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Cheap Bulb Thermometer For Backpacking
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John Coyle

Locale: NorCal
Cheap Bulb Thermometer For Backpacking on 09/28/2012 11:47:28 MDT Print View

OK this is what I have, It's accurate light and cheap, but I don't really need a range of -30 to 230 above Fahrenheit and it's a little fragile. I'm looking for something like this,, except in Fahrenheit. Sorry all you Euros, Canadians, Australians etc, I'm American, I'm used to Fahrenheit. I suppose if I can't find it in Fahrenheit, I'll have to get it in Celsius.

carl becker
(carlbecker) - F

Locale: Northern Virginia
Re: Cheap Bulb Thermometer For Backpacking on 09/28/2012 11:51:53 MDT Print View

I purchased a thermometer from REI. A small key chain type:

Kenneth Jacobs
(f8less) - F

Locale: Midwest
Ultralight Thermometers on 09/28/2012 11:57:37 MDT Print View


Would you be interested in temperature indicators that weighed less than 0.02oz each and are as thin as a piece over overhead projector sheet? I am actually putting together a small package to offer than includes 3 outdoor temp range indicators and a reusable personal body temp/fever indicator (press it against your forehead for 2 mins to check your temperature). This would be 4 pieces all together, and don't even weight 0.1oz in total. I can also offer a vinyl storage case for all of them. Not sure of the weight with the vinyl storage case as of yet. Need to get a scale it on a better scale.

No batteries required and don't have to worry about breaking them. Ultra lightweight, compact, cheap. The only fault of these thermometers is that they should be kept indoors and out of light when not in use to prevent degradation of the liquid crystal used in them. Extremes in temperature, humidity and sun exposure does degrade the liquid crystal and tends to lower their reaction points (aka - make them read temps as being higher). I usually replace mine every 2 years and use the old ones for less vital temp monitoring (i.e. - Tape it to your workbench in the garage or somewhere in the basement, etc.)

$5.50 shipped for just the 4 indicators, or $6.00 shipped for the 4 indicators and vinyl storage case.

Let me know. Below are pics of the outdoor indicators and the forehead indicator.

Temp Indicators

Temp Indicators - Thickness



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Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Cheap Bulb Thermometer For Backpacking on 09/28/2012 11:59:40 MDT Print View

I think you'll find that most thermometers of this type are meant for lab work and science doesn't lean to Fahrenheit. You can find light digital thermometers with a good range made for food and HVAC work. They have a long battery life and some have min/max readings so you can get the overnight low temperature.

One basic example:

Erik Basil

Locale: Atzlan
Re: Re: Cheap Bulb Thermometer For Backpacking on 09/28/2012 12:16:24 MDT Print View

I also have one of those "keychain" thermometers from REI, which they used to (still?) give away as trinkets. It's been on my zipper pull for a few decades and still gives a pretty accurate, but general idea of temperature. It's light, out of the way and includes a handy-dandy wind chill chart. :)