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Harrison Carpenter
(carpenh) - M

Locale: St. Vrain River Valley
Finally! on 09/09/2012 09:56:54 MDT Print View

At long, long last! I appear to have developed a three-season gear list whose base pack weight (BPW) is under 10 lb!

Still, I need feedback. Tell me, oh wise ones with much more experience/knowledge than I: how does my gear list look?

A few caveats. First, I've just finished seam-sealing the Notch, and haven't reweighed it. Second, I've two Food Storage options that I've not listed (BearVault 450, 33 oz; ZPacks Blast bag + Z-Line Slick dyneema cord, 1 oz)-- I vary my choice from hike to hike, but go with the UrSack as a default. Third, if I expect cool weather, I take a Sierra Designs down vest (7.3 oz) and a pair of Montbell Dynamo wind pants (2.8 oz). Fourth, I've not included the weight of my fuel canister (SnowPeak GigaPower 110, 6.4 oz), as I consider that a "consumable"-- just like food/water. Fifth, I've not shown the weight of my clothes/hat/trekking poles, as I figure that stuff is inconsequential when determining BPW.

I've left these optional choices out of the list, perhaps to satisfy my UL delusions. And it's also worth pointing out that I weighted everything on my old analogue kitchen scale, so listed weights may be off.

Here, then, is my list:

Base Weight: 9 lbs, 14.4 oz

Packing-- 2 lbs, 5.9 oz

Backpack: Go Lite Pinnacle, size L (modified), 28.1 oz
Pack Cover: Z-Packs cuben fiber pack cover, size L, 1.4 oz
Stuff Sack (Clothing): SilNylon, 8L, 0.4 oz
Stuff Sack (Sleep system): Silnylon, 14.5L, 0.6 oz
Stuff Sack (Cookpot): SnowPeak mesh, 0.1 oz
Food Storage: UrSack, 7.3 oz

Shelter-- 1 lbs, 12.6 oz

Tent: Tarptent Notch, 24.7 oz
Ground Cloth: MYOG, 3 mil plastic, 3 oz
Stakes: 4 Easton Nano, 6", 0.9 oz

Sleeping-- 2 lbs, 8.1 oz

Bag: Rab Neutrino 400, 25 degrees, 27.6 oz
Pad: Thermarest NeoAir, size S 8.9 oz
Pillow: Cocoon UL AirCore, 3.6 oz

Clothing Packed-- 1 lbs, 1 oz

Thermal Top: Terramar Sportsilk, size M, 2.4 oz
Thermal Bottoms: Terramar Sportsilk, size M, 2.7 oz
Rain Jacket: OR Helium, size L, 6.8 oz
Socks: Goodhew Quarter Crew, 1.3 oz
Warm Hat: Black fleece beanie, 1.8 oz
Gloves: Giro Windstopper, 2 oz

Cooking & Drinking-- 0 lbs, 13.6 oz

Stove: SnowPeak GigaPower, manual, 2.8 oz
Cookpot/Mug: SnowPeak 600 w/Four Dog lid + Hot Lips, 3 oz
FBC Cozy: Reflectix, 1 oz
Spoon: Light my Fire XM spork, 0.4 oz
Ignition: Mini Bic, 0.4 oz
Water Bottles (2): 20 fl oz "dirty water" + 20 fl oz bike bottle, 2.8 oz
Water Treatment: Steripen Adventurer Opti, 3.6 oz

Safety-- 0 lbs, 5.3 oz

Compass: Suunto A10, 0.3 oz
Light: Princeton Tec Pulsar II, 0.2 oz
First Aid Kit: MYOG, 2.5 oz
Knife: Schrade SS1, 0.9 oz
Repair Kit: MYOG, 1.4 oz

HBAs-- 0 lbs, 3.4 oz

Toilet Paper: Paper towel, cut into quarters, 0.1 oz
Hand Sanitizer: 0.5 fl oz bottle, 0.6 oz
Toothbrush: Travel size, 0.3 oz
Floss: Travel size, 0.1 oz
Camp Towel: Bandanna, 0.7 oz
Soap: Dr. Bronner's peppermint (repackaged), 0.5 oz
Toothpaste: Xylitol, travel size (2), 0.3 oz
Blister Prevention: Band-Aid Friction Block, 0.4 oz
Vitamins/Medications: 2 days' supplies, 0.4 oz

Luxury Gadgets-- 0 lbs, 12.5 oz

Camera: Kodak C340, 5.4 oz
Journal: 4"x4", 50 pages, 1 oz
Pencil: El Cheapo, 0.1 oz
Reading: Paperback book, 6 oz