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Jake D
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: on 12/09/2012 18:55:39 MST Print View

hey... taking time to post here distracts them from getting the Flame war to 4000 posts.. i mean THERE is a worthwhile waste of time.

whiteblaze on 12/16/2012 14:13:02 MST Print View

Im not going to read all 4 pages, I read the first.

You have a gripe you want to air. Great.

But you are also wrong. Whiteblaze is not anti-ultralight. There are all kinds, from UL to ultra heavy. There is an ultralight forum there as well.

A case can be made for more robust shelter and raingear and spare clothing for a 5-6 mo hike, as opposed to shorter hikes, mostly in the arid western US. Especially given the very wet cold nature of the AT in early spring.

I preach UL there under a different name, as I hike several hundred miles per year on it. They havent banned me yet, nor have I had any conflicts with anyone. Just respectful conversations. I can see both sides, I know when ultralight is a good approach, and when it may not be, and also for whom it may not be.

Some of the older hikers there have seen poorly equipped hikers suffer in early spring when it rains 2 out of 3 days and is cold.

By the time they get halfway, most thru hikers that are successful are hiking 20-30 miles per day. To say they are opposed to high miles is just ridiculous. But you cant start that high for a sustained hike. The body has to adapt slowly or injury WILL occur. It is best to start slow and build up slowly, and that is exactly what most there reccomend, from their own experiences and observation of others.

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