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Best pack that weighs around 1 LB?
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Steven Hall
(lundquistas) - F
Best pack that weighs around 1 LB? on 09/01/2012 15:03:51 MDT Print View

Looking to possible pick up a new lighter pack. Like the looks of the Gossamer Gear Kumo. Anyone have any experience with this? Any other highly recommended packs that weigh around a pound?


Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Best pack that weighs around 1 LB? on 09/01/2012 15:05:55 MDT Print View

"Looking to possible pick up a new lighter pack."

What volume?


Serge Giachetti
(sgiachetti) - M

Locale: Boulder, CO
burn on 09/01/2012 15:51:47 MDT Print View

the mld burn is nice if you are going for low volume. It weighs less than a lb. The kumo looks good but you might consider the gorilla. Stripped down its about a lb but then you've got the option to carry a much heavier load. Good quiver of one pack, but I know that wasnt your question.

Steven Hall
(lundquistas) - F
Thanks on 09/01/2012 16:53:38 MDT Print View

Thanks guys, something around the 30-40L range. I realize that's a large gap but I'm in the process of slimming my gear so at this point I'm not exactly sure what I need. Right now I have a Exos 46 and have a decent amount of extra space after I've packed

Chris Scala
(Scalawag) - F
Kumo on 09/01/2012 17:04:13 MDT Print View

I have the Kumo... it's great. My go to pack for overnights and beyond. I had the Mariposa on the JMT this year, obviously because I had to carry a huge bear canister. But the Kumo is exceptionally well designed and carries great. Especially love that the frame support of the pack comes from a sleeping pad back rest that is easily removable when you take the pack off. Makes taking breaks a lot more comfortable. :D

Steven Hall
(lundquistas) - F
Thanks Chris on 09/01/2012 17:16:39 MDT Print View

Chris you tell me what major items you fit in the Kumo? Sleeping bag, shelter, kitchen set up and sleeping pad? Tryin to figure out if I could fit all my gear in it.


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eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
Fit on 09/01/2012 20:55:25 MDT Print View

The one that fits you best ...

/A .
(biointegra) - MLife

Locale: Puget Sound
Re: Fit on 09/01/2012 23:51:47 MDT Print View

"The one that fits you best ..."


Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
Best pack that weighs around 1 LB? on 09/02/2012 13:40:07 MDT Print View


The pack must fit you and must fit--and support--your gear. If, as you state, you're still "slimming" your gear, you'd be better off not to replace your current pack until the rest of your gear is where you want it. In the meantime you can always remove some weight from your current pack with a little butchery--oops, I mean creative trimming!

Herbert Sitz

Locale: Pacific NW
Re: Thanks Chris on 09/02/2012 14:14:40 MDT Print View

". . . you tell me what major items you fit in the Kumo? Sleeping bag, shelter, kitchen set up and sleeping pad? Tryin to figure out if I could fit all my gear in it."

I have a Gossamer Gear Murmur 2012, which has identical storage dimensions to the Kumo. I'm not sure if I could easily fit everything in the body if I have my shelter in there, a relatively svelte TT Notch. (Probably could fit everything, but I don't use a stuffsack for my quilt, instead just put it at bottom of pack in packliner bag with other items.) But I just put the tent in one of the side pounces, since I only use one side pouch for water. The sidepouch doesn't go up very high, but you strap the top half of tent to the pack with lashing. I usually only have one water bottle, but a single sidepouch can hold two if they're narrow, like the Aquafina 1l bottles I use.

I also have a Six Moon Designs Swift that I prefer to the Murmur, at least if I'm carrying full pack. The Swift is about 15oz without waistbelt pockets or 19 ounces with pockets. I use it with waistbelt pockets, which are great. The Swift is kind of an ugly duckling, doesn't look all nice and streamlined like the GG stuff. But it works. The thicker shoulder strap is big improvement over the Murmur's, as well as the generally more durable construction. Unlike the GG packs, the sleeping pad fits in a pouch on inside of pack. Not as good if you want quick and easy access, on the other hand I think it's better at holding a thicker pad, I use the 3 section GG Nightlight torso length.

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Steven Hall
(lundquistas) - F
Bear canister? on 09/02/2012 15:24:15 MDT Print View

Yah I was thinking my tent may be the deal breaker. Could probably fit on the outside though of the Kumo like you mentioned.

Sometimes I just bring a 10 oz hammock though so that would be easier to fit in prob.

Any chance anyone knows of a bear canister that would fit in the Kumo?

Steven Hall
(lundquistas) - F
Anyone else? on 09/03/2012 10:01:10 MDT Print View


michael levi
(M.L) - F

Locale: W-Never Eat Soggy (W)affles
zpacks on 09/03/2012 11:54:09 MDT Print View

For a little more $180-200 you could get a blast, which weigh 1/2 pound. Or a custom zero which start out at 1/4 pound.

carl becker
(carlbecker) - F

Locale: Northern Virginia
Re: Best pack that weighs around 1 LB? on 09/04/2012 07:16:24 MDT Print View

Definately the one that fits best but also holds what you need. I suggest you get the other items squared away so you have your volume calculated. 30L does me fine for a few days. I go with a bit heavier pack with some support and good hip belt.

James Marco
(jamesdmarco) - MLife

Locale: Finger Lakes
Re: Re: Best pack that weighs around 1 LB? on 09/05/2012 05:19:23 MDT Print View

The Murmur 2012 or Kumo work fine for about a week to ten days. I just got done with the NPT doing it in around 9 hiking days.
Tarp, sleeping bag, SVEA, Neoair, with a nightlite pack frame. Heaviest was 23pounds and lightest was 9pounds. There were no volume problems, but the Murmur belt was a little thin when fully loaded. tw small holes in the mesh from bushwacking about 1/4mi around a series of blowdowns...microburst?

Steven Hall
(lundquistas) - F
nightlite pack frame? on 09/05/2012 14:54:22 MDT Print View

Thanks man,

Think I'm going to go with the Kumo...did the Kumo or Murmur get the holes in it? Kumo is supposed to be pretty strong from what I've read.

What is a SVEA and a nightlite pack frame?