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MEC T2 Hoodie Group Buy - ROUND 2
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Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
Congrats on 02/01/2013 14:41:42 MST Print View

Congrats Daniel! I ended up having 5+me on my order, which was difficult enough coordinate...looks like you put me to shame! Just a headsup, MEC may put a temporary suspension on your order (it happens for outside Canada orders)...double check under your account, under order tracking to see your order status. They usually send you an email asking you to call them to confirm that its a legit order. If you're worried about stock levels, go ahead and just call them directly, before they email you, to push the order through...that's what I did. FWIW, my order shipped last night without a hitch, now im just waiting for them to update with a tracking #

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
invade on 02/01/2013 21:37:39 MST Print View

you guys might as well invade us up here for all our MEC gear ;)

or just annex the mec stores =P

Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
Beer! on 02/02/2013 17:55:23 MST Print View

Ben - That sound awesome!

Konrad - I called MEC after I read your post. They are in the process of verifying my credit card billing address. After that is done they should charge my account and rummage through their inventory. Concerned about stock levels, I reached out to the customer service and asked them if there was any possible way that I could speed things up and she told me that I'd have to wait. She did, however, assure me that there is still plenty of stock to fulfill my order and that we "should" be safe in this regard.
I'll keep everyone posted nonetheless.

Eric - The deals are too good! I'm sorry! :P


Edited by Superfluous_Grizzly on 02/03/2013 13:39:51 MST.

Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
Shipped! on 02/05/2013 09:36:28 MST Print View


Cody Bartz
(codybartz) - MLife

Locale: Northern Minnesota
Thanks for the update! on 02/08/2013 21:12:57 MST Print View


Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
Re: Thanks for the update! on 02/09/2013 17:24:56 MST Print View

No worries... Here is another:

Since the parcel service is now closed for the weekend, I'll get these out on Monday. Everyone should expect their order by next week.
I'd be glad to help coordinate more group buys in the future.
Cheers and thanks.

Edited by Superfluous_Grizzly on 02/10/2013 00:10:27 MST.

Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
Update on fit and material on 02/11/2013 18:23:38 MST Print View

I figured others may be interested, but the group buy I was part of received it's order today. The material is same as the new patagonia capilene 4. I find the fit to be slim+long. A bit tighter in the chest than I'm used to but very good sleeve and body length. Hood fits very snug and well. No customs/duties/taxes but be aware of your credit cards policies when you place your order...I got hit with an international surcharge.


Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
Ditto on 02/11/2013 18:41:04 MST Print View

Konrad is right. This thing is a bit tighter in the chest than I'm used to. That being said, it is mostly suited for a baselayer, and possibly midlayer. It breathes extremely well and doesn't give that clammy feel that many synthetics have. I wore it on a 3 mile hike, about 45f and windy. I used my windshirt at first but ended up putting it in my pocket after getting my heart rate up. This shirt is ideal, for me, in these temps. I could see this, paired with a windshirt, taking me down to around 30f (maybe lower?). If I belay then I would have to throw on another layer.
Overall this was a steal at $36!

I didn't get hit for a surcharge. I used a PayPal debit card (free to PayPal account holders) and I recommend getting one.

Edited by Superfluous_Grizzly on 02/11/2013 18:42:19 MST.

Robert Warren
(RobertWarren) - F

Locale: Oregon
They arrived today and on 02/13/2013 14:44:34 MST Print View

Thanks again for doing this. It worked out well.


Greg Pehrson
(GregPehrson) - MLife

Locale: playa del caballo blanco
Anyone's small too small? on 02/13/2013 15:14:35 MST Print View

I missed out on this. But if anyone ordered a small T2 hoody that they find too small, I could be interested.
Konrad and Daniel---this was very cool of you to do.
EDIT: Got one! Thanks!

Edited by GregPehrson on 03/15/2013 06:06:59 MDT.

Albert C.
(Albsthehiker) - F
+1 to Rick's Comment on 02/13/2013 15:33:48 MST Print View

Rats, I'm in the same boat, I missed the deal

If anyone got a small, thats too small, I'll buy it

Dan D

Locale: Boston, MA
got mine on 02/13/2013 18:34:56 MST Print View

I received mine from Konrad today, thanks!

I'm 6'4 220 (normally around 210) and got the Large. I think it fits great. The length is perfect for my arms and the torso length is quite long and much appreciated for tucking, etc. The overall cut fits well and the hood fits great as well. I'd agree though that the snug'est part is under the arms. Its still loose enough for me to wear a tight baselayer under it, but i'll probably use this as a direct base layer, maybe just a cap 1 SS under it if anything.

Oh and i also weighed it, 193g for the Large.

Brad Walker

Locale: SoCal
thanks! on 02/13/2013 18:35:36 MST Print View

Thank you again for the group purchase Daniel. I just received the hoody today.

I agree with the slim and long assessment, which makes it a great baselayer IMO. At 5'8" 150 the medium is perfect. With the Patagonia r1 (haven't tried the cap 4) I'd have to size down to a small for the same (well maybe a tad tighter) fit.

Ben Crocker
(alexdrewreed) - M

Locale: Kentucky
T2 Hoodie on 02/13/2013 20:10:33 MST Print View

Dan, got the T2 in today. Thanks for doing this. First impressions are great. The fit is very good for me and the material clings a bit like guaze, but with some stretch. Looking forward to using it.

Joseph R
(Dianoda) - MLife

Locale: Chicago, IL
Got it on 02/14/2013 12:14:58 MST Print View

Hi Dan - got the hoodie and mitts in the mail today, everything looks great, thanks for running this group buy!

Impressions of the cloudwaker mitts - quite light, huge coverage. Definitely fills a void in my kit for a lightweight rain mitt.

Hoodie - I happen to have one of the patagonia capilene 4 zip tops on hand for comparison. Both are men's size medium, and as a reference for comments on fit, I'm 5'8", 160lbs, 39" chest.

The fabric in the T2 is a lighter weight, slightly thinner version of the fabric used in the cap 4. The raised grid sections are not as wide as those found in the cap 4, but the spacing for the thinner sections of fabric in between is about the same. The zip on the patagonia only runs roughly 1/3 the way down the front of the garment, whereas the zip on the MEC is far deeper, I'd call it a 1/2 zip.

As for fit, the T2 has a bit more volume in the arms and the sleeves are slightly longer. Additionally, the openings for the hands are slightly greater in circumference as well. I do find myself missing the thumb loops found in the patagonia, and I will probably modify the T2 by adding my own. Volume in the torso seems about right, although a little tighter in the underarm area compared to the patagonia. The length of the T2 is a bit longer than the patagonia, though not by much. I'm pretty happy with the hood, I find it form fitting and provides good mobility. Overall, I find the fit of the cap 4 close to flawless for my body type, and the T2 not far behind. Very happy with it for the price, I suspect it will be my summer long sleeve layer of choice.

Regarding weight, my patagonia cap 4 zip top (not hoody) weighs 176.3g, the MEC T2 hoody weighs 176.2g. So for pretty much the same weight as the cap 4 zip, I gain a hood and deeper zip, lose the thumb loops and a bit of warmth. Not a bad trade off.

Edited by Dianoda on 02/14/2013 12:17:25 MST.

Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
Re: Got it on 02/14/2013 15:57:25 MST Print View

Glad it worked out for everyone that posted so far. I made a crucial mistake on Cody's order and shipped it off to the wrong address (which happened to be right down the street from him). I really hope he can recover the package.

Great comparison Joseph. I also found the hood to be form fitting and comfortable. I also concur on the DIY thumb holes. They seem like they should be there huh?

After wearing this a couple times now as a baselayer, I find that the zipper is a little "scratchy" in the chest area. I will probably use my injector to put some Polartec scraps over the zip area, maybe just in the chest to save a few micro-grams (joking...kinda).

It is stylish unless, of course, you have a problem with green. I'm a big fan of green, if you know what I mean. :P

Clint Newitt
(cnewitt) - F

Locale: Utah
Re: Got it on 02/14/2013 15:57:30 MST Print View

I just received mine as well. The T2 seems to be an excellent balance of warmth and breathability and I'm happy with the fit; it's slim/fitted but not skin tight on me. I'm 6'1" and 200 lbs. with a 42" chest and it goes well over a baselayer LS t-shirt. I didn't try on the hood yet because I don't want to mess up my pretty hair on Valentine's day, I'll try that later. The arms are longer than needed even on my chimp arms but not a big deal. The length is nice for torso coverage when moving around.

I also got a pair of Cloudraker mitts and the weight is great but they are bigger than I had planned for. I'm interested in the T2 long johns and T3 hoodie and bottoms so if they drop to an awesome sale price I'll get those and medium mitts. I'm almost always a large in glove size but these are just a bit too roomy even with a midlayer glove under the mitt.

Thanks for the work on this Dan, you made it extremely easy. Good karma coming your way!

(mountainwalker) - MLife

Locale: SF Bay Area & New England
Cloudraker mitts order one size down; Seam sealing? T2 temp range on 02/14/2013 21:25:38 MST Print View

The Cloudraker mitts are oversized by a full size, so order down one size. I was looking for very lightweight and cheap rain mitts like this for a long time. They offer excellent coverage.

Is anyone seam sealing their mitts, and if so, what are you using?

The T2 Hoody HE fabric is very warm for the weight and breathable, but careful not to stretch its temp range - given the thinness and breathability you'd have to wear a wind shirt over it in colder and windy weather. I think it would also make a nice light midlayer in summer. At 6 ft 175 lbs 42 in. chest the Large T2 Hoody fits very comfortably. I was able to sell some old poly tops that weren't functional or warm for the weight to fully cover the mitts and hoody. Thanks again for the great find.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
cloudraker on 02/15/2013 00:13:00 MST Print View

MEC used to (perhaps they still do) sell a puffy synth mitt, the cloudraker shell fits over that perfectly ... i suspect it was made so

Joseph R
(Dianoda) - MLife

Locale: Chicago, IL
Re: Cloudraker mitts order one size down; Seam sealing? T2 temp range on 02/15/2013 00:39:10 MST Print View

EJ: The mitts already have taped seams, so seam sealing should not be necessary.