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wild things equipment old-school primaloft sweaters
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Richard Fischel
wild things equipment old-school primaloft sweaters on 12/03/2012 11:44:44 MST Print View

i am unabashed fan of wild things kit. i have a number of items of theirs and have always been more than satisfied with performance. they are currently running a sale on their old style (pre relaunch) primaloft sweater, which up until today had not been part of their new lineup. it comes with/without hood and for just over $80, it's a pretty good price for a jacket that should be pretty warm.

check it out -

Pete Acker
(pka45) - F
More Specs... on 12/03/2012 12:09:07 MST Print View

I'm looking for what they weigh, and what thickness (g/m2) of Primaloft this is - I see that it has 4 oz of insulation, but do you have any idea what that translates to?

Looks like a nice piece, though...

Dustin Short
(upalachango) - MLife
Re: More Specs... on 12/03/2012 12:36:10 MST Print View

4oz primaloft is short for 4oz/yd^2 and the conversion factor is roughly 34 to g/m2. In other words 100g/m2=3oz/yd.

This link says the sweaters are basically two 1.8oz layers (so really 3.6oz of PL, not 4) and that they weigh 1lb 5oz (600g) in the hooded version. Less obviously for the non-hood and vest.

Pete Acker
(pka45) - F
Thanks on 12/03/2012 12:38:12 MST Print View

Thanks for answering that for me - and for the math education!

Adam Kramer
(rbeard) - F

Locale: ATL, Southern Appalachia
Re: Thanks on 12/03/2012 13:29:23 MST Print View

the patagonia nano puff has 60g and the micro puff has 100g of primaloft insulation for comparison

28.3495 grams = 1 ounce :-)

Edited by rbeard on 12/03/2012 13:31:01 MST.

Joseph R
(Dianoda) - MLife

Locale: Chicago, IL
Re: wild things equipment old-school primaloft sweaters on 12/03/2012 15:13:05 MST Print View

Unrelated to the deal, but the custom windpro fleece hoodies they offer - wow that's cool.

Justin Baker
(justin_baker) - M

Locale: Santa Rosa, CA
Re: wild things equipment old-school primaloft sweaters on 12/03/2012 15:46:41 MST Print View

The camo hoodie looks sweet.

Richard Fischel
camo hoodie on 12/03/2012 16:09:46 MST Print View

a friend has the winter camo with the gray interior it looks really cool. the pattern is such that you don't get pegged as an airsoft guy or mall ninja.

John McAlpine
(HairlessApe) - M

Locale: PNW
Insulation and Weight on 12/05/2012 12:09:45 MST Print View

I got this from Wild Thing

"I just weighed the Hooded Sweater in a Medium it comes in at 1 lb 6.2 oz.
The measurement is 4 oz per square yard of Primaloft.
Converts to approximately 112 gms per square yard.

Maris L
(Ablaut) - M
. on 12/05/2012 15:39:20 MST Print View

For anyone else who has trouble converting units in their head (like me) - 4 oz/yd = ~124 g/m.

Unless the garment really has only two 1.8oz layers sandwiched like Dustin noted, then it's 3.6 oz/yd = ~112 g/m

Anyone have any experience with the hoodies?

Erik Bresnahan
(ErikinDuluth) - F

Locale: the shores of lake gitchigumi
Anyone know where the sweaters are made?? on 12/05/2012 19:48:12 MST Print View

Does anyone knows if the sweater is made in America? All of the other jackets on the site say in the specs that they are USA made. The sweater leaves that phrase out. Just wondering.

Edited by ErikinDuluth on 12/05/2012 19:48:53 MST.

Lucas Boyer
(jhawkwx) - MLife

Locale: 38.97˚N, 95.26˚W
Waist Draw Cord? on 12/06/2012 08:44:20 MST Print View

Does anyone know if this thing has a drawcord at the waist? Doesn't mention it on website.
Can't imagine an insulation layer without one.

Answer: NO, does not have a drawcord in waist hem. Bummer. Prob. could MYOG it.

Edited by jhawkwx on 12/07/2012 10:30:25 MST.

Maris L
(Ablaut) - M
Email from sales on 12/07/2012 12:55:06 MST Print View

Dear Maris,

~The PrimaLoft is PrimaLoft sport, and there are two 1.8oz layers as you suspected.

~There is no drawcord or elastic at the waist.

~The hood on the hooded version is helmet-compatible, which means it *should* fit over any helmet you would be wearing.

~I don't have the average weight of this particular garment, but the Insulight Hoody (which has 2 oz of insulation) weighs, on average, 1lb 5 ounces.

~The jackets are, indeed, made in the USA, right in Newark, NJ to be precise.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Stay Wild!

Wild Things Retail

Erik Bresnahan
(ErikinDuluth) - F

Locale: the shores of lake gitchigumi
Thank you on 12/07/2012 16:49:29 MST Print View

Thank you Maris. I had sent an email on Monday concerning where it was made and hadn't heard back.