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new source for titanium pots/cups
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Konrad .
(Konrad1013) - MLife
new source for titanium pots/cups on 12/23/2012 12:31:42 MST Print View

I stumbled on this on amazon. Never bought before, but I saw some common and uncommon sizes and the price point looked decent. Looks to be the same as the stoic branded stuff.

Chad "Stick" Poindexter
(Stick) - F

Locale: Wet & Humid Southeast....
Re: new source for titanium pots/cups on 12/23/2012 13:35:30 MST Print View

I accidentally picked up the 375 ml Toaks cup a while back (I meant to hit "add to wishlist" but instead I hit "Buy with 1-Click"... I realized it a few hours later when I got the shipping notice...)

Anyway, the 375 ml mug is as described on the site. The weight is 2.2 oz (not including stuff sack), which is a bit much IMO, considering my MLD 475 ml mug is only 1.4 oz (not including stuff sack). Of course I could lose the handles on this mug and drop a little weight, but also, the walls on the Toaks feel a bit thicker than my MLD mug too, which I am sure accounts for a little extra weight.

The volume is around 360 ml when filled to the very tippy top.

Not bad for the price though...

Michael Flanagan
(mikelaw) - M

Locale: Long Island
Toaks Outdoor Inc. on 12/23/2012 14:08:23 MST Print View

You can skip Amazon and go straight to the website. Some of the prices are lower. They claim to be a Southern California company, for whatever that's worth. Not sure where the products are manufactured, though.

brent driggers
(cadyak) - MLife

Locale: southwest georgia
Toaks on 12/23/2012 15:05:56 MST Print View

I got the 550ml one from Litetrail. I really like the fact that it is a shorter, slightly wider shape compared to say, the trappers mug.
I made a woodstove that nests inside. It makes for a really light combination. This toaks pot does not have handles.

Mark Andrews
(buldogge) - F

Locale: Midwest
Toaks on 12/23/2012 15:13:14 MST Print View

I have the 375ml Toaks mug and I also own a Stoic 700 ml pot...theses appear to be the same product line FWIW.

-Mark in St. Louis

Chad "Stick" Poindexter
(Stick) - F

Locale: Wet & Humid Southeast....
Toaks from LiteTrail on 12/23/2012 15:17:21 MST Print View

The ti pot that Jhaura sells from LiteTrail are made by Toaks, but are not the same as the items on their site. Here is a comment that Jhaura made a while back in another thread discussing these:

"We contract a thin-wall ti that you won't find in the Toaks/Snow Peak/Backcountry products. It's more expensive because it has a higher flaw rate and is harder to shape. The manufacturer is not overly-joyed to work with it, but they are nice enough to work with us on it - after extensive buttering-up of course :-)

As a cottage company, it was very disheartening for us when the China parent company decided to create the TOAKS subsidiary in the USA to retail the very products they make for us, albeit not as tricked out. I'm surprised Snow Peak and the other big companies let it happen."

Here is the link to that thread:


I have heard others say that their Stoic 700 ml pot seems to be the same thickness as these Toaks, which makes me wonder if the Stoic and the Backcountry 700 ml cook pots are different. I have the 700 ml ti pot and I am pretty certain that the ti used in it is thinner than the ti on my 375 ml Toaks mug... Maybe when Backcountry rebranded the pots they also started using different pots all together?

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