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Ultralight Multitool?
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Brandon B
(oracle5) - F
Ultralight Multitool? on 12/29/2012 11:29:05 MST Print View

Hey Guys,

I need help finding an alternative to my multitool situation. I use to carry a Victorinox Swiss Champ at around 6.5oz and the last time I posted a gear list I was convinced to ditch that for something lighter. Right now I've moved to a combination of a Leatherman Style PS(I already had for travelling via airplane-has no knife) and a Victorinox Camper(also already had) at 4.2oz all together. I really don't like having 2 tool since there are duplicates.

I've been pretty unsuccessful at finding everything in one tool or even a combination of tools that weighs less. I'd checked out fishing forceps but they are all too heavy to replace the pliers.

The tools I want:
-pliers(for fishing)
-wood saw
-tweezers(for splinters)

Things that would be nice to have:
-small flathead screwdriver

The tools I don't need on the tools I have:
-knife(already carrying an ESEE 4)
-pin(fishing pole is held onto my pack with a safety pin that can do this function)
-bottle opener
-can opener
-nail file


John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Ultralight Multitool? on 12/29/2012 14:19:21 MST Print View (2 oz)

Needlenose pliers
Wire/leader cutter
Knife blade
Saw blade
3 mini screwdrivers (2 flat head, 1 phillips head)
File blade
Awl/Fish hook eye cleaner
Bottle opener
Wire stripper
Metric and Imperial ruler

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Brandon B
(oracle5) - F
Re: Re: Ultralight Multitool? on 12/29/2012 14:50:56 MST Print View

I actually have that Coast tool, the pieces of it anyway. Quality it is not.

Willy Makeit

Locale: Northern California
re: ultralight multitool on 12/29/2012 19:20:54 MST Print View

I'm not aware of a tool that has ONLY the things you want, but these two are pretty close... (only 1.58 oz but no saw) (what I use. 2.0 oz with a small knife blade)
At those weights, missing the saw may be worth it.

Lars Leber
(Lars) - F
My Combo on 12/29/2012 23:55:15 MST Print View

I have never found the perfect tool for this. Right now, my favorite combo is a Victorinox Bushcrafter Swiss Army Knife (it has alox handles and only a knife, an awl, and a wood saw) and the Leatherman Style PS.

Bushcrafter 2.2 oz + Leatherman 1.6 oz = 3.8 oz

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Re: Re: Ultralight Multitool? on 12/30/2012 06:19:21 MST Print View

The Coast multitool was my first, bought at Walmart for 10 bucks back in 2002. I found it yesterday and I still like it. You have to watch the joint screws which can get loose. The saw is only about 1.5" long so only useful for thin branches which you can break yourself.

Brandon B
(oracle5) - F
Re: My Combo on 12/30/2012 08:06:07 MST Print View

Do you know where I can find one of those Victorinox Bushcrafters?

spelt with a t
(spelt) - F

Locale: SW/C PA
sadly, no all-in-one on 12/30/2012 08:50:25 MST Print View

I have roughly the same desired tool list as you and have found no one tool that has everything. My current combo is a Victorinox Rucksack (discontinued) and a Leatherman PS4. From your list, the Rucksack has a blade, woodsaw, awl, and tweezers. It also has a bottle opener, can opener, toothpick, and corkscrew. The PS4 has pliers, scissors, two sizes of flat screwwdriver, and a tiny blade and tiny file (both fairly useless). On trips when I won't be making fires, I take the Leatherman and a Dermasafe blade; otherwise I take both. Eventually, I am looking at replacing the PS4 with the Style PS to get rid of the redundant and un-used tools on the PS4. The pliers, scissors, and small screwdriver are what I use most and they are on the PS. I am looking at replacing the Rucksack with an SAK from Swiss Bianco. They are limited edition runs of certain knives, including some models with just a blade, saw, and one other tool. To get an idea of what they sell, you can see their past newsletters here.

ETA: just saw your post. The Bushcrafter is one of the models Swiss Bianco sometimes offers.

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Lars Leber
(Lars) - F
Re: Re: My Combo on 12/30/2012 14:54:36 MST Print View

You can order the Bushcrafter from Swiss Bianco but the price is kind of steep at $50. Another option is to get a Victorinox Farmer for around $30 from Amazon and then customize it yourself by taking out the layer with the bottle and can opener (there are some tutorials online).

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Ultralight Multitool? on 12/30/2012 16:53:31 MST Print View

It would be awesome if Victorinox made a version where you customized the parts yourself based on what you needed for a trip. That would sell like mad I bets.