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Alcohol Stoves: What do you use?
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Brian Johns

Locale: NorCal
Alcohol Stoves: What do you use? on 10/10/2012 16:07:41 MDT Print View

I'm curious. I generally use a caldera cone. but for short trips, the alky technology is so fun, it's nice to bring along other stoves, even if they take a minute or two longer to get a boil going.

So I'm wondering, in addition to or instead of a Caldera Cone setup, what do you use? What is the best alcohol stove design, penny stove, cat can, sideburner, carbon felt?

To get the ball rolling, I'll have to admit that I really like using Zelph's StarLyte and Super Venom stoves. They both hold their own with my cone setups under the right conditions.

Steven McAllister
(brooklynkayak) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic North East
Zelph on 10/10/2012 16:15:55 MDT Print View

Out of about 10 stoves I've used, the Zelph Super Stove has been the most efficient, most reliable and safest.

I had a Super Stove get knocked over in a freak accident that could have been a disaster, but it didn't spill a drop and was able to keep on cooking.

Kenneth Jacobs
(f8less) - F

Locale: Midwest
FeatherLite QS or ClikStand on 10/10/2012 16:17:22 MDT Print View

I use either my Ti Appalachian Combo Clikstand w/ Trangia burner or my own wickitized double-wall pop can stove (I've dubbed the FeatherLite QS...blooms in 12-14 seconds) in combo with a Vargo Al folding windscreen.

Richard Cullip
(RichardCullip) - M

Locale: San Diego County
Zelph's Fancee Feest on 10/10/2012 16:25:37 MDT Print View

I use Zelph's Fancee Feest stove with a custom (homemade) Ti cone sized to fit inside my Evernew Ti Ultralight 900ml wide pot. So far I'm very pleased with the efficiency of the setup. I only cook in the evening and all I need the stove to do is bring a cup to cup and a half of water to a boil. It does it's job with ~ 1/2 fl oz of alcohol. This stove does the job for me.

Rob Daly
(rdaly) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
i use on 10/10/2012 16:40:52 MDT Print View

I use a homemade Pepsi can stove with a homemade pot stand/windscreen. Both pieces together weigh an ounce. :)

Steve Meier
(smeier) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
pics? on 10/10/2012 16:49:01 MDT Print View

Hey Richard, do you happen to have any pictures of your setup?

Remington Roth

Locale: Atlantic Coast blue mini on 10/10/2012 17:01:17 MDT Print View

It's a little less known, but it's performed admirably for me.

stove on 10/10/2012 17:04:00 MDT Print View

currently use a modified tealight with a windscreen. 0.65 oz. With my zelphs flat bottom 2 cup pot, the stove, windscreen, and pot w/lid weigh 1.75 oz.

Pot is supported by 2 ti stakes stuck thru the windscreen.

boils 2 cups on 15 ml (0.4 oz wt) alcohol, 7.5 min reliably.

Richard Cullip
(RichardCullip) - M

Locale: San Diego County
Pics on 10/10/2012 17:13:13 MDT Print View


here you go, I hope

everything neatly tucked away inside the pot, including a 4 fl oz plastic bottle for fuel. The cone wraps around fuel bottle and tucks into the stove

Everything neatly tucked away inside pot

pot and cone with stove inside, ready for action

ready to go

pot sitting on Fancee Feest stove, cone removed to show stove

Pot sitting on stove with cone removed

Hope this helps.

(edited for spelling and grammer)

Edited by RichardCullip on 10/10/2012 18:33:09 MDT.

James Marco
(jamesdmarco) - MLife

Locale: Finger Lakes
Alcohol Stoves: What do you use? on 10/10/2012 17:23:23 MDT Print View

There are many I have tried and many I continue to use.

White Box stoves, Brasslite stoves, Trail Designs stoves (Caldera Cone,) Tin Mans side burner, Trangia stoves, and several homemade stoves (penny stoves, cat can stoves, chimney stoves, wick stoves, etc.)

Mostly, I use the 12/10 from trail designs when solo or the side burner with wind screen from Tin Man for two. Both are quite lite, but I don't thing either is 1oz, the 1.8L pot weighs about 5.25oz alone, and, the solo 1L pot weighs about 3oz.

Brian Johns

Locale: NorCal
Re: Alcohol Stoves: What do you use? on 10/10/2012 17:29:47 MDT Print View

Great home made cone. Lots of replies. It's amazing the variety of alcohol stoves. If the question had been cannister stoves, it would have gone Jet Boil, Jet Boil, Jet Boil, Pocket Rocket, Jet Boil, or something similar. I think I'm going to order another stove now, maybe that mini bull designs blue mini. Looks interesting. This is part of the fun of alcohol systems, fool proof designs and so much variety.

Angus A.
(mangus7175) - F

Re: Alcohol Stoves: What do you use? on 10/10/2012 18:20:16 MDT Print View

This has been my go-to system for the past few trips. A DIY cone and a starlyte knockoff stove

DIY Cone

Aubrey Biscoe

Locale: Upper Midwest
Whitebox on 10/10/2012 18:54:01 MDT Print View

Absolutely love my whitebox

David Maxwell

Locale: eastern, tn
Super Stove on 10/10/2012 19:44:11 MDT Print View

It sure isn't the lightest, but I use zelphs Super Stove. I owned a starlite for awhile till my son lost it. ... I also don't take a wind screen. I use rocks to put around and block the wind. On my weekend hikes I'm not worried about having to use a little more fuel if I need a rolling boil. Which I don't think I ever had to do. I usually just need my water hot. And if its really windy out I have used my ccf pad for a wind block.

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Starlyte on 10/10/2012 20:47:47 MDT Print View

I use zelph's starlyte. With the wicking material, it lights easy in the deep cold and when I combine it with a cone and ditch the pot support, I can keep my fuel stored inside via a lid. Simple, awesome.

Kimberly Wersal
(kwersal) - MLife

Locale: Western Colorado
White Box on 10/10/2012 21:16:39 MDT Print View

White Box. Simple. Bulletproof.

Rakesh Malik

Locale: Cascadia
Re: White Box on 10/10/2012 22:33:53 MDT Print View

I'm partial to Zelph's Green Machine, which is a bit like a light version of a Trangia spirit burner with a carbon felt wick inside. I'm also partial to the Backcountry Boiler though I haven't tried that with the Green Machine. The Green Machine works quite nicely inside a Vargo Hexagon, and Zelph says it ought to work pretty well with a BCB, I just haven't had a chance to try that combo out.

Zorg Zumo
(BurnNotice) - F
warm and cold - I value reliability above all else on 10/10/2012 22:41:27 MDT Print View

I use a Whitebox in good weather and a Trangia setup in bad. I much prefer the Trangia though as it will simmer, is self-storing and it doesn't need any babysitting. Here is my Trangia setup

Corbin McFarlane
(raven15) - MLife
Super Cat Stove on 10/11/2012 21:26:15 MDT Print View

Potted meat product: $0.35 (better off finding a cat and buying cat food).
Hole punch: $0.97 x2 (first broke halfway through).

I went super cat and never looked back.

Terry G
(delvxe) - M

Locale: Pacific Northwest
@Richard re windscreen on 10/12/2012 13:46:24 MDT Print View

Richard, you made that cone at home? That is incredibly professional looking. Can you give us some details on how you did this and what material you used?