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Refund request
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David Vo
Refund request on 11/19/2012 14:51:42 MST Print View


I accidentally subscribed to a year of membership even though I was already a member. I sent support an email but haven't heard back. Can someone look into this and refund my order please?


David Vo
Anyone here? on 12/04/2012 16:41:30 MST Print View

Are any of the admins even monitoring this board anymore?

Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: Anyone here? on 12/04/2012 16:59:13 MST Print View

Many people are about.
Just not where you need them.
Also, the individual you need has a life and doesn't haunt these boards.

So... use the Help at the upper right.
Click on My Support.
Fill things out as best you can, even though it seems weird.

Good Luck.
It usually works.

Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
Refund request on 12/04/2012 17:24:14 MST Print View

Probably better to email Ryan Jordan. He's about the only one around, and he has stated that he generally doesn't monitor the board or respond to support tickets.

David Vo
Thanks on 12/20/2012 17:10:10 MST Print View

Thanks for both of your advice. I will try to fill a support request and email Ryan. I find it odd that you both mention things about admins "not monitoring the boards" or "having a life" as if it's somehow expected or normal. Imagine you went to the supermarket and nobody was there to help you with an issue because they "have a life." What kind of company operates like this?

Philip Mitchell
(pmops5) - F

Locale: Florida
re: on 01/21/2013 10:24:48 MST Print View

"What kind of company operates like this?"

One run by people who don't know how to run a business. I quit coming here a couple of years ago after all the changes started taking place. A shame too, since there is so much useful info to be shared.