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Shipping Gear when on the road
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joe tittiger
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Locale: on the road
Shipping Gear when on the road on 04/03/2007 15:08:34 MDT Print View

If you are like me you sometimes end up in situations where you must have things shipped to you when you are on the road.

I am posting this to warn others against shipping to FexEx Kinkos stores as I recently made that mistake and now have 5 orders in transit that FedEx Kinkos is going to refuse. (The store manager was not helpful at all)

This is going to cost me $70 or so in additonal shipping charges but the real catch might be waiting for the return to be credited to my close to maxed out credit card. So in effect I could be waiting a month or so to get the much needed equipment thanks to FedEx Kinkos.

The problem is caused by FexEx Kinkos having a policy that everything shipped to them must be shipped "Express Fed Ex" AND FedEx does not educate anyone to this requirement. The shippers do not know (BPL is one of the orders that is going to be returned to the shipper) and strangest of all the FedEx truck drivers do not seem to know either as they accept these shipments without complaint.

Doing some investigation today I found out that UPS stores will accept a shipment from any carrier and hold it for $5. (google UPS stores and call ahead of time for any caveats) the other option that suprised me was that both REI and Patagonia told me that shipping to a PO box was no problem. (used to be no one would ship to a PO box)

BTW will BPL ship to a PO box?

Hope you have better luck getting you gear delivered than I have.


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(loyalmbe) - F
Gee, Joe on 04/04/2007 23:54:38 MDT Print View

Would it ever occur to you to contact the store you expected to receive your packages BEFORE you had them shipped?

And you will be lucky if your packages don't just fall through the cracks and disappear!

We are currently dealing with a customer who had a package valued at $1,600 sent to a name at a Fedex Kinko's Address, not even care of Kinko's, just the name and kinko's address. He also neglected to declare the value since he thought it could not get lost.

Guess what Fedex did not deliver it to the kinko's store or send it back, they just scanned it with other packages going to another customer in the general area and got it signed for. Now, they haven't a clue where it went and cannot recover it. They will accept a claim limited to $100, subject to proof of value!