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USPS Doesn't Place a Priority on its Priority Mail Service for Packages ;-(
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John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
USPS Doesn't Place a Priority on its Priority Mail Service for Packages ;-( on 12/10/2012 15:28:41 MST Print View

Are any of you hikers out there Postal workers?

I understand "Christmas Rush" and all that but why does the USPS sell something that is supposed to be better than standard parcel post but isn't?

I sold some items on Gear Swap. 2 items were sold and shipped via USPS Priority Mail Service. 2 out of the 4 arrived at their destinations. The other 2 are still in a holding pattern somewhere out in "postal space". ;-(

The latest that any of these items were supposed to be delivered was Friday the 7th of December. I've checked the tracking numbers repeatedly and according to the USPS neither package has moved an inch since December 5th! ;-P

I have two "customers" that have paid for their gear and have nothing to show for it except a tracking number. It's embarrassing to me and I'm sure frustrating to them.

FWIW I ordered a piece of gear myself from a trusted supplier and it was shipped USPS Priority Mail also. My gear is also out there in "postal space". My gear was shipped on the 7th and hasn't moved since the 8th. According to the USPS web site I was to expect delivery on the 10th, today.

I'll exercise some patience and wait a little longer but the two hikers that purchased my gear should be getting a little frustrated with the USPS by now.

I don't blame them one bit!

Party On,


Evan Chartier
USPS on 12/10/2012 15:33:59 MST Print View

I am not a postal worker (I do not work for USPS), but I do work for my university's mail room as a student worker, and we get a lot of USPS stuff. From what I have heard around here (upstate NY) the postal service shut down one of their main sorting facilities I believe in Utica, so now all the mail is routed through Syracuse. I hear that they are floor to ceiling over there, and thats on a good day not in holiday season. I am not sure if it is a general trend with USPS, but around here they are cutting back on facilities. Even today USPS called our mail center to ask if we had any outgoing mail that they should come pick up. My boss told them no, which means that they will only come again tomorrow morning- which is funny because I had just paid for something priority mail 10 minutes earlier to send to another BPL member. Again, not sure if this is a general thing going on right now with USPS (budget cuts? Deficit?) but thats what I noticed from my job in the mail center....

I hope my package makes it!

a b
Re: USPS on 12/10/2012 15:51:39 MST Print View

This is the busiest day of the Postal year.

I think that may be why things are a little sluggish.

Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
USPS Doesn't Place a Priority on its Priority Mail Service on 12/10/2012 16:32:17 MST Print View

I ordered a couple of minor items from ZPacks at the beginning of November. They shipped November 2 and the tracking showed that the items left Orlando, FL (presumably the sorting facility) on November 3. Now I realize that Oregon is diagonally at the opposite end of the lower 48 from Florida, but ZPacks orders have always arrived in 2-3 days. This one didn't come and didn't come. I contacted Matt at ZPacks after a week, and we each contacted the USPS at our respective ends. The USPS people said to wait another week. Matt offered to resend the order (evidently they self-insure for small stuff), but I decided to wait a while. Three weeks later, the package turned up in my mailbox! There was a big gap in the ether between its departure from Orlando and its arrival in Portland, and who knows where it went--around the world several times, perhaps?

At least the package is finally here and ZPacks isn't out any extra cost! BTW, Matt, who is running the firm while Joe and Sheryl Valesko are hiking in New Zealand, seems quite a capable and friendly guy! I also have to praise highly their fleece mittens--very lightweight, soft and warm, and a nice fit over my Smartwool glove liners and under my MLD eVent rain mitts (a little big, but I'd rather not have them too snug). So far it hasn't yet been cold enough here to need them, but no doubt that will change soon!

And yes, the USPS is cutting facilities. Despite the fact that it's one of the very few agencies authorized to be subsidized according to the US Constitution, they are currently expected to at least break even, and they are not. Because of accounting changes regarding the expensing of post-retirement benefits, they are taking a big hit on their financial statements this year. Remember the flap over all the recent closings of small post offices (most of which they had to back off from) and possible elimination of Saturday delivery (also backed off)? They have to make up the difference somehow!

On the other hand, I can't say enough good things about the outstanding service and the friendly people at my local post office! They are truly dedicated people!

Edited by hikinggranny on 12/10/2012 16:34:10 MST.

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: USPS Doesn't Place a Priority on its Priority Mail Service on 12/10/2012 17:28:08 MST Print View

"I can't say enough good things about the outstanding service and the friendly people at my local post office!"

I second that. I just went to my local post office to send out seven items by Priority Mail. Total time for waiting and the transactions came to twelve minutes. Note that this was supposed to be the busiest day of the year.


Stephen M
(stephenm) - MLife

Locale: Mind your own business
Re: Re: USPS Doesn't Place a Priority on its Priority Mail Service on 12/10/2012 17:49:23 MST Print View

In the 10 months I have lived in the Us I have never had any issues with USPS, but twice have had issues FedEx and Ups.
As I live in the boonies a reliable postal service is very important to me.

Patrick Browning
(optimator) - F
USPS on 12/10/2012 17:50:35 MST Print View

I mailed a jacket priority on Saturday from Medford Oregon to Allen Texas. It arrived there today. That surprised me!

a b
Re: Re: Re: USPS Doesn't Place a Priority on its Priority Mail Service on 12/10/2012 18:12:08 MST Print View

I had similar experiences as Stephen and Patrick.

My EE quilt came from Minnesota to my door here in Ben lomond like it was strapped to a rocket.. the package was still white and covered in frost..

Also just bought some truck parts off ebay and they made the USPS trip from Florida in three days priority mail.

Could be that having a PO box in a town of 4,000 souls makes it a day faster for me? Doesn't really figure..

USPS never lost a single one of my resupply packages on any of my hikes either.
One box went from Sisters, Oregon to Timberline lodge in two days.

Then again, UPS forwarded a package from Muddy Gap Wyoming to Lima Montana for me for free with a single phone call.
Frida of UPS in Rawlins Wyoming is the most awesome person ever!

Really never had a bad postal experience that i could blame on the service.
Golite mis-adressed a package and the Post Mistress at Echo lake refused to hand it over, but she was just following procedure.. not really any fault there and they did eventually give me the package when i had Golite contact them.

Adam Kramer
(rbeard) - F

Locale: ATL, Southern Appalachia
Re: Re: Re: Re: USPS Doesn't Place a Priority on its Priority Mail Service on 12/10/2012 18:14:33 MST Print View

in all my selling on gearswap, i always use usps.

to this day, only one thing has gone missing. someone, somewhere is drinking from a stolen kupilka cup. i hope they spill some hot chocolate on themselves.

Edited by rbeard on 12/10/2012 18:31:16 MST.

Rex Sanders
(Rex) - M

Locale: Central California Coast
USPS Priority Mail tracking useless on 12/10/2012 18:28:29 MST Print View

I've ordered a fair number of things Priority Mail for delivery to a PO Box.

Tracking is pretty much useless. For days after shipment, all I see is that the package was accepted for delivery.

Then immediately AFTER delivery, a whole long list of dates and waypoints shows up. Sometimes all I get are originating PO and delivery PO, with big time gap in between.

Delivery times can be anywhere from two days to over a week, with no correlation to time of year, seller, or originating location.

OTOH, UPS and FedEx deliveries to my doorstep have been almost flawless, with very useful tracking.

Except one nationally known retailer who managed to send a package via UPS - addressed to the PO Box. Doesn't work. Had to drive across the county to pick up from UPS, with UPS guy shaking head mumbling "how did they do that?"

I don't buy from that company any more.

spelt with a t
(spelt) - F

Locale: SW/C PA
Re: USPS on 12/10/2012 18:35:26 MST Print View

The Postal Service's financial straits were externally imposed. They are looking at closing even more sorting facilities to make ends meet. Like public transportation: cut services...fewer people use it...can't pay the bills...leading to another cut in services...and repeat. Something to write your congresspeople about if you are so inclined.

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: Re: USPS Doesn't Place a Priority on its Priority Mail Service on 12/10/2012 18:51:29 MST Print View

I do not have any issues with the local branch of the Post Office where my packages were mailed from or the Postal employees therein.

What bugs me is the disconnect somewhere behind the sorting facility wall.

Once my 2 packages got to that point they have just seemed to languish there.

Now I have begun to get PMs simply saying "still not here". I feel responsible and I am trying to maintain some semblance of patience. But it bothers me that someone who paid in good faith had their package shipped in good faith and somewhere someone decided not to keep the faith.

Party On,


Scott Bentz
(scottbentz) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
USPS Priority Mail on 12/10/2012 19:56:57 MST Print View

The difference between USPS and UPS or Fed Ex is the USPS Priority package says it's a Priority but there is no guarantee by them whatsoever. It's priority when it arrives on time but when it doesn't it's not. Says as much on the fine print.

Our mail service is in for a lot of change. They keep changing things at our local office and mail is constantly returned to people saying "undeliverable" although we have been at the same office for 30 years. The local carriers are usually great but they keep having to put up with supervisors that don't know their routes. I hope they can "sort" things out.

Joseph Reeves

Locale: Southeast Alaska
USPS Rocks on 12/10/2012 20:03:55 MST Print View

I live in Alaska's capital, Juneau. UPS and Federal Express charge excruciatingly outrage prices for shipping to Juneau in particular and Alaska in general. USPS Priority Mail is a fraction of the cost and is delivered to my PO Box, where I can stop by at just about any time of the day or night and pick it up. There is no comparison of service and price with UPS -- which is actually even worse in Alaska than Federal Express. Companies that don't ship USPS don't get our business.

Harris Goldstein
(hmgolds) - F

Locale: Minnesota
I think that's a bit unfair on 12/10/2012 20:38:33 MST Print View

I've shipped a lot via USPS and have found Priority Mail to be pretty darn reliable in delivery time. Their tracking sucks, but better service than UPS and cheaper.

This time of year you have to expect delays by all carriers. Yesterday, UPS (not USPS) sent me an automated message saying a package I'm expecting was to be delivered today. Today (Monday), they sent me an email saying the new delivery date is Thursday. Reason: "circumstances have occurred that have caused there to be a new delivery date and/or time". In one day, UPS pushed out the delivery date by 3 days.

Daniel Saunders
(Boulderman) - F

Locale: Front Range
Did you provide the buyers with a delivery confirmation # so they know you shipped it? on 12/10/2012 21:15:35 MST Print View

If you did, then it's out of your hands, and you shouldn't feel bad. They know you dropped it off, and you have no control over it. If they wanted something expedited, they could've paid for fedex or UPS.

dave p
(hipass) - F

Locale: Los Angeles
usps on 12/10/2012 21:31:29 MST Print View

"Despite the fact that it's one of the very few agencies authorized to be subsidized according to the US Constitution, they are currently expected to at least break even, and they are not"
When was the last time our wasteful military industrial complex broke even?I d like to see the Defence Dept/M.I.C. held to the same standards-hah!

I shipped a 12x9x6 box via usps regular first class service on Friday from LA and it arrived today in Omaha for $5.70.
For small packages usps is about 1/3 to 1/4 the price of fedex/ups.

Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: USPS Rocks - for most.... on 12/10/2012 21:39:54 MST Print View

"I live in Alaska's capital, Juneau. UPS and Federal Express charge excruciatingly outrage prices for shipping to Juneau in particular and Alaska in general. USPS Priority Mail is a fraction of the cost and is delivered to my PO Box..."

The "outrageous prices" are most likely realistic.

UPS and FedEx aren't subsidized.

The USPS is operating at a huge deficit. This sort of service is why.

I live in a rural community. My mail is delivered by a contract carrier. When a package is to be placed in my pedestal box it is scanned and marked as "Delivered". When it goes into the wrong box I have NO recourse, nor does the shipper. Fortunately I have good neighbors, and we routinely "re-deliver" each others mail and packages. I drove 4 miles down the road to deliver a box of needles and insulin - with "Delivery Confirmation" requested by the VA hospital.

Joseph Reeves

Locale: Southeast Alaska
Re: Re: USPS Rocks - for most.... on 12/10/2012 23:12:37 MST Print View

"The "outrageous prices" are most likely realistic. "

Free shipping anywhere in the 48 contiguous states seems to be the norm of late. Most of that shipping comes through either FedEX or UPS, yet the same piece could cost me $30-$50 to ship the additional 1100 miles from Seattle. So, with your logic the free shipping is the more realistic price. It's about gouging not subsidy.

Jason G
(JasonG) - F

Locale: iceberg lake
usps on 12/10/2012 23:40:44 MST Print View

I've only had one issue with USPS and that was a pair of hipbelt pockets from Zimmerbuilt that didn't come. tracking said they were delivered but I was handed the mail from the mailman that day and they weren't there. A few days later I talked to my mailman and he didn't really remember. I called the main office to file a report and they pretty much said I was out of luck. About 3 weeks later my mailman rang the bell and said he had delivered the package to a neighbor 3 doors down! and they JUST gave it back to him! wft neighbor! that wasn't very neighborly! You can't walk 3 doors down and give me my package!? much less just leave it on the front porch so the mailman can grab it the next day!
I had ordered them right before a yosemite trip too so didn't get to use them. i was left taking my pack off to reach my snacks, camera and chapstick. :(

William Chilton
(WilliamC3) - MLife

Locale: Antakya
USPS International on 12/11/2012 00:46:34 MST Print View

I don't know if USPS's international shipping choices reflect the domestic situation, but International Priority is just bizarre. For between $5 and $15 (usually) a packet can be shipped to Turkey International 1st Class. It will arrive in 7-10 days, 2 weeks if you;re really unlucky. International Priority costs $35 and up and will arrive in 2-3 weeks, a month if you're unlucky. The only advantage I can see with Priority is that it is fully tracked, so you can see how slowly the package is coming. Both services are signed for when they arrive (in Turkey, may be different in other countries).
Then for $3-4 more than Priority, a package can be sent International Express and will arrive in 5-7 days. I even had one package from ZPacks that arrived in less than 72 hours! And it's insured up to %100.
I'm not really sure what International Priority is for, yet it seems to be the default choice for many producers/retailers. I am currently awaiting a package sent from Ogden UT on 24 November. Arrived Salt Lake City, same day, left the next. Arrived Teterboro NJ on the 28th. Arrived Kearny NJ on 30th. Left Kearny NJ on 1st December. Arrived ISC NY on 3rd. No news since. This is one well travelled parcel. (Admittedly, the postage I paid was considerably less than the usual $35, don't know why.)
Not to knock USPS - the parcels arrive and 1st Class International is fastish and reasonably priced - but Priority is a strange beast.

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: Re: USPS Rocks - for most.... on 12/11/2012 00:51:02 MST Print View

> The USPS is operating at a huge deficit. This sort of service is why.

Are you sure?
Last I heard, the entire USPS financial problem was due to the US Govt suddenly demanding that USPS fund their forward pension benefits for the next ??20?? years out of current revenue, this year. Otherwise the USPS was running at a slight profit.

I may be wrong of course...


Grzegorz Przeorski
(grzechu) - MLife

Locale: Ontario
Postal Services on 12/11/2012 03:09:11 MST Print View

I say; Roger is right! General public doesn't have time or will to reaserch the problems USPS is facing. The same is here in Canada and probably everywhere else. Goverments tend to cut services as much as possible. Consumers allow them do those things. (Citizen is forgotten word).

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: Did you provide the buyers with a delivery confirmation # so they know you shipped it? on 12/11/2012 04:42:12 MST Print View

All of my buyers were provided with delivery confirmation numbers as was I when my piece of gear was ordered. I ordered my piece of gear one full day after my last package was shipped out. My other packages were all shipped two full days before.

Two of my packages have made it. One went from Louisiana to Oregon. The last two have to get to Montana and Ohio. Both of these destinations are closer to LA than Oregon.

My piece of gear that I ordered is being shipped to me in LA from Minnesota. According to the same USPS Priority Mail Service Delivery Confirmation info my gear has made it to and departed the New Orleans New Orleans sorting facility.

In my case that usually means that I'll see my gear on my front porch by this afternoon.

Shouldn't the same carrier be able to at least deliver packages at the same pace inside the CONUS?

How does a package from Minnesota ordered 2 days after make it to its destination before a package shipped to Ohio gets to its destination?

Now that seems a bit unfair to my buyer!

Party On,


Rod Lawlor
(Rod_Lawlor) - MLife

Locale: Australia
I love USPS on 12/11/2012 04:59:27 MST Print View

They are really the only viable way to do a personal post from the US to Australia.

I received a parcel today, which means it probably arrived at my work yesterday, which was posted from Seattle USPS First Class some time around November 23rd. (Probably on the 22nd, knowing Dale!)

That's $25 very well spent for me for a pretty decent sized box.

jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: USPS Rocks - for most.... on 12/11/2012 08:51:05 MST Print View

Roger is spot on

The Republican's pushed through a "poison pill" that the USPS has to fund pensions ahead of schedule. Now they can say the USPS is bankrupt. It's just a ploy to get rid of another union for political reasons.

oops - we're talking chaff on gear swap

I just ordered something from Quest in Florida Thursday. They shipped it Friday. It got here in Oreogn Monday. Not bad for across country. Just regular mail.

But, I've noticed some USPS employees have an attitude.

Like one threatened my wife when our driveway wasn't shoveled of snow (on the one day per year when there's snow).

And another threatened to not deliver a package because our house numbers were somewhat blocked. But our numbers are on the mailbox on the street and there are houses all over so it doesn't take too much effort to figure it out.

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
USPS Doesn't Place a Priority on its Priority Mail Service on 12/11/2012 10:43:41 MST Print View


The gear that ordered from Minnesota is on its way to my front door this afternoon / evening. The USPS tracking info says that it is out for delivery.

To me it seems like the USPS is treating my two buyers like Chevy Chase's character in the movie Funny Farm. The tracking info on their packages still shows no further movement towards delivery.

In the movie Chase's character was lucky to get any mail. The "mailman" would just speed by his rural mailbox and throw the mail at the rural style mailbox as he passed by it.

It is two separate packages going to two distinctly different addresses. I will be contacting the USPS Customer service department very soon. ;-?

Party On,


Ryan Smith
(ViolentGreen) - F

Locale: Southeast
Re: Re: USPS Rocks - for most.... on 12/11/2012 11:20:00 MST Print View

"But, I've noticed some USPS employees have an attitude."

This is what always "grinds my gears" as Peter Griffin would say. Of course, mistakes are going to happen where things are delivered to the wrong place. Humans make mistakes. Of course, the USPS won't always be the cheapest carrier. I realize this & can live with that. But, at least be friendly when I come to the Post Office. A little courtesy goes a long way in making everyone happy. I've noticed that there isn't much accountability within the USPS, at least at the locations we deal with.


Edited by ViolentGreen on 12/11/2012 11:20:51 MST.

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: Update on 12/11/2012 19:58:46 MST Print View

Sure enough my gear, ordered 1 -2 days after I shipped those packages to my two buyers, was delivered this evening! My two buyers are still waiting for their packages shipped back on 12/3 and 12/4. ;-(

Earlier this afternoon / evening I entered an inquiry with the USPS regarding each of the "mailings". Each one was assigned a case number. Each buyer was sent an individual email with the appropriate case number.

I requested a response by email from the USPS regarding each of these inquiries. The USPS web page said to expect a response in 2 - 3 days. Ironically that was the estimated delivery time on the receipt for each one of these packages. ;-?

We'll see what transpires.

Party On,


John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Movement on one package on 12/13/2012 00:32:04 MST Print View

Finally there is some movement on one of the packages.

USPS Track and Confirm shows one package being processed through the Sort Facility in Billings MT with an Expected Delivery By: December 6, 2012. ;-?

Unfortunately the package headed to Ohio is still motionless with an Expected Delivery By: December 5, 2012. ;-(

Did my inquiries help to move things along or was this just "normal progress"?

This evening will make two full days since I entered both inquiries. It's just possible that one of the packages will make it to its destination before I get any return information from the USPS regarding my inquiry on these packages.

Party On,


John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
More movement on one package on 12/13/2012 11:47:18 MST Print View

One of my very patient buyers should get his package today. The USPS tracking shows that one of my mailings has arrived at the Post Office in Billings, MT. It also says in the now updated information for the recipient to expect delivery by today 12/13/12.

The last package still shows Depart USPS Sort Facility on 12/4/12 with an expected delivery date of 12/5/12. ;-?

The saga continues.

Party On,


Diplomatic Mike

Locale: Under a bush in Scotland
Pensions. on 12/13/2012 12:39:44 MST Print View

Pension plans are about to be ransacked worldwide. Although this blog post is from Scotland, it applies to most Western ecomomies. The comments and previous post make good reading too.

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: More movement on one package on 12/13/2012 13:01:45 MST Print View

Sorting Complete December 13, 2012, 8:41 am BILLINGS, MT 59102 ;-)

My Ohio mailing is still stuck in neutral! ;-(

A little over 1 day left on the wait for the USPS to report back via email on the inquiries.

We'll see.

Party On,



Out for Delivery December 13, 2012, 8:51 am BILLINGS, MT 59102 ;-)

Edited to show delivery:

Delivered December 13, 2012, 2:14 pm BILLINGS, MT 59102 :-) Whew!


One more still left to be delivered. ;-?

Edited by Newton on 12/13/2012 18:13:53 MST.

David A
(DavidAdair) - M

Locale: West Dakota
Re: Re: More movement on one package on 12/13/2012 19:38:56 MST Print View

Woohoo! Your package arrived today John. Thanks

Btw, my great restraint and nonchalance about the delay in shipping has little to do with strong personal character and everything to do with my wife...and her rules. According to Section 14.24 part (1)b of HER rules "any stuff the husband purchases for himself between Thanksgiving and Christmas shall be withheld from immediate play and wrapped for Christmas".

So naturally, I would not have become worried about the delay until about the 23rd.

I admit that sometimes the self deprivation becomes too much and I must resort to doing a "what??...those old things?..had em for years".

Of course professional courtesy then requires I overlook one such declaration on her per Section 14.24 part 1(c).

Edited by DavidAdair on 12/13/2012 19:42:44 MST.

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: Re: Re: More movement on one package on 12/13/2012 20:51:18 MST Print View


I literally laughed out loud when I read your post. So much so that my wife asked what was so funny.

I gave her the short version but kept it "accurate".

I feel quite fortunate because my new quilt is in my gear closet hanging in a large mesh storage bag. The only time that baby will see "under tree time" is when I'm out on the trail. ;-)

For whatever reason I appreciate the patience and reserve that both you and Jeremy have shown through this lesson in shipping USPS Priority Mail.

Enjoy your tarp and thanks again.

Party On,


John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: My Ohio Mailing on 12/14/2012 07:29:49 MST Print View

I should receive some information regarding the last one of the original 4 packages mailed this evening.

To be fair only 2 of the 4 had any real delays.

The USPS said to expect an answer to my inquiry regarding my Ohio mailing in 2 - 3 days. That wait time should coincide with this evening. I suspect that it is quite possible this being Friday that I might not get a reply until tomorrow. Tomorrow is Saturday and because of this there is probably a good chance that I won't see a reply until after the weekend. ;-?

Hang in there Jeremy, Newton is on the case. Very sorry about the shipping delay.

Party On,


John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Finally Some Movement on Jeremy's Package to Ohio ;-) on 12/15/2012 21:41:11 MST Print View


Here is an update for you on your package from the USPS.

Processed through USPS Sort Facility
December 15, 2012, 9:16 pm
Expected Delivery By:
December 5, 2012
Delivery Confirmation™

I know the expected delivery date is 10 days before today. I just copy and paste them, I don't write them. ;-)

It might just get to you by Monday. ;-?

Party On,


Rex Sanders
(Rex) - M

Locale: Central California Coast
USPS - FedEx - USPS handoffs and tracking on 12/15/2012 22:25:28 MST Print View

Earlier this week I ordered something from Amazon, to be delivered Parcel Post (not Priority or Express) to the PO Box. The shipment was assigned a USPS tracking number.

USPS immediately handed the package to FedEx, something called FedEx Smartpost, and both Amazon and USPS tracking stalled.

Playing a hunch, I put the USPS tracking number in the FedEx tracking box. Voila! – step by step tracking until the package reached my local Post Office. Then the FedEx tracking stalled.

USPS & Amazon tracking started working again, except for the big void while FedEx had the package. A little while after USPS tracking restarted, FedEx tracking suddenly had all the local USPS tracking details, and Amazon had everything.

Why do I play the PO Box vs street address games? Thefts from my street mailbox by tweakers.


– Just because you ship something USPS, doesn't mean USPS does the shipping.

– FedEx tracking works with USPS tracking numbers sometimes.

– If you want all the details, sometimes you must work three tracking systems.

Edited by Rex on 12/15/2012 22:27:24 MST.

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
The Final Movement on Jeremy's Package to Ohio ;-) on 12/18/2012 11:02:01 MST Print View


Thank you so much for your patience regarding this long drawn out delivery.

The final update:

December 17, 2012, 2:41 pm
Expected Delivery By:
December 5, 2012
Delivery Confirmation™

Don't you just love that even though the USPS shows the package delivered on the 17th it still shows the expected delivery as the 5th?

Thanks again

Party On,


Edited by Newton on 12/18/2012 11:03:23 MST.

Jeffs Eleven
(WoodenWizard) - F

Locale: Greater Mt Tabor
Re: USPS Doesn't Place a Priority on its Priority Mail Service for Packages ;-( on 12/20/2012 10:29:12 MST Print View

Got a Zimmerbuilt coming Priority Mail.

They accepted it 12/19

expected date 12/21

We'll see what happens.

FWIW I have no need to recieve the pack in any time frame, frankly I could care less as long as it comes. I just noticed it was shipped priority and remembered this thread- figured it'd add something to the discussion.

@Donewar- Is that the river walk where that ship ran into it that one time? Interesting to see big construction down there if that's where I think it is. Construction near Canal?

(it'll prob be Sri Lanka or something...)

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
Re: Re: USPS Doesn't Place a Priority on its Priority Mail Service for Packages ;-( on 12/20/2012 11:40:58 MST Print View


That is the ongoing new construction at Ground Zero in New York.

Those "backpackers" that you see in the foreground are a GoRuck team working their way through their Challenge.

I'll be doing a Challenge with my son in Austin, TX on May 4th, 2013.

Thanks for the input on the thread and the question about the avatar.

Chris does excellent work and I am sure you will be happy with the pack that he has built for you.

Party On,