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Exaggerated pack weights????
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Jeremy Platt
(jeremy089786) - F

Locale: Sydney
Packrafts on 12/23/2012 21:00:27 MST Print View

Modded white water Packrafts in cold climates! I went from 30L 3kg overnight packs to 80L 13kg packs almost over night! Add raft, wetsuits, paddles, helmet, throw bag, real dry bags, life jacket and a bunch of accessories and clothes for repair, maintenance and hypothermia.

So strange having people ohh and ahh over the size of your pack and how heavy it must be again!

Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
My poor friend on 12/27/2012 11:46:48 MST Print View

I didn't realize my friends picture would cause so much attention haha! I forgot it was even posted.

He was very proud to carry such a heavy weight. I choose not to comment on whether he did this from stupidity or ignorance. However, what I did not mention in the first post is that THIS WAS THE HIKE OUT! Think about all those consumables he packed in! I believe he made 3 trips (I hadn't arrived yet). My friends and I have discussed his excessive pack weight and the risks of injury. We don't think it is quite as funny and "cool" as he does, especially when we are the ones that would have to save his butt if he was hurt.

We went on an "End of the World" trip the weekend of the 21st and his pack weighed 97lbs (he weighed it on a scale before he left). This is extremist in all categories and he is far from a conditioned weight lifter.

He packs beyond necessity to the extent of luxury (air mattress, camp chairs, 5lbs of hamburger meat, 30 box of domestics).
Now that I think about it.... its pure stupidity.

The Stanley Saw did come in quite handy though when I was foraging fallen trees. ;P

The guy in the background is my brother and he is using my "back-up" gear. That is why he looks like he knows what he's doing. :)

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Alex Eriksson

Locale: Austin, TX
Maybe I'm an A-hole... on 12/27/2012 14:53:18 MST Print View

Correction, there's really no "maybe" since it's generally known that I'm an a-hole. Anyhow, I don't mind traveling in the woods with people who have differing views, budgets, and resultant packloads. That said, I reserve the right to do a number of things in an effort to not ruin my own time:

1. I'm not carrying any of your sh*t, period...
2. If you fall and bust your ass, I'm not carrying your sh*t out (exception: food, water, first aid)...
3. If you're cutting water because you're carrying too much, see #1, then have some of my water, but also see #4...
4. I'm not compromising my own safety because you were ill-prepared...
5. I reserve the right be impressed with your feats of awesomeness if you have a good time, but I can still make fun...
6. I will begrudgingly acknowledge that I'm more comfortable because of your excess, or penchant for bushcraft.

This may not be the way to make friends and influence people, but we'll see how it goes.

Unrelated: it was an interesting read, that hike report further up the thread, however it highlighted something I'd long since forgotten about; the tension between hikers and mountain bikers. As a long time member of the latter, and a new member of the former, I guess I have to walk a pretty thin line. As a long-time downhill mountain biker I used to go back into the woods to clear trails, cut new trails from deer trails, and build stuff out of deadfall. But I digress.

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Susan Papuga
(veganaloha) - M

Locale: USA
Re: Exaggerated pack weights????" on 01/03/2013 02:15:51 MST Print View

"Is that a Stanely builder's level hanging out the front?"

Maybe he's just happy to be there....