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WTB Melanzana Micro Grid Hoodie in Sz Large
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Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
WTB Melanzana Micro Grid Hoodie in Sz Large on 11/13/2012 17:09:32 MST Print View

Looking for a used melanzana micro grid hoodie so I don't have to pay $67 (plus shipping?) for a new one. Looking for size large, color is a non-issue.

Adam if you are reading this, thanks for the tip on this hoodie... I WANT ONE! (Might just have to wait for christmas. :)

Adam Kramer
(rbeard) - F

Locale: ATL, Southern Appalachia
second? on 11/13/2012 18:40:50 MST Print View

i did get excited when i saw melanzana

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
Re: WTB Melanzana Micro Grid Hoodie in Sz Large on 11/13/2012 18:50:09 MST Print View

They only cost $67?

That's a surprisingly fair price considering they're made in Leadville, CO, USA.

Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
Yes... Shame on me for being a broke gear head. on 11/13/2012 18:53:50 MST Print View

Adam: Hah!

Eugene: I know, I'm such a cheapskate. I will definitely buy one regardless but I was just seeing if anyone had one that is rotting away in their closet first! :)

Chad Helmke
(the-gear-recycler) - MLife

Locale: High Rockies
I'll keep an eye out... on 11/13/2012 18:53:54 MST Print View

So I'm fortunate enough to be a part time Leadvillian and run into discounted seconds and discontinued colors at the Melanzana shop where everything's produced on occasion so I'll let you guys know if I run across any deals. Thanks for supporting the little guy!

Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
2nds micro grid on 11/13/2012 19:53:57 MST Print View

Chad: I'd be in your debt for a size Men's large. My girlfriend is looking for a xs/sm as well if you run by one. I'd pay the shipping plus a "buy a six-pack for yourself" surcharge.

I wish I lived in Colorado. Are people smoking pot in the streets because of the new law being passed?

Chad Helmke
(the-gear-recycler) - MLife

Locale: High Rockies
LOL on 11/13/2012 20:47:57 MST Print View

Not just yet. The powers that be are still trying to figure things out and making sure they don't piss off the Feds so we'll see what happens. Should be interesting! Even though I haven't smoked in many moons, glad the people spoke and got the initiative passed.

Charles P
(mediauras) - F

Locale: Terra
Re: LOL on 11/13/2012 21:48:34 MST Print View

The world's going to pot, and when it gets there I'll be wearing my Melanzana hoody. Breathable and comfy, I'm there.

(But seriously, I have one, bought it here on the forums, and I LOVE it. Great piece of kit. Mine's not for sale tho.)

Chad Helmke
(the-gear-recycler) - MLife

Locale: High Rockies
Bummer... on 11/23/2012 17:10:11 MST Print View

Checked the seconds/closeouts bin at Melanzana's international headquarters here in Leadvegas and it's bone dry. Nothing. Zilch. Saw a girl sewing some Microgrid Hoodies and tried to get her to mess a couple up but she wouldn't. Still, as Eugenius pointed out, $67 is a deal compared to Patagonia not to mention they literally are making everything right behind the counter of the store. Show your support for the little guy!

Melanzana on 11/23/2012 18:13:09 MST Print View

Love mine.
Probably my favorite clothing article of any kind.
When its cool out, 50s or less, it goes on.
Fantastic hood, actually perfect once I swapped to lighter cord and toggle.
Amazed that the hoods on all other garments looks so bad, and suck so bad by comparison.

Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
Appreciated... on 11/23/2012 18:19:03 MST Print View

Thanks for looking Chad. I figured it was a long shot hah. I'll be the proud owner of one come christmas. I agree it is worth the $67 and supporting the little guy....or I could get a Patagucci R1 hoodie for twice the cost and support the evil conglomerate that our capitalist country thrives upon. Na, Melanzana it is!

Scott Pickard

Locale: Southern California
Melanzana on 11/23/2012 19:30:51 MST Print View

Thanks for pointing out this clothing company. I just perused their website and will be buying several pieces for myself and family gifts.