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Help with 3 Season List!
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Nate Boyer
(NateB123) - MLife
Help with 3 Season List! on 02/03/2013 10:09:51 MST Print View

I'm looking for help identifying areas that could use improvement, or advice to lighten the load.

I thought I'd be around 9 lbs, but I'm over 11.

I made the list to include all the clothes I won't be wearing. This means I'd be wearing pants, t-shirt and shoes.


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Andrew Urlacher
(anarkhos) - M

Locale: Colorado, Wyoming
Re: Help with 3 Season List! on 02/03/2013 10:24:24 MST Print View

You could lose the GSI bowl and just use your cook pot for eating. Also you could drop the trowel and just use a rock or stick for digging.

Green Thumb
How many jackets? on 02/03/2013 14:05:32 MST Print View

None are very heavy, but you are listing a wool hoodie, wind breaker, WPB shell, poncho, and down jacket - all for the Summer. Pick one shell and one insulating layer(if you need it in the summer) and leave the other half pound or so at home.

Just my 0.02

Nate Boyer
(NateB123) - MLife
wool on 02/04/2013 07:06:22 MST Print View

I do only have one insulating layer.
The wool hoodie is basically a long sleeve base layer. It is very thin.

I'm considering leaving the houdini behind, but it is my most used clothing item.

Loki Cuthbert

Locale: Portland, OR
odds and ends on 02/05/2013 06:34:40 MST Print View

do you need 4 liters of water? leave a liter bottle at home and save 1.4 oz

Your fuel bottle weighs 3 oz. it could weigh .5 oz

gsi bowl 2.8 oz eat out of your pot or the bag you re hydrated your food in if you want to keep your pot clean.

how about 2 oz rain skirt instead of 6 oz rain pants

double rain gear? drop the 1.7 oz poncho

that's 12.4 oz.

The circuit is an awesome pack that can help you haul that 8 lbs of water when you need to carry all 4 quarts regularly, but I think you could get away with a much lighter pack on trips where you're carrying less water at any given time. I have a 37 oz granite gear crown vc and I personally have been eyeing the zpacks arc blast at 13.5 oz. I'll probably add a pair of belt pouches so it comes in at 15 oz. That's my 1 big gear upgrade for the year.

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Mike V
(deadbox) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
"Help with 3 Season List!" on 02/05/2013 08:10:33 MST Print View

Nix Wool Hoodie, use what you are wearing as your baselayer 10
Nix Poncho 1.7
Nix Houdini, use your rain jacket as a wind breaker 4.2
Baseball hat is heavy and why is it packed instead of worn? 3
Fuel bottle is heavy, replace with 8oz water bottle or rum runner flask ~ 2.6
Nix Bowl, eat out of pot or freezer bag 2.8
First aid/repair kit is heavy, also replace spare lighter with matchbook ~ 2
Nix a water bottle or the bladder ~1.4
Reduce your Dinky stuff or put stuff in a lighter bag ~ 1
Nix xtra batteries, make sure you head out with fresh ones ~1
Nix deodorant, you are gonna stink even with it
Nix Trowel, sticks work surprisingly well .6

Total= 30.3oz
that’s almost 2 pounds without buying any replacement items
also… no toilet paper?

Frances Bothfeld

Locale: Iowa
help on 02/05/2013 08:46:48 MST Print View

You can also get shorty sleeping pad and save 6oz. Use your pack to insulate your feet. I agree with ditching the ibex hoody. While I love ibex (wearing some right now), you can bring a cap1 or equivalent top and save another 6oz. If your rain coat is truly breathable, ditch the houdini. Viola, 1lbs gone!



Jared Baker
(simply_light) - MLife

Locale: Midwest, US
RE: ULA on 02/05/2013 15:22:50 MST Print View

I agree with lokbot. The ULA is too much for so light a load. A good pack that is light weight and still has volume, is the granite gear virga. You can often find a used one from $50 - $70. That would save a whole pound and still leave you with a pack plenty large enough for your gear.