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White Mt. Overnight, kit critique please
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(jake.L) - F

Locale: Katahdin
White Mt. Overnight, kit critique please on 10/02/2012 18:50:14 MDT Print View

Would really like to hear peoples thoughts about my gear list. I've provided a geargrams link and a full list below. I'm going on an overnight in the White Mountains this weekend with a friend. The weather is supposed to be mostly sunny with chances of rain. Temps during the day are low 50's F and at night in the high 30's F. The shelter and cook kit below will be divided between the two of us. Turbid in advance!

Total: 13.45lb
Pack: 10.12lb
Worn: 3.32lb
Consumable: .48oz

Backpack- 30L Cilogear 30L work sack: sack, foam pad and hipbelt 21.96oz

Tent- GG Squall Classic w/sack, lines and rear pole 29.72oz
Ground cloth- Polycyro, LG 72" X 96" 2.70oz
Tent stakes w/bag- 6 Ti stakes 1.22oz
Air Mattress- Neoair, Sm 9oz
Quilt- Katabatic Gear Palisade, regular/wide, +3oz overfill 23.60oz

WATER Total: 5.73oz
Water bladder- Evernew 2L, drink tube/valve 3.22oz
Water bottle- 24oz Nestle bottle 0.86oz
Water treatment- Aquamira parts A/B in mini dropper bottle w/mixing cap 1.20oz
FAK- Bandaids, gauze pads, neosporin, alcohol pads, moleskin, safety pin 0.45oz

COOK KIT Total: 16.19oz
Alcohol stove- TD 12-10 0.55oz
Caldera Cone- For 1.9L Evernew pot 2.41oz
Bowl/mug- Insulated Caddy for Caldera Cone 3.79oz
Spork- Light My Fire spork 0.32oz
Fuel bottle- AGG 8oz 1.10oz
Pot- Evernew 1.9L Ti 7.60oz
Food bag- Nylo Barrier 12 5/8" x 24" 0.42oz

TOOLS Total: 12.48oz
Ditty bag- HMG stuff sack 7"x10" 0.21oz
Fire starter- Wet Fire 0.20oz
Lighter- Mini Bic 0.40oz
Knife- Derma Safe razor 0.27oz
Trekking pole- GG LT4 w/basket, single 4oz
Bear line- AGG 40' spectra line w/rock bag 1oz
Map- AMC Tyvek 0.77oz
Headlamp- Petzl e-Lite w/batteries 1oz
Needle/thread- 0.02oz
Compass- Suunto Comet key chain w/thermometer 0.36oz
Light- Nite Ize mini light w/batteries 0.29oz
Fire steel- Flint/steel/magnesium rod 0.39oz
Bear bag/pump- BA pumphouse 1.50oz
Tape- Duct and WP medical tape wrapped around pencil piece 0.57oz
Pack liner- NyloBarrier 20"x36" 1.05oz
Repair kit- 1/4oz tube seamgrip, 2 nylon patches, Tenacious Tape 0.48oz

TOILETRIES Total: 1.22oz
Toilet paper- 2 disposable shop towels 0.42oz
Toothbrush/floss- 0.31oz
Toothpaste- in straw 0.09oz
Sanitizer- 0.40oz

CLOTHING Total: 91.24oz
Hiking shoes(WORN)- Merrell Moab Ventilators, 10W 34.80oz
Bandana(WORN)- MSR Ultralight pack towel cut down 1.12oz
T-shirt(WORN)- L/S Reebok powerdry, XL 4.92oz
Md Wt shirt- Patigonia R1 Flash pullover , XL 12.40oz
Thermal pants- Polyester underwear, XL 5.80oz
Wind pant(WORN)- Wild Things wind pant 4.12oz
Underwear(WORN)- EMS boxer brief, L 2.54oz
Socks(WORN)- Fox River ankle 1.76oz
Hat- Black Rock Gear Hadron down hat, large 0.68oz
Waterproof socks- 2 bread bags 0.48oz
Rain mitt- MLD rain mitt, LG 1.41oz
Down vest- Black Rock Gear down vest, XL 4.90oz
Rain pant- Dri Ducks, LG 4.58oz
Rain jacket- Dri Ducks, LG 6.15oz
Sleep socks- Fleece socks 2.39oz
Buff- merino wool 1.86oz
Gloves- Possumdown gloves, LG 1.36oz

Edited by jake.L on 10/03/2012 10:09:11 MDT.

Tjaard Breeuwer
(Tjaard) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota, USA
Re: White Mt. Overnight, kit critique please on 10/02/2012 20:29:42 MDT Print View

The only sure weight saving I can think of it to ditch the rocksack. I use my stake sack, since you only hang your food when your shelter is up, this is great dual use. They also have similar requirements for durability.

Are the windpants worn?
Will you be warm enough in the just a down vest at 30 F? It get's dark early this time of year, so I assume, you will be sitting in camp for a long time.

No windshirt? If it's 40 F and the wind picks up, I'd want more than a longsleeve shirt.

(jake.L) - F

Locale: Katahdin
Multi-purposing on 10/02/2012 23:10:53 MDT Print View

the stake bag for use as the rock bag is a great idea!

Yes, the windpants are worn.

The Sun is setting at 6:15pm and it's supposed to get down to 38F Friday night in camp. The vest is pretty warm with 2.5oz of down combined my l/s thermal shirt, R1 and the Dri Ducks thrown over.

Most of the hiking is below tree line with just a few summits and ridges. The Dri Ducks jacket should be comfortable over just the l/s thermal if the day time temp dropped from 50F to 40F with some wind above tree line. If I was still cold while on the move I also have the R1 to wear with or without the jacket.

Edited by jake.L on 10/02/2012 23:14:13 MDT.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
solid list on 10/04/2012 07:20:55 MDT Print View

looks like a pretty solid list, I like that you have the toiletries, first aid and repair stuff whittled down nicely- it's common to see a lot of excess there in gear lists

do you actually cook in the 2 liter pot? the reason I ask when camping for 2 I use a .9 liter pot, but it's all boil in a bag meals (in the winter when I've got snow to melt I bring a 2.0 liter Titan)

I never use rain pants personally, for some reason my legs seldom get cold and I don't mind getting them wet (they would normally get wet from sweat wearing rain pants anyways)- how good is the DWR on your wind pants?

how do you like the down beanie? I was going to order one of his vests, but he ran out of material :(

(jake.L) - F

Locale: Katahdin
Big pot on 10/04/2012 11:11:21 MDT Print View

I do not cook in the pot and do a lot of boil in bag cooking like yourself. With two people a 1L grease pot would be a better size for 3 season use and save 4oz. I don't currently own this inbetween size...I've used my Fosters can for solo use and the 1.9L for everything else.

The DWR on the wind pants is decent and I have no problem hiking thru any wind or rain in them. In camp when it's pouring the Dri Duck pants and jacket come in handy if I want to be outside the tent for any length of time.

I LOVE the BRG down vest and Hadron beanie! I also own an original hat but find the Hadron perfect for most 3 season use.