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BPL Ranking
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Scott Peterson
(scottalanp) - F

Locale: Northern California
BPL Ranking on 03/30/2007 10:14:57 MDT Print View

I realize that most, myself included, don't care about the BPL ranking associated with a user's profile. But it was interesting that when the metric was first established that some, myself included, had a higher ranking than the Dr. Jordan. Then they "recalibrated" the metric....but interestingly enough, I went from .41 to a 2.73 by renewing my membership which I let lapse so content could grow for a while before re-upping.

Has anyone from BPL stated to what benefit a ranking gives the community on this board? It clearly has very little to do with the content of the postings or reviews. It seems it may be slightly misleading to the new person who mistakes a high ranking for validated credibility??? Again...I realize it is not a huge issue, but rather confusing.

larry savage
(pyeyo) - F

Locale: pacific northwest
Re: BPL Ranking on 03/31/2007 14:06:21 MDT Print View

There is a money drop near Bozeman, Montana that accepts all currencies and credit cards.The people with higher rankings just have more money then say you or me and buy their number, Donald Trump has the highest ranking but goes by a different handle.
Of course people with more money are also a lot smarter then say you or me so it is right that their advice should weigh the heaviest.
It makes perfect sense because they can buy more crap and have more freedom to use it therefore more experience ... except when they are making even more money.
A couple of wood hippies have also slipped up the rankings but they will be sniffed out soon enough.

Edited by pyeyo on 03/31/2007 14:07:03 MDT.

David Couch
(Davidc) - F

Locale: England
BPL Ranking on 03/31/2007 17:17:06 MDT Print View

I like Scott's question "Has anyone from BPL stated what benefit a ranking gives the community on this board?" and have never seen it answered. Would Ryan please give us an answer, if only to stifle the suspicion that it seemed a good idea at the time, and would now involve too much loss of face to cancel.