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Need help deciding between ULA 2.0 vs MLD Exodus FS
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Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
Need help deciding between ULA 2.0 vs MLD Exodus FS on 01/21/2013 04:20:02 MST Print View

I've narrowed it down to these two packs, but I'm honestly torn. I'm not interested in anything else. Here are my preliminary thoughts:

1) Volume is approx. the same between both, after adding 2 hipbelt pockets to the exodus FS
2) Weight of Exodus FS w/ 2 pockets is ~25oz vs Weight of Ohm 2.0 is ~25oz (after removing all the accessory crap, but keeping foam back panel)
3) I already love the circuit/catalyst of the best belts I've ever worn. The MLD belt looks kinda crappy, but I have no personal experience
4) ULA is using a new 210 Dyneema Grip Stop called "Robic" and from the facebook vids, it appears to have more tear-strength than any gridstop seen before
5) I'm thinking the Exodus FS will carry better at weights 25lbs+
6) I prefer mesh pockets and being able to see my +1 to Exodus FS
7) Compression systems...I'm used to the Exodus compression system (typical side compression straps and golite style compacktor system). Not too familiar with Ohm style compression...looks impossible to carry snowshoes on.
8) Ohm only has one tool loop, but 2 tool retainer straps? Stupid. Exodus is more winter tool capable, but mesh pockets tend to collect more snow.
9) Side note...what the hell happened to the Ohm 1.0??? It's no longer on their website.

I'm leaning towards the exodus but please discuss...Thanks!

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Packs on 01/21/2013 05:47:26 MST Print View

That sucks the regular Ohm is gone. I love mine. Here's a few comments:

- I love the compression system on the Ohm. I think it's the best there is, but I have heard one person say it didn't hold up over time (Chris Wallace). It works extremely well for compression, but admittedly less well for secondary uses like affixing gear.
- I love the side pockets in the Ohm. Stretchy enough to hold two 1 liter bottles if asked, so normally you can toss a fuel bottle, bear spray, fishing rod etc in there along with the water bottle. Nice and deep, yet easy to retrieve. Best I've used.
- The stretchy rear pocket of the Ohm is see-thru enough (when stretched) to be able to somewhat see your stuff. I wish it was a bit more durable mesh.
- I've had my regular Ohm over 40 lbs and I felt that it carries decently to 35 lbs. Beyond that the hipbelt is lacking (the frame holds up great) so you might carry 40 okay in the Ohm 2.0.
- Regarding the tool loops/retainer straps, I tend to put tall gear in my side pockets (ie. compacted trekking poles, avy shovel handle, fishing rod in tube) and then I secure the tops with the velcro 'retainer straps'. So I only use the actual tool loop for an ice axe (and thus need just one), while having two retainer/velcro straps up top lets me secure these other external items.
- Snowshoes are a tough one. They pretty much have to go up top under the roll top strap and hopefully they aren't huge.

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Ohm on 01/21/2013 07:30:22 MST Print View

Since Chris will pretty much customize your Ohm however YOU want it, including making it out of cuben, your comparisons are moot.

Ryan Smith
(ViolentGreen) - F

Locale: Southeast
Re: Packs on 01/21/2013 11:16:31 MST Print View

Agree with Dan. The Ohm compression system and side pockets are the best in the business IMO. I love the rear pocket also. The achilles heel of the Ohm was always the hipbelt so at least the 2.0 solves that issue, but I will miss the 1.0. At loads below 25lbs it was fantastic.


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Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
Re: Re: Packs on 01/21/2013 19:49:55 MST Print View

The Ohm 2.0 improves over the 1.0 quite a bit IMO with the harness change. ULA removing the original Ohm from the website makes complete sense. Compression on the Ohm is good stock, but I modified my Ohm compression with Lineloc 3's to solve the slipping I would get with the original cord locks used. It was a worthy upgrade.

Konrad, if you're intending to strap snowshoes or winter tools to the outside of your Ohm, you will have difficulty and may have to get creative. The compression on the Ohm is only to take in excess volume and stabilize the load, but doesn't really provide a simple means for lashing gear to the outside of your pack with the exception of items like: fly rod, trekking poles, shelter poles, small section of foam pad, etc., which can be slipped behind the side compression cord, then the slack pulled in.

I find the MLD hipbelts to be comfortable due to the generous use of padding, but they lack structure, which allows the hipbelt to collapse slightly with larger loads. The ample padding in the MLD shoulder straps offset this for the most part, but that might not be your cup o' tea. I prefer the inward pulling hardware found on the ULA hipbelts- their hipbelt design balance structure and comfort better than the MLD hipbelt design IMO. To each his own....

Tom Kirchner
(ouzel) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest/Sierra
Re: Packs on 01/21/2013 20:21:07 MST Print View

"Snowshoes are a tough one. They pretty much have to go up top under the roll top strap and hopefully they aren't huge."

I use a couple of lightweight bungee cords to strap them vertically over the rear pocket. Slip the bungee hooks thru the little eyelets that the compression cords run thru on either side of the pack. This way, the snowshoes don't stick out to the side, which is great when moving thru brush, or scrambling.

Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
Thanks All on 01/22/2013 21:55:37 MST Print View

Thank you guys for all the great feedback and insights. I knew it would be worthwhile to pose this question to you fine gents. I did some more digging and thinking and realized that the really big thing that was pushing me towards the MLD Exodus FS was the frame...the other minor differences I could live with. And then I realized why not just get the klymit pad and add it to the Ohm 2.0 and get literally the exact suspension of the exodus fs, while still retaining the best UL hipbelt known to mankind. After reviewing the math, the ULA Ohm 2.0 will weigh 26.5oz (net gain of 1.5oz after removing the stock foam pad) or maybe even a little less depending on how much of the klymit pad I cut down. Same suspension as Exodus FS, but more supportive hipbelt for a 1.5oz difference...totally worth it in my book. Also, thanks for the comments about the snowshoe carry. This photo seems to be the answer:


Quick question for Ohm and Ohm 2.0 the foam panel held in tightly by a sleeve or is it loosely held in with elastic (which is the case with the ULA Relay, and CDT/Conduit I believe). I'm thinking I would need an actual sleeve to pull of this mod, which would require a bit of custom work on ULA's part.

Thanks again!

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Justin McCabe

Locale: Southern California
Re: Thanks All on 01/23/2013 00:52:20 MST Print View

It's 2 elastic straps at the top of the pad corners, it comes out easy. I cut up a Solite pad in place of the ULA foam sheet.

Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
Re: Re: Thanks All on 01/23/2013 01:19:16 MST Print View

Thank you Justin, that's what I suspected. Can you or anyone do me a favor and let me know the measurements of the foam pad? I know it's slightly convex/oval shaped at the tip, but maybe measure from the bottom to the highest point of the curve? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks gang.

Stuart .
(lotuseater) - F

Locale: Colorado
Ohm pad dimensions on 01/23/2013 07:43:34 MST Print View

Height - at highest point of curve 20 1/8"; sides of pad measure 18 1/2"

Width - varies on my pad, between 12 3/16" and 12 7/16"