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Good Chocolate Milk
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Yes 1000
Good Chocolate Milk on 12/31/2012 11:24:48 MST Print View

I like to drink a cup or a two of hot chocolate every night on the trip. Right now I use Nestle hot chocolate mix from Costco and its okay and is loaded with sugars and other stuff and there is very little chocolate in it. Is there a better product out there which has more chocolate and less fillers. I don't mind paying more since I enjoy the beverage so much its worth paying :)

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Good Chocolate Milk on 12/31/2012 13:34:19 MST Print View

You can buy cocoa powder in a grocery store, near the baking ingredients. That way, you have full chocolate flavor with little else. Then you can mix in milk powder, spices, or whatever you want to make a custom drink.


Yes 1000
Great on 12/31/2012 13:44:09 MST Print View

Nice BG as usual simple and good suggestion from you. How to make sure the raw cocoa powder has no fillers since its a bulk product


Locale: Piedmont of the Carolinas
hot cocoa on 12/31/2012 14:00:58 MST Print View

"Cocoa powder" found in Grocery Store baking aisles is pretty much just that, cocao thats had the fat (mostly) removed and turned into a dry powder, no fillers. Thats a good base for some homemade hot chocolate, but you need a combo of fat and sugar to make it complete. Vanilla doesn't hurt either.

If you don't care about refined sugars or dairy, then some Nido powdered whole milk, and powdered sugar work well. Mix with cold water and heat it(not the other way around).

I'm paleo for the most part so would use powdered coconut milk and sugar in the raw.

As for vanilla, the easiest way is put 1-2 vanilla beans in your dry sugar when storing it. You will get a wonderful vanilla flavor without using liquid extract.

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Good Chocolate Milk on 12/31/2012 14:15:09 MST Print View

I thought that I was going to make hot chocolate from scratch.

I went to the grocery store, but I could never find a package of scratch.


Sarah Kirkconnell
(sarbar) - F

Locale: In the shadow of Mt. Rainier
Re: Great on 12/31/2012 22:33:19 MST Print View

Cocoa powder is a base ingredient, it doesn't have fillers. You can of course buy better brands - such as Navitas, who makes raw cacao powder.
Another option is to buy the hot chocolate disks sold in the latino section. They are good.

Heather Hohnholz
(Hawke) - M
Hot cocoa on 01/01/2013 10:32:05 MST Print View

I second making your own mix. All you need is cocoa powder (you can get organic, but I recommend dutch-processed, otherwise it can be very bitter), milk powder (either non-fat or Nido), and powdered sugar. I sometimes add ground cinnamon, too. Now you can control exactly what is in your cocoa, and you can experiment with if you like it more or less chocolatey, or more or less sweet, etc. Google "Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix" for other ideas.

Gregory Petliski
(gregpphoto) - F
re on 01/01/2013 10:43:55 MST Print View

I especially love a variation of irish coffee substituting hot cocoa or hot chocolate for coffee. Yummy! Takes the ache out of the knees too.