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Solid Fuel Stove Techniques
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John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
MYOG Solid Fuel Stove Test on 10/25/2012 17:28:28 MDT Print View

I did a test run on my 2" screw top tin "esbit" type stove with its "combo" stand/windscreen on my patio this evening.

Here are the particulars.

Ambient temperature was 81* F.
Water temperature @ 50* F. (ice cold water from the refrigerator)
7 mph ENE wind (no real effect on patio due to house shielding the stove)

The fuel tablet was lit with a match and allowed to achieve a completely flaming tablet.
The "combo" was then placed around the stove and the "cook pot" with 1 cup of the cold water was placed on top of the "combo".
The timer was then started.

Performance data:

A boil with visible steam venting from under the cook pot lid was achieved at 14 minutes and 36 seconds.

The fuel tablet continued to burn until complete flame out at 34 minutes and 24 seconds.


I believe two 1 cup boils are possible due to the fact that the boil time doubled equals 29 minutes and 12 seconds. The tablet burned for 5 minutes and 12 seconds more than that amount of time.

The "cupped" shape of the stove tin may be part of the reason for the slower boil time than the tray type stove.


This stove, stand and windscreen setup seemed to perform like a simmering stove.

I blew through the "combo" and it seemed to like the added combustion air as the flame seemed to grow and become more vigorous as long as I continued to blow into the "combo" screen/stand.

After flame out there was quite a bit of residual fuel tablet left in the bottom of the tin.


The bottom of the "cook pot" was well coated with soot.

Sacrificial "cook pot" can

This is to be expected with solid fuel tablet stoves but it wasn't this bad when I test burned the tray type stove.

R & D:

I believe I can speed up (lower) the boil time by adding more punch holes in the "combo".


My darling wife suggested that I try out this new stove at home before going out to the Kisatchie Wilderness without a backup stove. I'm so glad I listened to her and didn't wait until I was on the trail to "test" this stove. ;-)

Party On,


Edited by Newton on 10/25/2012 20:25:52 MDT.

John Donewar
(Newton) - MLife

Locale: Southeastern Louisiana
R & D on a Solid Fuel Stove Fails! on 10/25/2012 19:51:29 MDT Print View

"The best laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft a-gley"

Robert Burns

Yes I added more holes and breath-ability to my now 5 gram "combo".

Wanna be hardware cloth ;-)

It looked really cool while burning.

Second burn test

The steam venting was proof of a good boil.


OK kids that is the end of the good news. This is proof positive that Newton will post and own up to his MYOG failures. LOL

Despite how good everything looks the results of the second burn test were WORSE!

The ambient conditions and temperatures were all pretty much the same. Things were done in the same manner and order.


Boil time evidenced by venting steam was at 17 minutes. FWIW at 21 minutes the lid started popping up and down to relieve excess pressure because there was no vent hole in the lid. It was entertaining while I sat out on the patio dodging mosquitoes waiting for the stove to flame out. I'm dedicated if not smart. ;-)

Flame out occurred at 33 minutes and 20 seconds.


The 2" round screw top tin solid fuel stove/used tablet storage container is a FAILURE!

The fuel tablet needs to be more exposed as it was in the tray type stove or simply laid on a piece of foil inside of the "combo".


I can try these ideas later on. I need to get out my alcohol stove "backup" and finish packing for Kisatchie.

I'm not giving up or giving in on solid fuel stoves I'm just going back to something I can count on so that my outing this weekend doesn't cause me to cuss! ;-)

Party On,