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Looking for a LW Fleece Vest
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Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Looking for a LW Fleece Vest on 03/13/2007 06:24:23 MDT Print View

I am looking for a very basic fleece vest for Spring hiking. I have seen patagonia and some other offerings but they are all around 10 ounces and I am looking for somthing not as warm and lighter. Any idea's?

Mitchell Keil
(mitchellkeil) - F

Locale: Deep in the OC
Re: Looking for a LW Fleece Vest on 03/13/2007 17:08:48 MDT Print View

Why look to fleece when you could buy a Montbell Thermwrap vest and be warmer and lighter. Not to mention how much smaller it packs up. And yes it is more expsensive but it is not much more than premium fleece wear. Check it out at:

Matthew LaPatka
(gungadin) - M

Locale: Pittsburgh, PA
Re: Re: Looking for a LW Fleece Vest on 03/13/2007 18:38:51 MDT Print View

While I love the synthetic vests/jackets from Montbell and Patagonia, I find that for me they are too hot for hiking in all but very cold weather. While I don't carry fleece very often anymore, I do feel that it is more comfortable for wearing while hiking (I love the Patagonia R1 and R2). High loft insulation rocks for breaks and around camp, but it is simply too hot and doesn't breathe like high-quality fleece. Maybe it would work for others, but I get too hot (even with appropriate venting).

Edited by gungadin on 03/13/2007 18:39:51 MDT.

Ross Bleakney
(rossbleakney) - MLife

Locale: Cascades
Re: Looking for a LW Fleece Vest on 03/13/2007 19:23:06 MDT Print View

I'm a big fan of Patagonia's Capilene, for the reasons you mentioned (warm, but not too warm). It looks like they carry a tank top and t-shirt in a Capilene 2 (their fleece goes from 1-4 now, I think it used to go silkweight, lightweight, midweight and expedition). I'm pretty sure they carry this at REI (I was just there the other day).

Edited by rossbleakney on 03/13/2007 19:24:11 MDT.

Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
Jonathan, 7oz or 2oz vest? on 03/14/2007 00:14:35 MDT Print View

Lighter than 10 ounces? Montbell Thermawrap's exceloft has a good warmth/weight ratio, the vest is 7.2 ounces,
montbell thermawrap vest

Or the windvest is 2 ounces.. yes, two ounces. It seems to be a unisexed item since it appears in the mens section, and also appears when filtered for women's wear only.
Montbell wind vest

And here are all 13 MB vests to choose from..

Edited by Brett1234 on 03/14/2007 01:55:41 MDT.

Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
2 ounce Vest on 03/14/2007 00:57:23 MDT Print View

1103181 - Women's item ??

Edited by bfornshell on 03/14/2007 00:59:11 MDT.


Locale: South West US
~6 ounce Vest on 03/14/2007 01:03:40 MDT Print View

Another vest offering from montbell.

Eric Noble
(ericnoble) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Re: Looking for a LW Fleece Vest on 03/14/2007 10:31:42 MDT Print View

I'm with the Thermawrap Vest fans on this one. My Montbell Thermawrap Vest (L) weighs 175g (6.2oz) on my scale. I bought it because I thought it would be usable while hiking and for me it has been. With the zipper, I can dial things in really well, with it undone the vest is hardly even there. I have debated getting an even lighter weight down vest of equal warmth. The Smartwool Shadow Hoody, Patagonia Houdini, and Montbell Thermawrap Vest are my core pieces that I wear year around. When it's really cold, I will use an Ibex Hooded Shak instead of the Shadow, and add another layer over the vest.

Edited by ericnoble on 03/14/2007 10:33:27 MDT.

Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
Eric, my layers are similar; inc. thermawrap on 03/14/2007 11:05:35 MDT Print View

Great layering setup you've got there. I guess I'm colder than you but I use a wool-2, Houdini, and the Thermawrap jacket&pants. Fleece, DIAD, or Montbell down are alternates depending on weather. Wish I knew about this versatile setup a year ago.. (newbies, are you reading this?)

Mitchell Keil
(mitchellkeil) - F

Locale: Deep in the OC
Re: Re: Re: Looking for a LW Fleece Vest on 03/27/2007 12:40:09 MDT Print View

I have been reading numerous posts that refer to this "smartwool shadow hoody". I have been trying to find it listed as a saleable product and have even checked the Smartwool site. Can't find it listed anywhere. Perhaps you or someone else who has purchased this item might indicate where you got it. Thanks in advance

Steve .
(pappekak) - F

Locale: Tralfamadore
Re: Re: Re: Re: Looking for a LW Fleece Vest on 03/27/2007 13:21:35 MDT Print View

Smartwool Hoody availability

Eric Noble
(ericnoble) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Re: Re: Re: Looking for a LW Fleece Vest on 03/27/2007 13:37:20 MDT Print View

Mitchell, unfortunately you are not likely to find a men's version. Smartwool, in their wisdom, decide not to make it anymore. I've sent email to Smartwool, Ibex, and Patagonia extolling the virtues of this type of base layer. It appears to have fallen on deaf ears. Ibex is canceling their Hooded Shak. Get it while you can! Smartwool still makes a women's version of the Shadow Hoody. Ryan J. was man enough to wear the women's version after modifying it to his purposes. Bill F. sewed a hood on his Patagonia Wool 2 sacrificing another Wool 2 to get the fabric. He also asked Patagonia to make a hooded base layer. Icebreaker sells tops with thumb cuff holes that could also be modified with a hood if you like thumb cuff holes like I do. I wrote my review before I knew that Smartwool would no longer carry it. I don't know what I will do when I need another one. My Shadow Hoody and my Hooded Shak are truly outstanding. If I find a piece of clothing that I really, really like it's like a death sentence, it will no longer be made. I can't be that weird, despite what my wife and kids say :). I wish I had better news. Maybe someone else has a source.

Eric Noble
(ericnoble) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Looking for a LW Fleece Vest on 03/27/2007 13:41:11 MDT Print View

Steve, thanks for reminding me of the info you received. I had forget about that. There is hope after all.

Eric Noble
(ericnoble) - MLife

Locale: Colorado Rockies
Re: Eric, my layers are similar; inc. thermawrap on 03/27/2007 13:50:32 MDT Print View

Brett, I'm sorry I missed your reply to my post! Thanks for the compliment on my layering setup. It's still a work in progress and you mentioned several additions I'm considering. The Thermawrap Parka and Pants are tops on my list for next fall. I'm probably not any warmer than you, I just rely on my No Sniveller as clothing too.

Mark Verber
(verber) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Looking for a LW Fleece Vest on 03/27/2007 23:12:29 MDT Print View

I would second the Montbell Chameece Vest. I had a jacket of the same material and loved it. I found it lighter than my Patagonia R1. It felt cozier than the R1, but wasn't quite as warm when it really cooled down. I would also recommend the Montbell Light Stretch Vest which has very modest insulation under a windproof shell, and side panels made of Chameece. Once again, I don't own the vest, I own the jacket version of this item and love it.