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Grand Canyon Past
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s k
(skots) - F
Grand Canyon Past on 03/24/2007 14:26:10 MDT Print View

A recent conversation, with a friend who had just returned from a stay in the Grand Canyon, inspired a reminiscence of my last trip there in mid February 2005. Belated as these notes and pics are, the chronically under fed Trip Reports Forum could use a little fleshing out, and I hope that a few enjoy these scraps that I throw its way.

We drove from our overnight in Kingman AZ, and arrived at the GC Village for our five night, thirty mile hike as a five-inch wet snow was ending. With our late arrival, we walked down a sloppy BA trail to a reserved campsite at Indian Gardens. That night marked the first use of our dual arc alpinist, with which we have grown increasingly enamored. Since my mates initial search for the “bottom” and our chronic entanglement with the three straps, we’ve developed to a level of consummator in tuck and turning finesse. Ours is a dimensionally standard "dual" with a draft tonsil and slight overfill. In temperatures above fifteen to twenty, we can’t imagine using bags, but if we purchased another dual, we would request a more angled (wider at the top) foot box and more quilt width just above the foot box. These changes would provide more comfortable side-by-side back sleeping, and more comfortable back-to-back sleeping. That said, I’m sure that Tom would gladly make any alteration, and we haven’t requested any.

The weather during the trip was mild and wet. Nighttime temperatures stayed unusually warm, in the upper thirties, and cloud cover kept high temperatures in the mid-fifties. Although rain fell every day, those same days brought us patches, sometimes expanses of blue sky, glimpses of distant sunlight, and fog, rising and rolling on sun-warmed canyon walls.

Our third GC trip, the 2005 hike featured water. As bizarre as this sounds, we rarely found ourselves outside the sound of water. Shoes splashing and sucking in mud soup,raindrops drumming nylon, dropping from ledges, percolating through drainages, trickling mini streams, roaring side creeks, deafening rapids or falls and their distant din on the air, February that year, was a rare treat in the GC.

A couple of canyon rats surprised us one morning when they walked past our Phantom Creek camp. Father and son, veterans of nearly two-dozen GC forays, they stopped to chat near the end of their twenty-one day hike. The seventy year old confessed that the rain had taken its toll; that unlike most of his GC adventures, he was ready to hike out and dry out. The father (just kidding) son reminded his dad that the rain had made possible, their successful third attempt at reaching Crystal Rapids. The thought lifted the two men and they explained that their previous two attempts had been thwarted by lack of drinking water. In a moment they had come and gone. A couple of days later, not yet tired of the rainy canyon, we followed them up the BA trail and onto the rim world.

GC 17

The first of the rainbow sitings began just below the rim.

GC 41

The hues of green seemed foreign to GC.

GC 52

Distant view of the Plateau Point overlook.

GC 008

Bright skies over our destination.

GC 054

Evening light on Zoroaster.

GC 090

Up river view from Utah Flats.

GC 160

Like two dozen shots before, the last picture of the hike included a rainbow.

Sam Haraldson
(sharalds) - MLife

Locale: Gallatin Range
Grand Canyon Past on 03/24/2007 14:46:08 MDT Print View

Good commentary and photos. The desert and canyon hiking are something I've never done although reside towards teh top of "my list". Thanks.

Chris Mulhall
(cdm5062) - F
Grand Canyon on 04/03/2007 21:24:17 MDT Print View

This past summer my Boy Scout troop had a farewell hike for those of us who were becoming Eagle Scouts and moving on to college. So we went to the Grand Canyon. I must say, it is one of the most beautiful places in America. We originally had planned to spend a week down at the bottom of the Canyon at the Suepi (forget how to spell the village) Village but a tree knocked out their generator and most of their food went bad. Only the non-refrigerator food survived and the locals bought all them up. So we were left with practically no food to eat.

So, we decided to spend the night and see how our luck held. We walked down to the camping grounds and Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel are filming a movie. The film is Next, we were extras in it. They filmed us hiking down the waterfall, not sure if its actually be in it. But I'm in bright orange. So the security team there took pity on us, and shared their lunch with us. We then decided to start to hike back out of the canyon 2 hours before sun rise, and the security team offered to wake us up.

So in 32 hours, 4 Eagle Scouts, 2 Scouts and 2 adults hiked down and back out of the Grand Canyon. I think we estimated it to be about 30 miles if it was flat. I forget how much it was with the change in altitude. That trip was one of my most memorable trips. Heres a few of the best pictures, I'll put the ones of Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel in there too.

At the bottom of the Canyon

The waterfall we hiked down in Next.

Nicolas Cage

Jessica Biel

Hope you enjoy them.