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MYOG in Israel backpack !!!!
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eran manasherov
(eranm) - F
MYOG in Israel backpack !!!! on 12/05/2012 14:49:06 MST Print View

I started building backpacks for myself, because I need a strong and effective equipment.
Over time, Israeli backpackers began to buy and use those models built for me.
I always enjoy looking at this forum and see more backpackers around the world who build their own equipment.
This is great!!!
I opened a Facebook page recently:

And these are some pictures of the packs.
I'd love to hear what you think.
back system35 liter pack70 liter packback system

Ozzy McKinney
(PorcupinePhobia) - F

Locale: PNW
Those... on 12/05/2012 15:25:21 MST Print View

Are pretty rad. Certainly professional looking. Do you have specs (weight, volume, materials, etc)? Someone was bound to ask :)

Rob Daly
(rdaly) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
what I think? on 12/06/2012 09:25:19 MST Print View

I think they look very professional and very heavy. What do they weigh and what materials did you use?

eran manasherov
(eranm) - F
Sorry for the delayed response. on 12/06/2012 09:44:28 MST Print View

These backpacks are built tough, and for extreme use. But still weigh relatively little. They are designed to intensive daily use.
Fabric: 500D and 1000D High quality nylon, coated in PU
Plastics: GT NEXUS buckles military standards.
All zippers: YKK 10
Aluminium: 6061 - T6
Smaller backpack is 35 liters.
Larger backpack is 70 liters. And has a back system that can cope with very heavy weights if necessary.
I did not check what the exact weight of my backpacks, but the 35 liters weighs about 1300 grams, and 70 liters about 2500.
Definitely not ultra light weight. My goal was to create a very strong rucksacks, weighing as little as possible.
I believe that what interests the majority of the members here is the 35 liter backpack.
It is designed for fast treking with low weight, and his back system is built so that it barely restricts the movement of the body.

Edited by eranm on 12/06/2012 09:51:15 MST.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
IDI? on 12/09/2012 00:55:36 MST Print View

Maybe the IDI would be interested in combat versions, considering your bombproof construction.

MOLLE type webbing for attatchments, Cordura reinforcements, detatchable lid compartment converting to a butt pack, etc. all would linterest them. Don't forget access for hydration hoses and radio antennas.

eran manasherov
(eranm) - F
Maybe it will happen .... on 12/09/2012 14:54:23 MST Print View

Thank you Eric,
I believe that in the future I'll make military variants like you're talking about.
Not long ago, I designed a back system integrated into a military medics vest for an Israeli tactical brand, it was a very interesting job, I enjoyed it a lot.
Some of the inspiration for building these backpacks came from military backpacks, combined with the characteristics needed for civilian backpackers.
Meanwhile I'm trying to reduce as much as possible these backpacks weight without hurting their strength. It is characteristic that really needed to Israeli backpackers (the strength), this makes the task of reducing weight very complicated.