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SHR Next week - Here is my gear list
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daniel B
(dbogey) - F - M

Locale: East Coast
SHR Next week - Here is my gear list on 09/06/2012 13:41:05 MDT Print View

Leaving for the Sierra High Route next week and have all my gear together. Will be out 8 days. I'm coming in at 37lbs for everything (food) included but not physical water. take a look at my gear. Don't know what the weather will be like at 10K and over for 8 days

Gabriel Pramuk
(gpramuk) - F

Locale: West
Last year... on 09/06/2012 14:39:41 MDT Print View

I did the SHR plus some more trail miles last year from Sep 1-14. Zero bugs. First half was sunny and temps in the 70s. Second half was rainy/foggy and it even snowed, lightly. September is... usually... awesome in the Sierras but can be dicey if a freak system blows in.

But even with cruddy weather. I was fine under a cuben tarp, no bug net. I used a 30degree quilt and was cozy, especially when wearing a lightly insulated wind jacket. Considering our difference in sleeping pad, I had two 1/8 inch foam pads... You should be well insulated from the ground too. I didn't have a down(ish) jacket, but it might have been nice if sitting around camp. I think a couple layers of polypro and a wind jacket are plenty Going solo, I usually slept in, then hiked til dark and went to bed immediately. I didn't have camp shoes or river shoes or anything. I found that my trail runners were comfy enough.

I had super thin gloves that I basically wore the whole time, abrasion protection from rocks and cold protection in the morning. Also granite gets absurdly cold after a night... I might have wanted a bit thicker gloves for those foggy sleety mornings.

Lets see...
polycro is lighter than tyvek
Possibly lose some 1st aid bulk... I had like a pin and duct tape... Or just move the gel and powder to food :P, depending on what kind of gel or powder it is...
I barely used my trekking poles but they were nice when I was on trail. 20 straight miles in Yosemite, some near Mammoth.
Seems like you are doubled up a little on polypro type layers.

I wouldn't mind being out there again this year! Awesome trek.

Scott Bentz
(scottbentz) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
SHR Next week - Here is my gear list on 09/06/2012 16:20:46 MDT Print View

Just a couple of thoughts:

Jetboil fuel. I think the reason to take the weight of a JetBoil is because you can get a boil real fast and thus save fuel. Could you get along with 1 canister and save 7 oz.? I have a friend that figures he can get 21 boils out of a 4 oz canister. You have to be careful not to let it boil too long and use the boiling water ASAP.

Headlamp 3 oz. Pretty sure there are a lot of lighter options.

Tyevek groundsheet. May not even be necessary but if you want a groundsheet I would use polycro as it weighs half and compacts a lot better.

Sanitary + First Aid+ 26 oz. I really can't think what I could put in those kits to come to 26 oz. I am usually at about 8 oz. for all of my sanitary and first aid. See Mike Clellands excellent videos on you tube under "Dinky Stuff". Repackage everything.

Camp shoes? Even if you are to take some 7 oz. is a lot of weight. If you are hiking all day then just loosen your hiking shoes and walk around in them.

That's all I have. Of course, it's all personal preference and experience using those preferences.

I'm looking forward to doing the SHR with my son maybe next summer.


Thayne N
(teethless) - MLife

Locale: Boston
june/july on 09/06/2012 19:21:40 MDT Print View

FWIW I did a little Sierra loop with some pals that included a few days of SHR mammoth area. We all used 30 degree bags and slept well. Swapping this item would save you a good chunk of weight. (Maybe a little last minute for this?)

I'd ditch the second pair of undies and wear your shorts when you clean them.

Instead of carrying my heavy rain shell that I didn't expect to use much, I chopped and mod'd a pair of tyvek coveralls and sealed the seams. Never had to use it, but I was only carrying around 3 oz of rain gear...not including my dwr'd wind shell.

I second the notion to repackage as much as you can. I used the smallest dropper that lawson sells for my dr. bronners and it lasted all 10 days with liberal use. Also I 3rd the polycryo over the tyvek. And another vote for leaving 7oz in camp shoes behind. But hey, comforts are what they are...

I'd swap one of your ti stakes for a "y" stake and then ditch the hand shovel.

One of my companions brought about 2 days too much food... (Most of it in bars, or ingredients) make sure you're thinking critically about your needs here.

Will you be using an eating utensil? If you have a cozy for your eating vessel, you can use less fuel in cooking times.

Will you be taking Maps? Compass? I found the skurka mapset was good for our sections. We happily followed his suggestion to drop down to rosy finch lake when roper says to contour above it.

Remington Roth

Locale: Atlantic Coast
Ideas on 09/07/2012 05:43:51 MDT Print View

You could drop some weight by ditching the sit pad (-3 oz), getting lighter pants (-4 or 5 oz), switching to a flexair pillow (-2 oz), switching to a polycro ground cloth (-3 oz), taking only one canister (-7 oz), dropping the ibex hoodie (-10.5 oz, seems redundant), and you could also eliminate sleep clothes (-11 oz).

That drops 41oz. Just some suggestions.