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UL Camera Bag
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Paul Mountford
(Sparticus) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic Canada
UL Camera Bag on 10/04/2012 07:13:13 MDT Print View

Does anyone know of a purpose build camera bag being made by anyone in the UL cottage industry that provides a light weight way of carrying a camera + lens + assorted accessories that is both light and waterproof?

I've been using a normal camera bag that has one main pouch for a small DSLR with lens and a second pouch for a bigger lens. On the front of the bag there is a pocket for accessories and one pocket in lid. With the carry strap removed and mini-carabineers on the plastic rings, it snaps easily to the front of a pack's shoulder straps. Although the bag works well, it is heavy and not waterproof.

Edit - I was looking at the ZPacks Multi-Pack - 4 in 1 Backpack Lid / Chest Pack / Belt Pack / Satchel. I suppose you could cut up a foam mat to make compartments, but I would be interested if someone knew of something purpose built that size.

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Nico .
(NickB) - MLife

Locale: Los Padres National Forest
UL Camera Bag on 10/04/2012 14:47:25 MDT Print View

I used the Zpacks multi-pack as a chest-mounted camera bag on my last hike and it worked great. I didn't bother with creating foam compartments or anything. I simply made a few pouches out of bubble wrap and tape for each lens, etc. that was going to be placed in the chest pack.

No damage/problems with this approach.

I think you'd be hard pressed to find a lighter solution.

Paul Mountford
(Sparticus) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic Canada
Re: UL Camera Bag on 10/05/2012 04:58:40 MDT Print View

Nicholas - Thanks for the feedback. I was worried that it might not be deep enough at the stated 3 in depth, but Joe just emailed me back and told me it would be a simple mod to add some more depth to it.

Now I just need to settle on which system to replace my DSLR with!

Paul Mountford
(Sparticus) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic Canada
4 oz waterproof padded camera bag on 10/27/2012 03:50:43 MDT Print View

Well my ZPACK bag just arrived. I had it made one inch deeper:

Zpack bag

I then made a padded internal frame out of a foam mat:

Foam interior

Added to Zpack bag with my new NEX 5N:

Bag together

Result is a 4 oz waterproof camera bag:

Completed bag

Edited by Sparticus on 10/27/2012 04:00:56 MDT.