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where to find 1.5inch no-pull buckle, 1.5inch ladder lock?
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Matt Mioduszewski
(water-) - F

Locale: pacific nw
where to find 1.5inch no-pull buckle, 1.5inch ladder lock? on 12/28/2012 11:58:29 MST Print View


trying to find the hardware to replicate a hipbelt that looks like the picture below for a hipbelt webbing 1.5inches thick. Maybe I am using the wrong terminology or something (please let me know)..having trouble finding this hardware.



Paul McLaughlin
(paul) - MLife
buckles on 12/28/2012 12:16:50 MST Print View

1.5 ladderlocs here:

Any 1.5 side release can be used like that - just sew it into a fixed loop. OWF has 1.5 side release

Matt Mioduszewski
(water-) - F

Locale: pacific nw
thanks.. on 12/28/2012 15:18:17 MST Print View

Thanks for the feedback and link! I am still looking for buckles like that in the picture.. not a single or dual pull buckle, but really just one that buckles w/o any pull. though i am sure a dual/single pull buckle setup can suffice, would be nice to find one like the above.


David Scheidt
(dscheidt) - F
Re: thanks.. on 12/28/2012 21:49:56 MST Print View

the pictured component is a an ITW nexus Jet SR something or other. Where you can get one, I don't know, but ITW will sell you a thousand or so....

Matt Mioduszewski
(water-) - F

Locale: pacific nw finding on 01/08/2013 17:31:01 MST Print View


Holy wow you found it spot on--it is the ITW SR Jet Winch.. yada yada. And yes, obtaining a 1.5inch buckle and accompanying ladderloc seems darn near impossible.. so...any help from anyone obtaining this? I keep speaking with their distributors but getting a run around since I don't want to buy 1000 of them.. :)

Daryl and Daryl
(lyrad1) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest, USA, Earth
Re: where to find 1.5inch no-pull buckle, 1.5inch ladder lock? on 01/09/2013 09:12:49 MST Print View


Nexus used to send samples if one requested them. I've done this a couple of times.

Current site doesn't say much about this so I think they have tightened up their policy.


On their "contact us" page, however, they still refer to samples.

I'm sure their intention is to provide samples to companies that might buy a lot in the future. But who knows.

Perhaps Matt from the Matt Supply Company should request a sample via the contact form. (The Matt Supply Company's vision is to supply Matt with anything he desires).