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Why are the big companies bags are not ok?
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Arthur Haskind
(Anubis) - F - M
Why are the big companies bags are not ok? on 01/18/2013 05:19:33 MST Print View

I am searching for a mountaineering backpack.
since i am a fan of fit i cannot imagine buying a backpack after only seeing it on the web and without trying it on. i have noticed the great reviews that cold cold world and kilogear get here but i don't know these companies and have never seen their products.
around where i live i can only find the big companies mainly Mammut.
Is Mammut Trion a good choice? it is not a great deal havier then the "small" companies , around 1600g.

what is the reason i never see any recommendations about the "big" companies backpacks around here?

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eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
cool on 01/18/2013 09:52:47 MST Print View

because they just arent as "cool" as something that few people own ...

considering that plenty of the best climbers in the word use big company backpacks ... there aint no technical reason you cant

as a bonus they are often on clearance ;)

personally i wouldnt buy a pack i cant try on for hours

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Diplomatic Mike

Locale: Under a bush in Scotland
Not cool on 01/18/2013 10:25:37 MST Print View

Maybe because this is a lightweight backpacking site. At least it used to be.

Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
Re: Not cool on 01/18/2013 10:52:52 MST Print View

Many of us prefer to support small businesses and prefer to buy products made in the USA.

Most of the folks around here do not consider a 3.5 lb. (1.6 kg) pack lightweight. Mine, with some add-ons, weighs 29 oz. (822 grams). A lot of folks here still consider that too heavy!

Nor do we just buy a cottage-manufactured pack sight unseen. We do a lot of research before ordering; as soon as the pack arrives we try it on and hike around the house with all our gear inside, and we return it if it doesn't work!

Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Why are the big companies bags are not ok? on 01/18/2013 11:06:43 MST Print View

Despite Eric's droning monologue, many members here simply buy the lightest piece of equipment they can that works for them, coolness has nothing to do with it. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with big name gear either. Buy what works for you that's also within your price range and you should be happy.

Travis Leanna
(T.L.) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
Re: Why are the big companies bags are not ok? on 01/18/2013 12:41:45 MST Print View

>Is Mammut Trion a good choice? it is not a great deal havier then the "small" companies , around 1600g.

The good choice is a pack that will be durable, carry the equipment and food you need for the trip, and do so in a comfortable manner. Period.

Admittedly, I've succumbed to the "cool" factor with a few pieces of gear, but after using them, I quickly realized that the coolness wasn't worth it. I had tried a UL frameless pack once, but now I use an Osprey pack because it does exactly what I need it to in a comfortable way.

If people are honestly comfortable carrying 25lbs in a frameless pack, then more power to 'em, but I'd rather use a little heavier pack with a light frame.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
"light weight" on 01/18/2013 12:43:32 MST Print View

you folks do realize that many of these "cottage" mountaineering packs are little or no lighter than the comparable "big name" ones

cilogear (unless you spend $$$ for the dyneema ones) and CCW arent exactly known for UL gear ;)

the pack must fit and do what you need ... the logo or lack of is secondary

the particular brand of a pack isnt whats going to hold you back on a climb ...

heres one of the mammut athletes using a mammut pack in a life or death situation (notice the lack of rope) ...

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Diplomatic Mike

Locale: Under a bush in Scotland
Pants on 01/18/2013 12:54:46 MST Print View

Eric. Na na na na na. :-)
You are the gnarliest dude i've never met.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
Re: Pants on 01/18/2013 12:56:57 MST Print View

im not even going to bother mistah reid ;)

ill say a prayer for ya =P

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Diplomatic Mike

Locale: Under a bush in Scotland
:-) on 01/18/2013 13:07:20 MST Print View

Thts cul dud, ya mastah mntineer. 'nay cncc o a phto f u n actn?

Travis Leanna
(T.L.) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
Re: :-) on 01/18/2013 13:10:07 MST Print View

Mike, quit typing in your language. Us civilized folk can't read that.


Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - F

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: Why are the big companies bags are not ok? on 01/18/2013 13:18:04 MST Print View

I have found that if you are carrying less than 25 pounds total, going by torso length is sufficient.

Anthony Weston
(anthonyweston) - MLife

Locale: Southern CA
Creon Light 45 Backpack on 01/18/2013 14:08:35 MST Print View

any pack that works for you is cool.
Mammut makes great packs.
Check out the Creon Light 45 Backpack and save 600g.
Of course it's not UL but still a fun pack.
However I'm not giving up my zpacks blast.

Mitchell Rossman

Locale: Minneapolis-St. Paul
packs on 01/28/2013 19:52:49 MST Print View

Arthur :

I have several big company mountaineering packs that I use depending upon the time of the climb, the type of climb, the strength of the team etc.

I have no problem at all hauling a 7 lb pack if I have to haul 75 lbs.

On the other hand, I have never enjoyed hauling 35 lbs with a light weight pack with minimal suspension.

I suggest that you post your query on Summit Post.

Misfit Mystic

Locale: "Grand Canyon of the East"
Check the sub-forum on 01/28/2013 22:17:57 MST Print View

Seems everyone except Eric and Mitchell missed the sub-forum this was posted in: Mountaineering and Alpinism. I have to agree with Eric; nobody is buying CCW or Cilogear for weight savings. Much as nobody with any sense would attempt to use a Zpacks Blast as a mountaineering pack; I'd have that thing in a million pieces before the first pitch was finished.

It's not always about backpacking folks.

Mitchell Rossman

Locale: Minneapolis-St. Paul
OT Comment regarding climbing without a rope on 01/30/2013 13:17:03 MST Print View

Eric: Regarding your comment about climbing without a rope, those company sponsored athletes are so good that they don't need a rope on such moderate terrain. Every placement of theirs is bomber. They are truly remarkable to watch.