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Land's End 600 fill Down Vest $20
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samuel smillie
(sam_smillie) - F

Locale: central canada
Land's End 600 fill Down Garment Sale w 30% additional off + free shipping Sale on 09/19/2012 17:12:25 MDT Print View

Originally posted about down vest however see down to post by COSMIC for links to other down garments and discount code.

I looked around on the forum to try and find weights from other vests people had picked up in earlier sales. Certainly looks to be a little on the heavy side - L measured at 12oz according to this thread

Only the plaid designs are on sale so toss a shell over it ;)
There is also a post by Richard somewhere out there explaining the land's end temperature rating system and providing some clo information, you'll have to look around.

Link to webpage below.



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samuel smillie
(sam_smillie) - F

Locale: central canada
sizing on 09/19/2012 17:15:29 MDT Print View

Forgot to mention that people in the thread i posted above also said sizing was too big. Consider going down a size.


Jack Elliott
(JackElliott) - F

Locale: Bend, Oregon, USA
Plaid is awesome on 09/19/2012 20:12:46 MDT Print View

"Only the plaid designs are on sale so toss a shell over it ;)"

Plaid is swell.

Rod Lawlor
(Rod_Lawlor) - MLife

Locale: Australia
Plaid Good on 09/24/2012 04:25:22 MDT Print View

Yeah Samuel,

Have you checked out your avi recently? ;^)


Cosmic Osmo
(cosmicosmo) - F
More than just the plaid vest! on 09/24/2012 14:51:33 MDT Print View

Lots of down is on sale at Land's end, not just these vests. Also, use promo code LOVEFALL with PIN 2101 for an *extra* 30% off and free shipping (no minimum). Not sure how long this will last, and sizes are also limited. I've read that these are 80% down 20% feathers, although it doesn't say that on the site.

Prices after promo:

Plaid vest: $14
Solid-color vest: $17.50
Solid-color jacket: $35 (tall sizes $42)
Hooded jacket: $49 (tall sizes $56)
There are also a few types of down parkas

Here's a link to all of the on-sale down:

I picked up a non-hooded jacket in medium tall for myself, as my only mid-layers are currently fleece.

samuel smillie
(sam_smillie) - F

Locale: central canada
Plaid is good lol on 09/25/2012 18:38:08 MDT Print View

Yeah Rod, guilty as charged haha.

I think my disappointment in what I thought (thanks Cosmic) was only plaid vests on sale may be a result of my reluctance to layer plaid on plaid ;)

I wish their website had made it more obvious that the stuff Cosmic found was available too. Would have picked up the solid green vest instead haha. Double score on the discount code.

Yeah I recall reading the 80/20 down/feathers split and indeed comments on their website indicate the fill/loft is lacking but considering I drank 20 bucks worth of beer yesterday, can't really go wrong.

Nick G
(HermesUL) - F
Thanks to all! on 09/26/2012 13:36:46 MDT Print View

Hey I got in touch with customer service via their chat thing, and got a couple item weights according to manufacturer

The plaid vest you posted above, in size Large weighs 12 oz. I bought it because it came out to $14 shipped and I don't have much to wear in fall. I even paid $0.42 taxes on it rather than having it shipped to my parents in NH! Now I'll have something to wear on fall hiking trips up to the 'dacks.

The Men's Tall Down Parka which I was looking at in size Large weighs 2 lbs 3 oz--which isn't terrible and I need an inexpensive down parka, but I decided against it. With the 30% off coupon, the cost is around $72.

Also Land's End appears to have absolutely crazy temp ratings listed. Why they think I'd be warm at 5 degrees Fahrenheit in their dinky little down vest I haven't a clue.

samuel smillie
(sam_smillie) - F

Locale: central canada
Vest sizing on 09/26/2012 19:34:35 MDT Print View

So I got my sexy red plaid vest today :)

I'm 5'7'' 180 and despite their stuff supposedly running large, the medium isn't a particularly good fit on me. Length is good as is room through stomach however it is tight across my back causing the arm pits to be tight.. Seems to be better for a slimmer build (which I am definitely not). I feel like I'm going to have to deal with it as a large would probably be massive through the body and too long. As for fill, some baffles seem to have more down than others but nothing stands out as being ridiculously short-changed. Rolls down to a little less than a nalgene bottle. Snaps seem fine. Collar has a good amount of down which is nice, also fits nice and snug when snapped all the way up. Pockets are outside the down but seem to have a thin layer of synthetic insulation between them and outside. Pockets have one snap to close but openings are angled and pockets themselves are not very deep so things could fall out.

Definitely wish I had a solid color with larger arm holes tho haha

samuel smillie
(sam_smillie) - F

Locale: central canada
Hooded down jacket weight on 09/26/2012 19:49:14 MDT Print View

Hey Nick,

I don't know what you exactly are looking for in a parka wrt uses etc. but just from looking at the detailing of the jackets, the hooded down jacket looks like it would be significantly lighter than the down parka based on storm flap, hood closure, pocket flaps/double pockets (extra fabric) and fleece collar lining on the parka. I see the parka is rated as slightly warmer by 'unhelpful ratings system indicators' but 5 degrees Fahrenheit isn't really very much and I suspect it would be worth the weight/volume savings in your pack. Not to mention $56 vs $72.


samuel smillie
(sam_smillie) - F

Locale: central canada
hooded down jacket weights on 09/26/2012 20:10:31 MDT Print View

So I got curious and chatted w a rep about the hooded down jacket weights.

The medium regular weighs 1lb 14 oz. The large regular weighs 2lb.

The medium tall weighs 1lb 15 oz. and the large tall weighs 2lb.

So I guess it's not that much lighter than the parka. Tough call.

Nick G
(HermesUL) - F
Fill weight on 09/26/2012 20:47:08 MDT Print View

The only thing I forgot to ask them is what the fill weight is...did you happen to ask while you were chatting?

I imagine I could get away with a Medium Tall, being rather skinny and 6'2". Then again, its first semester of college so we'll see whether I'm affected by the infamous Freshman 15.

Cosmic Osmo
(cosmicosmo) - F
Not impressed on 09/26/2012 22:26:49 MDT Print View

I've gotten my medium tall down jacket. I think I'm going to return it, mostly because the fit isn't quite there. I'm 6'2" and 170 lbs with a short torso, narrow shoulders, and *very* long arms. Most "tall" sizes are made by adding 1" to the sleeves and 2" to the body of the regular size. What I usually need is 2-3" added to the sleeves and nothing added to the body. So, the Land's End jacket has an awkwardly long torso on me (it actually sticks out the bottom of my medium tall Marmot PreCip), has low armholes, and doesn't quite reach my wrists. It's also boxy in the torso, but I suppose that wouldn't be so hard to tailor in a bit myself.

In any case, my girlfriend informs me that the jacket makes me look like an uninspiring lump, so it's going back. I'm picky when it comes to fit.

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Nick G
(HermesUL) - F
Got my vest on 10/03/2012 13:57:35 MDT Print View

A few notes on the vest:

-I bought a large and its big on me. This ought be expected, because the only reason I ever need a large is for the sleeves.

- Not much down on it.

- For what its worth, the seams are sewn through rather than providing baffles. Not a surprise considering the amount of down, but this will likely affect performance to some degree. It will not keep me warm in very cold weather.

- The vest is well stuffed in some places, like the neck and underneath the pockets.

-Has snaps, not zippers, so it'll leak heat.

The verdict--I bought this thing dirt cheap--if I'd even spent $40 on it, I'd be sending it back. I'll keep it because it will serve its intended use of day trips to the Adirondacks in fall and spring, perhaps an occasional overnight. Not nearly of the quality I would want to take long term backpacking or thru hiking.

Yuri R
(Yazon) - F

Just got my vests on 10/10/2012 16:25:36 MDT Print View

I bought two - one for my dad and one for myself. I think they are great for the price!

Yes, they may not be as light or puffy as Patagonia, Montbell, Marmot or others, but for $13-$17 they are functional and warm. I'm sure mine will see quite a bit of use.