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My 3 Season List, Would Appreciate Any Advice.
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Clint Lum
(clintlum91) - F
My 3 Season List, Would Appreciate Any Advice. on 10/21/2012 17:39:50 MDT Print View

Here is my 3 season list:

I would love any advice because I am trying to go as light as I can, so I am looking for any redundancies.

Also, some of the items arent purchased yet so if there is a way to go light I am all ears. (Those items are the Zpacks groundsheet/poncho, Pata Houdini, both sleeping pads, and Caldera Keg system.)



list on 10/21/2012 19:40:43 MDT Print View

ditch the sea-to-summit drysacks,ditty bags, and use Zpacks cuben drysaks and blast foodbag. you will save over 1/2 lb !!!

too much toothpaste,
too much sunscreen
too heavy packtowel
too much toilet paper
get derma save knife
take less bug spray, treat clothing with permethrin
firs aid could be 1oz less
you can get a camera that is 4oz
do you really need the nook?
2L platy weighs 1.26 oz, not 0.5
You can make a cook kit with fosters pot that weighs 2 oz, dont need a caldera cone.


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Clint Lum
(clintlum91) - F
Re: list on 10/21/2012 20:30:14 MDT Print View

thanks for the ideas!

I know the dry sacks are heavy, but I had them already and I am spending money on higher priority things, but I think those will be the next to go.

toothpaste and sunscreen I can prolly loose most of (what would you recommend)
packtowel can be cut in half (although it is really nice have a full one)
toilet paper is worth the weight imo (depending on where you are)
does permethrin work well??
cant afford a new camera
the nook is a luxury item that I dont think i will cut out
ill check out cook kit options again (i just really like the completeness and dependability of the caldera system)

wt on 10/21/2012 20:50:56 MDT Print View

Everyones different. I dont need much t.p., maybe go once every 2 days or so on the trail. For a week I just put a very small amt in ziplock. I can actually get by with 1 or 2 wetwipes, but not supposed to put them in mouldering privys.

The Zpacks sacks are going to be the best bang-for-buck to reduce wt I think. The blast foodbag is great, at 0.85 oz, and I have a drysak that I can put my quilt AND clothing in that weighs 0.9 oz. $45 or so is a screaming deal to drop 8oz, you are probably in the range where you are looking at 20-50 /oz to make serious reductions otherwise..

I carry 0.5 oz of sunscreen in a 20ml container. I carried it on many trips, and didnt use any, so I dont bother anymore most of the time. If you have Long sleeves and brimmed hat, you probably wont use it.

I might carry 1 oz natrapel bug dope for about a week +, but only use if ticks are a problem, and then only on legs. Permethrin works great on clothing rest of time. I cant stand smell and nasty feel of deet, etc.

my toothbrush and small amt baking soda weigh less than 0.5oz.

Use a photon freedom headlamp, with spare battery set 0.48 oz.

Never had a need for a packtowel. I wear a bandana around my neck, it keeps neck warm when its cool in evening, protects from sun and bugs, is my pot-lifter, is used to wipe down my tent condensation, and to clean up a bit if need to.etc.

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Clint Lum
(clintlum91) - F
Re: wt on 10/21/2012 21:29:27 MDT Print View

I dont know my TP needs relative to others but I could cut some out.

the zpacks stuff sacks have been on my list for a while.

i never really use by bug spray, but its one of those things that i would hate to be without if i needed it

how is the photon headlamp??

michael levi
(M.L) - F

Locale: W-Never Eat Soggy (W)affles
re on 10/21/2012 21:30:48 MDT Print View

nix the circuit, its overkill unless your carrying a canister.
nix all the sacks, your backpack is a sack remember.
nix the wind pants and either the long sleeve shirt or houdini, but this depends on temp.

Clint Lum
(clintlum91) - F
Re: re on 10/21/2012 21:45:39 MDT Print View

I plan on getting a new pack in the future just cant afford one right now, i really like the mld packs

sacks are going, might replace with ziplocs

if the temps get down in the 30s at night i really like to have pants of some sort, that is what i used to use my rain pants for instead of actually rain pants so i figured i could cut out about 7 oz or so

Brian Johns

Locale: NorCal
Few comments on 11/08/2012 14:41:44 MST Print View

I'd nix the kindle. But then I'd replace it with 7 oz. of whiskey, so maybe it's a fine idea.

The Snow Peak Spork probably weighs .6 oz. I like the S2S Aluminum spoons, i think the long one is .4, the regular around .3.

If you've got the groundsheet and the Prolite pad, in Summer, I'd skip the GG thin lite, not necessary most places.

Not much info on a few items. What's the MSR Water treatment? A filter? Is 3 oz. the dry or wet weight of it. In the same department, you could probably go with one one liter bottle and the platypus. I would, but I don't know how long you'll go without water supply.

Luke Schmidt
(Cameron) - MLife

Locale: The WOODS
Not a bad list on 11/08/2012 19:02:00 MST Print View

Its really not a bad list.
-The new stuff sacks would save some weight as other have mentioned. You could just try a couple small ziplocks in the meantime.
-Depending on where you are hiking you may not need the 2 liter platy and the water bottles.
-If you plan on doing ANY night hiking I would have a good headlamp even if its a bit heavier.
-I still carry a knife not a razor blade.

Now if you occasionally want to go a bit ligher here are some things you might do
-Use a foam pad. This would save 5 or 6 oz.
-Ditch the Noonk (7 oz)
-Use a frameless pack (could save up to 20 oz)