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'13 JMT List [changes from my '12 hike]
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Kenneth Jacobs
(f8less) - F

Locale: Midwest
Booties on 01/14/2013 00:07:52 MST Print View


What do you think of the down booties? What temps have you used them down to and any over-stuff in them? I also often get cold feet and have been eyeballing these.

What are you dong for food storage? No camera? Maps? Garbage storage? Not sure when you're going this year, but no leg baselayer?


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Daniel Fish

Locale: PDX
... on 01/14/2013 00:40:04 MST Print View


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Josh Greninger
Re: Booties on 01/14/2013 15:21:43 MST Print View

Ken -
I've only worn the booties around the house (we don't use a heater). They seem to work well.
Although, I've always used 3/4 pads and am thinking that this probably accounts for always sleeping with cold feet.

The difference between the Exped Synmat UL size small and the size medium is 1 oz. The difference between the Downmat UL small and medium is about 2 ounces. My goosefeet are 2.2oz. I'm wondering if I'm just reallocating the weight elsewhere by using a smaller pad. I'm going to try a full length pad with and without the booties.

If the Ursack isn't approved, my girlfriend will carry a Bearikade Weekender in her pack (hers is bigger than mine). The food will only go inside of the Bearikade at night, inside of a Nyloflume bag. I am hoping I can prevent food scents from getting inside of the Bearikade so when she's carrying it we can store things inside. I'm a bit weary about storing a sleeping bag inside of the Bearikade; the last thing I want is a sleeping bag that smells like beef jerky.

Our dehydrated meals will be stored in zip lock baggies which will turn into trash baggies after their contents are eaten.

Map and compass don't really seem necessary on the JMT, but I will probably bring a few pages. I don't know what their weight will be yet since I haven't printed them out.

Girlfriend will be carrying the camera, but I'm thinking about getting one for myself. I'm looking at the Canon Powershot S100, Olympus XZ-1 and the much heavier Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 with kit lens.

Last year I only wore my leg baselayers to sleep in. I'm going to use a 20 degree Zpacks bag instead of the 30 degree this year, so I shouldn't need them.

Bryan A
Your Sleeping Pad Seems Heavy on 01/29/2013 22:57:59 MST Print View

I am doing the JMT this August though only a section as we will be out 5 days unlike you diehards for the entire length.

I was really curious about your gear list as my friends and have been having conversations on certain items to get our kits even lower in weight and increasing our comfort.

Please let me know if I am missing something though your sleeping pad system seems high to me.

I personally use a 78" POE pad that weights 14 oz which would be even less if I used a smallwe version like you are. I also know that Big Agnes, Thermarest, and others have air chamber pads around 14 oz or lighter with decent R values.

Also I have seen people use these same pads as the structure for their packs.

You also don't need a pump either as they blow up in a minute or two with just your own breathe.

If you got a better pad you would save 6 oz or more and get rid of your pump and extra Thermarest pad. I also think you could potentially sleep more comfortably with a full length pad though also save you weight and room in your pack.

I really appreciate your gear list and have been using it to compare to mine.