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Neoair Trekker plus mylar/space blanket
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Merritt D
(tmdraney) - MLife

Locale: No Mountains Close-by VA
Neoair Trekker plus mylar/space blanket on 09/13/2012 10:29:39 MDT Print View

After a hard night on the ground on my old Ridgerest, I decided that I need a softer mattress. I have pretty much decided on the Neoair Trekker based on its durability over its brothers and sisters. The only downside is in colder weather which is not a huge problem here in VA. If it does get colder, has anyone tied using a space blanket or similar under one of these type mattresses? I know my Ridgerest would compensate but with all cc foam pads they are bulky?

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Tom Lyons
(towaly) - F

Locale: Smoky Mtns.
Wouldn't hurt on 09/13/2012 10:37:48 MDT Print View

It wouldn't hurt to use a space mylar sheet under your NeoAir.

And the popular method to add warmth for NeoAir winter use is to put a thin CCF pad on top, such as the Lawson 1/8" pad or the Gossamer Gear Thinlight pad of 1/8" or 3/16" or even 1/4" on top.

The foam pad seems to work better on top of the NeoAir, by general consensus around here. I think a lot of users here are using this kind of arrangement for colder weather with their NeoAirs.

Colin Krusor
(ckrusor) - M

Locale: Northwest US
Radiant Barriers on 09/13/2012 19:03:06 MDT Print View

A space blanket underneath won't make a Neoair any warmer. It would help a bit if you had a Big Agnes Clearview pad, or an unfilled Kookabay, but not a Neoair. Like Blizzard Bags, the Neoair pads get their insulative value from layers of radiant barrier film. There will be no radiant heat coming out of the bottom of a Neoair for a space blanket to reflect. CCF pads work well in combination with Neoairs because they slow heat loss via conduction.

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Neoair Trekker plus mylar/space blanket on 09/13/2012 19:54:57 MDT Print View

I still find it really odd that folk report having better results with a CCF on top of the Neo Air rather than under.
The reason is that the Neo Air works by trapping and reflecting body heat ; that I would imagine is a lot less if there is a barrier in between and also considering the greater conductive loss from the Neo Air in contact with the ground.
Maybe it is all in the mind.
Yes, I forgot that the Trekker does not have the reflective coating...

Edited by Franco on 09/14/2012 18:10:00 MDT.

Bruce Tolley

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Neoair Trekker plus on 09/13/2012 20:54:25 MDT Print View

I find for snow camping that a full length Large original NeoAir works great on top of a CCF pad which in my case is usually my GG 3/4 length NightLight.

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Dena Kelley

Locale: Eagle River, Alaska
Re CCF pad on top vs bottom on 09/14/2012 10:53:40 MDT Print View

"I still find it really odd that folk report having better results with a CCF on top of the Neo Air rather than under."

It works that way because air mattresses don't just get cold from conduction from the ground but also from the surrounding air. If you insulate your mattress from the ground, you're still not doing anything to insulate it from the cold air around it. I sleep on an air mattress at home (Sleep Number Bed) and it works exactly the same way- despite it not being in contact with the floor, it still gets cold if the air in the room is cold. A CCF on TOP of the air mattress prevents contact from your body to the cold air mattress and therefore you don't lose heat through conduction.

Merritt D
(tmdraney) - MLife

Locale: No Mountains Close-by VA
Trekker does not have convective core on 09/14/2012 17:42:16 MDT Print View

The trekker does not have any of the internal mylar-ish convective material which is why I was wondering if the mylar would have similar effects. The heat I produce would be reflected back and the cool ground would be reflected back into the pad. It still leaves the surrounding air though.

Colin Krusor
(ckrusor) - M

Locale: Northwest US
Ah on 09/14/2012 17:53:20 MDT Print View

Merritt, thanks for the clarification. You're right, I didn't realize that the Trekker lacks the radiant barrier. It has the layers of film, like the other Neoair pads, but the film isn't aluminized.

I see your reasoning now. Yes, some IR from your body probably gets through the Trekker to the ground, so substituting a space blanket for some other film-type groundsheet might help a little.

Tom Lyons
(towaly) - F

Locale: Smoky Mtns.
re on 09/14/2012 17:54:01 MDT Print View

I'm gonna say it would be better than not having it.
I don't know exactly how much, but it would do something.
You'd have to try it.