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Winter stove MkII
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Jan Rezac
(zkoumal) - MLife

Locale: Prague, CZ
Winter stove MkII on 11/17/2012 15:12:54 MST Print View

This year, I have upgraded my winter stove setup (the old one can be found here)

The goal is to build a system powerful enough for melting snow, includes a base so that it can be used on snow and is easy to set up and operate. This setup can be made lighter by replacing the pot and windscreen with titanium ones, but I do not use it often enough to invest into it more.

The stove base is made of thin, quality plywood laminated with aluminium foil. When folded, it fits insides the pot:

Folding wings increase the surface area and support the windscreen:

The stove used is the Primus Spider Express. The legs of the stove fit onto pins on the base and the spring visible on the previous photos clamps it securely:

I wanted to switch the stove on and off easily and without removing the windscreen, so I added a piezo ignition to the stove. The igniter is made from a piezo lighter, teflon-insulated wire along the fuel tube conducts the spark to the burner:

A teflon insulator connects the wire to the rod extending close to the burner:

The windscreen is folding so that it fits inside the pot, loosely rolled inside along the wall. High temperature kapton tape serves as the hinge:

Tape hinge and snaps connecting the ends:

Unfolded windscreen:

Assembled stove and the windscreen:

Everything was made to fit MSR Alpinist pot:

The setup in use:

Windscreen is stored inside the pot:

The base fits in too:

Everything is stored in the pot and ready to be packed:

Stephen M
(stephenm) - MLife

Locale: The Deep Frreze
Re: Winter stove MkII on 11/17/2012 15:20:11 MST Print View

Very nice Jan,

You could have a nice sideline selling these for different stoves.

What kind of weight is the board and wind shield?

Dan Yeruski
(zelph) - MLife

windscreen hinge on 11/17/2012 19:32:38 MST Print View

The tape hing is working very nicely. When it's opened there is an oposite curl to one piece and yet it looks so nice and even in a full diameter around the stove....coool! How many flexes do you think it will withstand?

Jeffs Eleven
(WoodenWizard) - F

Locale: Greater Mt Tabor
Re: windscreen hinge on 11/17/2012 20:47:34 MST Print View

Hope you have better luck with your spider than others and I did.

Had to go with the Windpro. (and LOVE it)

Jan Rezac
(zkoumal) - MLife

Locale: Prague, CZ
Primus express spider - burner fix on 02/25/2013 07:56:03 MST Print View

I have fixed the stove to prevent the problem mentioned here as I described here.

Darrin Boring
(Tupelo) - F
stove on 02/27/2013 07:26:10 MST Print View

That is a Great job!!

Jason Hung
(moma-moma) - F - M

Nice! on 02/27/2013 10:52:00 MST Print View

nice idea!!
how about drew some holes on the plate to reduce bit of weight?

Going to make one for my Epresslander too

Kevin Beeden
(captain_paranoia) - F

Locale: UK
re: windscreen hinge on 02/27/2013 12:00:21 MST Print View

Whilst I love the look of the Kapton tape hinge, I'd be concerned about its longevity.

An alternative way of making a two-part windscreen is to use my flissure joint. Again, whilst the poppers are beautiful, I suspect they're a little vulnerable, and a simple slot-and tab joint might be easier and more robust.

Both features can be found in my windscreen template that Zen is now hosting:

Jan Rezac
(zkoumal) - MLife

Locale: Prague, CZ
windscreen tape hinge on 02/28/2013 11:31:39 MST Print View

I know the tape is a weak point, but I wanted to try it. I like that it makes the wind screen one piece and that it is quick and convenient to use. If it fails, I'll look for some other solution. I have used it on two trips so far an it it still looks like new.