actually weighs one.

Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
ah! on 02/25/2013 14:00:32 MST Print View

Wait, I think I just realized that we are talking about 2 different things. I was refering to the z30 quilt and not the z30 sleeping bag. My bad. Any idea how much fill the quilt has?

Edited by Konrad1013 on 02/25/2013 14:03:18 MST.

Dan S

Locale: Pacific NW
RE: Still love Golite on 02/25/2013 14:04:35 MST Print View

I think their naming convention is confusing with the Unisex Z30 Quilt and the M's Z30 Two-Season. The information above is not for the quilt.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Re: Still love Golite on 02/25/2013 14:05:43 MST Print View

Those are super narrow bags but the fill weight should easily meet the temp ratings and successful EN testing for the 30 degree bag. The 10 degree bag is a little light on fill weight.

Ryan K
(thesergeant) - F

Locale: Ryan
Rainshadow 2 or Imogene on 02/27/2013 02:05:08 MST Print View

I'm extremely interested in the Imogene UL3 especially at the weight and price point. I have a UL hammock setup and TT Rainbow for solo adventures but need something larger for the wife and the dog. I was considering the TT Rainshadow 2 until I saw the specs on the Imogene. Now I'm having trouble deciding.

Greg F
(GregF) - F

Locale: Canadian Rockies
Re: Rainshadow 2 or Imogene on 02/27/2013 08:10:48 MST Print View

Rainshadow is 78", the imogene is 66".

Now the imogene having curved poles will get higher sooner but not enough to make up for 12" of lost width. We put 3 6ft tall guys in a rainshadow and is was tight but doable. I would not like to go any narrower.

Alex Wallace
(FeetFirst) - F

Locale: Northern California
Imogene UL3 on 02/27/2013 11:16:59 MST Print View

I plan on grabbing the Imogene UL3 for trips with my wife and 2-year old son. I actually just sold my Duomid to help fund the purchase. I'll be sure to post some pictures and impressions when I get my hands on it.

Edited by FeetFirst on 02/27/2013 11:19:08 MST.

BER ---
(BER) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
GL Imogene UL3 on 02/28/2013 12:50:48 MST Print View

I have not had any quality issues with my previous GL products (2 backpacks, summer quilt, SGL-2, SGL-5 and a smattering of clothes) I like the looks of the Imogene UL3. My wife and I tend to like a bit more room to spread out than you strict ULers. It seems closely comparable in weight, floor area, height, to the Easton Kilo 3P, Big Agnes Fly Creek UL3, and Hilleberg Anjan 3, at a much lower price point. I'd like to see more pictures than the two stock photos. In my mind, worth considering.

Edited by BER on 02/28/2013 12:57:06 MST.