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WTB: ultralight wood stove and ADVICE
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Martin Clark
(Marty_Mcfly) - F

Locale: Southeast US
WTB: ultralight wood stove and ADVICE on 01/22/2013 16:49:08 MST Print View

Looking for Bushcooker LT1 or Bushbuddy Ultra

Also looking for advice:

I have a stoic 700ml kettle and the bushcooker would be ideal because it would nest inside my existing titanium pot without having to buy a new cook pot.

I am wondering if the Bushbuddy Ultra is worth the additional 2 ounces and worth buying a new pot to nest inside just because of increased performance.
Most bushbuddy owners seem to be almost fanatical over how wonderful it is.

Anyone with advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

Remington Roth

Locale: Atlantic Coast
Advice on 01/22/2013 17:24:57 MST Print View


I'm not experienced in this debate. I have but one question: have you considered the Boilerwerks Backcountry Boiler? I hear they're incredibly clever. Devin, a BPL member, founded the company. If you haven't heard about this, here's a link:

I'm not affiliated with Devin, although I have ordered myself a Backcountry Boiler.


Kevin Babione
(KBabione) - MLife

Locale: Pennsylvania
Ultralight Wood Stove Suggestion on 01/22/2013 20:20:21 MST Print View

I can't tell you that it will fit inside your pot, but the Antig Outdoors Woodlore Stove does fit perfectly inside my Evernew 1L Ti Pasta Pot in its stuff sack.

I wanted to try a wood stove and, for $24.99, this was a great way to add it to my arsenal of stoves.

Edward Z
(Fuzz) - MLife

Locale: Sunny San Diego
Bushbuddy Ultra on 01/23/2013 07:47:30 MST Print View

I can only comment to the fact that I've used my BB Ultra with a kettle and with a cookpot and the 900ml snowpeak Trekker is a great combo. I had unlimited boils in 15 degree temps with no issues.... it also makes an awesome mini campfire .... and draws people in.... I have discontinued the kettle for me personally since I can boil very quick, I can manage a slow cook for pot rather than bag meals and if I want to boil water for brushing teath, coffee, tea, washing up etc... It's so nice and easy. I can only say that I love the BB, hate the mess, but it is SO well designed.

I don't think you'd be disappointed with a couple extra ounces but YMMV.


Joe S
Emberlit on 01/23/2013 08:14:04 MST Print View

Check out the Emberlit stove, I like mine and find that it works with many different pots.

brent driggers
(cadyak) - MLife

Locale: southwest georgia
woodstove nesting on 01/23/2013 08:42:18 MST Print View

go with the bushbuddy

Edited by cadyak on 01/23/2013 14:26:43 MST.

Nathaniel McCartney
(theleafman) - MLife

Locale: Central PA
Bushbuddy Ultra vs. Backcountry Boiler on 01/23/2013 12:35:22 MST Print View

I own a Bushbuddy Ultra and my hiking buddy owns a Backcountry Boiler. I think the Bushbuddy is ideal for backpacking with one or two other people due to large capacity of the smallest nesting pot (900-1100mL), the extra hands to help prepare fuel and keep it burning, and the mini campfire functionality. If you don't care about having a mini campfire, the Backcountry Boiler is probably a better choice as it is very easy to prepare and load fuel, making it more pleasant for solo hiking. You might want to consider how important the campfire aspect is to you and include this functionality in your comparison of different systems as this is a determining factor in which stove my friend and I choose to carry on a given trip.