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Ultralight Packs Capable of Carrying A Berikade Expdition?
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Kenneth Jacobs
(f8less) - F

Locale: Midwest
Ultralight Packs Capable of Carrying A Berikade Expdition? on 09/24/2012 14:56:27 MDT Print View

I'm looking to find out if anyone knows if the Bearikade Expedition will fit into the Gossamer Gear 2012 Mariposa. Also looking to find out what other packs out there might fit it.

I'm in need of a pack that will carry about 33.5lbs for a day and decreasing with food weight from there. This will be for the JMT.

If it's helpful , I believe I'm 18-19" torso and 30" waist. I am currently using a Granite Gear Blaze A.C. 60 and am not sure how the Mariposa 2012 would compare to the size of this pack as I'm not sure what portion of the pack Granite Gear is considering the 3660 cubic inches (main body or main body and pockets).



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Mina Loomis
(elmvine) - MLife

Locale: Central Texas
Mariposa on 09/24/2012 22:40:03 MDT Print View

I have a Mariposa a few years old, not a 2012, but I think the proportions are similar. Last year on the JMT we rented Expeditions, and mine fit just fine in the Mariposa. Vertically. Some people seem to want their bear cans to go in horizontally but I like vertically better anyway because then I can get into it at lunch or something without hauling it out of the pack. Here it is on that trip, with the Expedition in it.


William Wang
(billwang) - M

Locale: SF Bay Area
Zpacks Exo fits expedition on 09/24/2012 23:06:45 MDT Print View

I was just out on the JMT with my zpacks exo. It worked fine, carrying a bearikade expedition vertically with some room on the beneath and on the sides.

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Don Amundson
(amrowinc) - M

Locale: Southern California
Ultralight Packs Capable of Carrying A Berikade Expdition on 09/24/2012 23:44:57 MDT Print View

I think you'll find most packs will hold a bear canister vertically. Heck, I can fit my bearikade weekender in my GG Murmur pack and I know an expedition will fit in their also because the diameter is the same. The issue isn't if it will fit, it's about how well the pack will carry the weight. I did the JMT in 2009 with a older mariposa and was carrying more weight than the pack was designed for. As a result I had a sore neck for a portion of that hike after picking up resupplies. I was carrying between 30-35lbs. at that time. I now carry 24lbs. max with water and 10 days of food in a canister. That might work in a Mariposa--I'm not sure. I now use a modified GoLite Jam2 that has proven to be very comfortable with the weight.
Whatever pack you decide on be aware of the recommended carry weight and by all means do some trail testing with it. Having something that fits in your pack doesn't mean you'll be comfortable carrying it.

daniel B
(dbogey) - F - M

Locale: East Coast
Re: Ultralight Packs Capable of Carrying A Berikade Expdition? on 09/25/2012 06:59:17 MDT Print View

Just did 7 days on the Sierra High Route with my ULA Circuit and cinched my Bearikade Weekender down on top of the pack. Worked really well and never shifted or caused any problems. I liked having it on the outside of my pack for quick accessULA Circuit with Weekender I think my starting weight with canister was around 37lbs. I'm sure you could put the expedition on the pack the same way.

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Stephen Barber
(grampa) - MLife

Locale: SoCal
re: Re: Ultralight Packs Capable of Carrying A Berikade Expdition on 09/25/2012 08:02:37 MDT Print View

The ULA Epic is designed to take a rolled-up packraft beneath the dry bag pack body. I've put a Bearicade Scout under the pack bag with no problems. I put some silicon dots on the wrap-around to help hold it in place. The Epic is a very clever solutions to issues like this!

Robert Kelly
(QiWiz) - MLife

Locale: UL gear @
Pushing limits on 09/25/2012 08:47:46 MDT Print View

Was able to get one onto/into a GG Gorilla but it took some creativity and very compact non-food gear for a 9-day Bailey Range traverse.

NW Hiker
(king2005ify) - M
Z Packs Exo on 09/25/2012 12:06:22 MDT Print View

Exo works awesome, and only weighs 14 oz. I can carry a Bear canister and 30-35 lbs no problem and the pack is surprisingly comfortable.


Anthony Weston
(anthonyweston) - MLife

Locale: Southern CA
blast on 09/25/2012 13:36:12 MDT Print View

I have a zpacks Blast but made with the same material as the zpacks Exo but with larger volume. I love the pack.

The ULA Airx would also work.

Manfred Kopisch
(Orienteering) - F
+3 on ZPacks Exo on 09/25/2012 14:27:18 MDT Print View

I took the ZPacks Exo with a Bearikade Expedition on the JMT with my wife and two of our daughters. One of my replies to the questions I received after my trip report contains also a detailed "review" of the ZPacks Exo. I carried up to 39 lbs (right after resupply at MTR) in that pack and was very happy with it. It had enough space left for two person tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, extra clothes, stove, cooker, fishing gear, etc.


P.S.: Afterwards I took my ZPacks Exo on the Sierra High Route. For that trip I carried only the Bearicade Scout and had a max weight of 26 lbs on my back - very comfortable and nice for climbing across all these passes with loose talus.

P.P.S.: I believe ZPacks has stopped production of the Exo and replaced it with the Arc Blast. Although the Arc Blast uses the same bag as the Exo, the design of the frame might prevent a Bearikade Expedition from fitting in due to the curvature of the frame.

Michelle A
(mauhler31) - F
Arc Blast on 09/25/2012 14:47:04 MDT Print View

I'm currently trying out a Zpacks Arc Blast and it fits a BV500 vertically no problem with lots of extra vertical room, and a little extra depth. According to the manufacturer website, the BV500 has a 8.7" diameter x 12.7" length, and the Bearikade Expedition has a 9″ diameter base by 14.5″ length. With all the extra room I had for the BV500, I think the Expedition should fit fine.

Kenneth Jacobs
(f8less) - F

Locale: Midwest
Re: Arc Blast on 09/25/2012 15:43:07 MDT Print View


Was this the case regarding the fit of he can in the upper portion of the pack, or does the can slip all the way down to the bottom? ZPacks site states: "A Bear Canister can easily fit standing vertically in the upper half of the backpack." Not sure how I feel having that weight up higher on my back. Also, what is your take on the pack sitting off your back?



Brian Johns

Locale: NorCal
Re: 2012 Mariposa on 09/25/2012 16:34:23 MDT Print View

Definitely, in either direction.

Scott Bentz
(scottbentz) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Ultralight Packs Capable of Carrying A Berikade Expdition? on 09/25/2012 17:17:14 MDT Print View

I know my Bearicade Expedition fits just fine upright in a Gossamer Gear Gorilla 2012. I have been using an older Mariposa for a long time which has plenty of room for the canister. I place it either on top of my loosely stuffed sleeping bag, tarp and clothes. If my tarp is wet from rain or condensation I put the canister next to my bag and clothes so my wet stuff stays on top.

Michelle A
(mauhler31) - F
Re: Arc Blast on 09/26/2012 13:54:49 MDT Print View

My BV500 is currently placed above the curve of the frame, but "half" is misleading. It's really closer to 1/3 of the pack height from the bottom. When I get home I can measure precisely if you're interested. It's currently sitting on top of my sleeping bag and clothes, which is where I normally would place a bear canister in any other pack, so it's not placed any higher than usual.

I've only worn the pack around the house so far, but it seems to have good load transfer to the hips. I haven't noticed any pressure on my shoulders, and I don't notice the weight being further away. Although I've only worn it for maybe 30 minutes max, so perhaps a longer wearing may prove otherwise. Unfortunately, I've been having some back pains this past week, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to wear it for a few hours.

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Rex Sanders
(Rex) - M

Locale: Central California Coast
HMG Windrider and Bearikade Expedition on 09/28/2012 00:24:20 MDT Print View

Just got a Hyperlite Mountain Gear Windrider pack, size Tall.

My 10-year-old Bearikade Expedition does not fit inside, but it does fit nicely under the Y-strap on top. I painted the Bearikade Expedition white to make it easier to find, and keep the contents cooler:

Bearikade Expedition 1  Bearikade Expedition 2

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