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Sleeping Bag Liner as Summer Bag
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R Petrelli
(rydia131) - F
Sleeping Bag Liner as Summer Bag on 12/07/2012 04:24:49 MST Print View

I know its early for a summer sleep system question but what are some experiences people have had using a mummy liner as a warm weather bag? I was thinking about it for a couple reasons but mainly im a warm sleeper and on summer nights I dont think Id need much more than something light. Since Im on the broker side of things this would also be a really cost effective solution to buying a new summer bag. I also liked the idea of being able to use it in conjunction with my winter bag if I want to. I was looking into the sea to summit thermolite liner but I was wondering what liners have people used for this purpose and any other info would be great. Thanks!

Susan Papuga
(veganaloha) - M

Locale: USA
Re: Sleeping Bag Liner as Summer Bag on 12/07/2012 04:35:06 MST Print View

I have used my sea-to-summit silk liner or a lightweight synthetic fleece liner in warm weather as well as just a beach pareau or nothing other than what I'm wearing in hot weather. Like any gear, it depends on the night time temperature and if you're inside a tent, under a tarp or just cowboy camping under the starts.

Basically anything to just keep you warm and comfortable works fine. Actaually, for me, the warmer the weather, the less I need anything fancy or expensive. Just take into account hihg wind or rain in addition to the temperature.

Evan McCarthy
(evanrussia) - MLife

Locale: Mid-Atlantic
Re: Sleeping Bag Liner as Summer Bag on 12/07/2012 04:58:29 MST Print View

I found that even in the middle of summer in the mid-Atlantic, there would come a point in the night where I needed just a little bit of insulation to be comfortable. I turned to the Nunatak Arc Edge (10 oz.) as my go-to summer quilt, and I thought it performed brilliantly. A little bit less expensive (and a little bit heavier) is the Jacks R Better Sierra Stealth Quilt.


Max Dilthey
(mdilthey) - M

NO!! on 12/07/2012 06:55:00 MST Print View

The answer is no. Sorry.

I took it with me on a bike tour of the northeast, July 27th to August 27th. This summer was plenty warm, not unseasonably cold.

First night, I wore a merino wool midweight baselayer, wool socks, a fleece jacket, and a hat, plus the sleeping bag liner.

I was cold the first night, the second, and the third! The problem was, if I blocked wind with my tent the humidity built up and was really uncomfortable, but the sleeping bag liner did nothing and every breeze ripped right through me.

On Day 4, we were with family and I grabbed a fleece sleeping bag liner with a polyester shell (an ALPS Mountaineering Razor) and then I was warm the whole trip. On the top of one mountain, it got to 40º and I would have not slept a minute if I had not grabbed the fleece bag. There were plenty of nights when I didn't need it and the sleeping bag would have been enough, but there were a LOT more nights when I did need it, at least by morning.

I would be very wary of sleeping bag liners for ANYTHING but cleanliness. They are simply not that warm.

The North Face makes a sleeping bag, the Aleutian 1S 55º, that would be perfect for a summer, and it only costs $70.

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Max Dilthey
(mdilthey) - M

Re on 12/07/2012 07:26:50 MST Print View

Also, just for clarity, I had the $65 Thermolite Reactor from Sea to Summit. Not a stingy liner!

Hk Newman
(hknewman) - MLife

Locale: Western US
Re: Sleeping Bag Liner as Summer Bag on 12/07/2012 09:25:30 MST Print View

I've used a thinner liner like this, but in relatively warm stable conditions (Hawaii coast... May 2011, check my post trip report on it). Maybe summer in the lower elevations of Hawaii or any other tropical area where the lows are in the upper 50's, BUT even then I used my R1 kind of as a neck wrap to sleep in during the coldest part of dawn.

ADD I would do it again for warm jungle nights but not the desert as the sand does not retain heat and nights get cold quick even using a GI poncho liner (experience too). Lows into the high 40's I'd check out some sort of (manufactured or DIY if $$ is a problem) insulated bag, quilt, etc... rated at 45 - 50 degrees F. Think in your case, a DIY quilt or serape could be the answer.

Hope this helps.

Edited by hknewman on 12/07/2012 11:05:34 MST.

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Sleeping Bag Liner as Summer Bag on 12/07/2012 11:43:39 MST Print View

Cost aside, a Mont Bell thermal sheet burrow bag is the same weight as the liner.

For a light and cheap warm weather alternative, look at the Thernarest Tech Blanket. I bought one in the interest of having a low volume summer weight sleep system and the small blanket is good. It has snaps to form a foot box and attach it to a pad. It is good as a blanket/shawl around camp too. Thermarest should make this blanket with a head hole for serape mode. It works very well in a hammock. It is small--- just barely enough at 48"x76". While it is low volume and cheap, it is not the lightest at 21oz. Think of it as a "nano puff blanket ."

The large model falls off the the weight/volume curve and you might as well have a 32f-40f bag.

Sunny Sports has the small for $34.

William Segraves
(sbill9000) - F - M
AMK SOL Escape Bivvy on 12/07/2012 17:57:27 MST Print View

I can't say I've tested it enough yet to be able to give a strong recommendation, but I've been tinkering with an AMK SOL Escape Bivvy as an ultralight summer bag (with at least some water protection). So far, it seems like it'll be useful, under at least some conditions.

Would be interested to hear whether others have tested this.


Bill S.

R Petrelli
(rydia131) - F
Sleeping Bag Liner as Summer Bag on 12/08/2012 05:24:30 MST Print View

Thanks for all the comments. I think, after taking all suggestions into account, that the liner might not work afterall. I was worried about the fact that this would have virtually no wind blocking attributes. So Ill just have to continue to look.

All the suggestions on some other alternatives were great and Im going to look at each of them now. Cost is deffinatly an issue for me so It was great how some of you gave cost effective options as well. If anyone has any other ideas please let me know.