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Hyperlite Mountain Gear is offering FREE shipping until Nov 15!
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Mike St.Pierre (HMG)
(HyperliteMountainGear) - MLife

Locale: Maine
Hyperlite Mountain Gear is offering FREE shipping until Nov 15! on 11/01/2012 07:05:50 MDT Print View

FREE SHIPPING! This fall let HMG help you get there lighter, faster and in greater comfort. Order from HMG between today and November 15 and get FREE shipping on any item shipped to a US address using Fed Ex Ground or Fed Ex Home Delivery. Its time to celebrate fall with HMG!

Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
Free shipping on 11/01/2012 09:18:28 MDT Print View

You mean, you guys don't already offer free shipping? Small cuben items cost >$3 to ship and your cuben tents/tarps/packs maybe cost $10 at most to ship....

Doesn't seem like much of a "deal" to me when you guys already charge ridiculous premiums for your gear. I could make a DIY for 1/4 of the price with the same materials.

Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Free shipping on 11/01/2012 11:28:32 MDT Print View

Well, I guess that's one way to look at it. Of course, another way, which happens to be my way, is an appreciation for the free shipping (I'm not sure I know of many cottage manufacturers that do it. Not saying none do, only that I'm not aware of it). I don't feel HMG's prices are ridiculous at all, I think they're quite fair. Their gear is made with a wonderful attention to detail, very well put together, their customer service is as good as any in the industry, and better than most.

I'll agree that you could DIY cheaper, but, really, that goes for just about anything. I'm not a DIYer, and I don't want to be one, so I appreciate quality gear made by helpful, friendly people for a price I consider quite fair, and that's HMG, in my book.

Dustin Short
(upalachango) - MLife
Re: Free shipping on 11/01/2012 12:14:18 MDT Print View

I agree that in this day and age free shipping seems like it should be standard...but you'll be charged for it one way or another. Amazon and other big companies get away with low to free shipping because they ship so much gear that they get bulk discounts that are easier to absorb in their markups.

Also Daniel. How much money do you make per hour (rhetorical question, don't answer). Multiply that amount by how long it would take to a plan and make a quality backpack out of cuben, add cost of materials. If you're a proficient backpack maker then you'll save a noticeable amount if you have more time than money. But if you aren't skilled then there will be a steep learning curve, lots of mistakes, wasted material and a sub par pack for it being custom made (albeit still a lot of reward and more than decent enough to use).

When you buy from a manufacturer you do it because it saves you time and money to focus on other pursuits...not because it's "cheaper." From a pure cost perspective it's cheaper to buy a bunch of iron/steel and fabricate your own car from total scratch, but no one does that. It's cheaper to build your own house by hand but it takes forever and you're cold and wet, etc etc

Daniel Russell

Locale: Creation
I guess... on 11/01/2012 14:23:07 MDT Print View

HMG makes top of the line products... I wasn't trying to dispute that. I guess my point is that I'll be that guy buying HMG products used at 50% the retail cost because I think spending $300+ on a shelter to save a few oz is a bit pointless. However, subjectivity is applied because I'm 26 and able bodied. Shedding a few oz on every little thing isn't as important to me, whereas a man/women in their 40's may find that extra oz as another burden lifted off of their bad knees. I understand this market appeals to many, and perhaps it was a little rash to burst out a semi-emotional statement above. Still, at a wholesale rate they are probably making those stuff sack pillows for $3-4 and charging $30. I stick to the fact that when $30 is being charged for something weightless, that literally costs less than $2 to ship, then why make someone pay so much extra?

Maybe I should quit complaining because I can't afford cuben (hell, I can barely afford pre-made silnylon gear) and jump in this manufacturing niche.

I think your analogy of constructing a car is totally ridiculous when compared to sewing/taping fabric together. They are in two different ball parks; Coming from someone that has been melting/reshaping/welding and restoring various things for 7+ years now. Having the tools for the job, using basic geometry, and basic sewing knowledge (which MOST can gain very easily) is all that is required for making camping gear. Creativity and attention to detail can make the customization better than a manufacture in this regard. Making your piece of gear fit best for your needs is your aim in the DIY realm, not sticking to what the manufacture says is best. Manufacturers go with the consensus of consumer necessity, not a customized approach. IMHO customization is key to comfort...well that and a hammock. ;)

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