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Selling / donating older gear?
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Kevin Burton
(burtonator) - F

Locale: norcal
Selling / donating older gear? on 08/30/2012 13:24:17 MDT Print View

What do you guys do with your older gear?

Some of this stuff I should probably donate as the resale value isn't that high.

I was thinking of a non-profit that maybe helped kids. I'm not a big fan of the boy scouts now that they are anti-g a y marriage.

Some of my gear is rather new though and selling it would make sense.

I have a hennessey hammock I accidentally bought and forgot to return which has never been used.


PS. I wasn't able to post this because I used the word g a y ... This isn't profanity should be removed from the profanity filter.

drowning in spam
(leaftye) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: Selling / donating older gear? on 08/30/2012 13:31:52 MDT Print View

I'd still give it to scouts. No sense punishing kids for the policies set by adults you don't agree with. Then again, I agree with the policy for amnesty of immigrants that were illegally immigrated by their parents when they were too young to do anything about it because I don't agree with punishing kids for something they have little to no control over.

Robin B
(beckcommar) - F

Locale: NorCal
Re: Selling / donating older gear? on 08/30/2012 14:22:41 MDT Print View

Hey, I see your location info and there are lots of great groups working with kids and youth besides the scouts around here. Just a couple I'd definitely suggest checking out are Bay Area Wilderness Training: and the SF inner city outings program:

Both seem to need gear and this way you can help kids without having to support an organization with messed up politics.

David Thomas
(DavidinKenai) - MLife

Locale: North Woods. Far North.
Re: Selling / donating older gear? on 08/30/2012 14:24:45 MDT Print View


I'm in a similar boat about (1) tons of older gear that is too good to toss but heavier than my new stuff, (2) find the 20th-century policies of BSA to be as problematic as a country club or the pre-1979 LDS church excluding blacks, and yet, I got a LOT out of my scouting experiences (in the upper-middle-class burbs, my father the scoutmaster de-emphasized the one-God, one-country aspects, and we learned skills and went on trips) and (3) I (a straight guy, but very pro-human rights) find the BPL "profanity" filter offensive because it bans "g a y" but not "straight". p.s. both words have totally non-romantic meanings, but even as an orientation, G and S (and B and T) just are. So get on board or at least get over it! (not talking to you there, Kevin).

But how about these options:

- Call BSA individual troops and ask if they disciminate. If not, donate. If so, or not, tell them your concern and why you're donating or not and maybe you'll help move them a bit to a better, more inclusive policy. My nephew's troop in Piedmont CA is very explicitly inclusive and ignores discrimatory national policies.

- Girls backpack, too! And more girls should backpack, IMO. I met my wife on a backpacking trip. GSA has handled all these issues with vastly more tact, wisdom and forward-thinking.

Thanks for the question, Kevin, it's got me thinking about my extra gear and what to do with it.


Kathy A Handyside
(earlymusicus) - M

Locale: Southeastern Michigan
Re: Selling/Donating Older Gear? on 08/30/2012 15:28:02 MDT Print View

How about giving some of it to homeless people? They can always use sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and if there's a place to pitch it, a tent for shelter. The scouts get plenty of help. There are too many homeless people with nothing. Not enough shelters to house them all. Families with kids - people who ended up homeless through no fault of their own - could definitely use some of this stuff.

Dena Kelley

Locale: Eagle River, Alaska
Selling / donating older gear? on 08/30/2012 15:52:19 MDT Print View

+1 on donating to the homeless. In Alaska, you can donate to the local shelters and they will distribute it.

Erik Basil

Locale: Atzlan
Donate on 08/30/2012 15:52:38 MDT Print View

I'd donate to local Scout COUNCILs, almost all of which produce courses named something like "introduction to backpacking" for young Scouts and newer adults. Our local version is called Unit Backpack Training, and includes two great features:

--loaner gear: the Scout or Adult can borrow a backpack, stove, tent from the course director, since our council's "High Adventure Leadership Team" maintains a shed full of such gear.

--Ultralighting seminar: notwithstanding the ancient and heavy nature of most of the donated gear, several accomplished UL'ers stoke the participants with ideas how to really lighten our loads and they let folks check out their setups.

Whether I like and agree with "National" on social issues has very little to do with my certainty that Boy Scouting still does a great deal to get youth and adults outdoors, and to train them to do it both smart and well. My old gear goes to my local HALT and I suggest you may find yours is a worthy recipient.

michael levi
(M.L) - F

Locale: W-Never Eat Soggy (W)affles
homeless on 08/30/2012 19:55:07 MDT Print View

+1 on walking up to some homeless people and asking if they want some gear you have in your trunk.

edit: I gave a homeless person a dollar the other day and it made me feel really good.

Edited by M.L on 08/30/2012 19:55:49 MDT.

Scott S
(sschloss1) - F

Locale: New England
Homeless on 08/30/2012 20:00:07 MDT Print View

My girlfriend is a social worker who works with homeless people. Among the folks she works with, there is always a need for backpacking-type equipment, especially tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and warm clothes.

Also, instead of approaching random homeless people, you might donate to your local shelter or survival center. That way, the folks who work there can be sure the gear goes to someone who really needs it (I'm sure all homeless people could use some help, but some need it more than others).

Richard Lyon
(richardglyon) - MLife

Locale: Bridger Mountains
Donations on 08/30/2012 20:02:35 MDT Print View

I normally donate gear I can't sell to the US Forest Service or one of its affiliates such as the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation. With all the trail maintenance and related work that they do, and greatly reduced budgets, anything I give is gratefully acknowledged, then put to work. Of course, with my own service work in the backcountry I'm very sympathetic to these guys and girls. But I know what I give will get good use and help in preserving the wild.

Boy Scouts went off my list years ago - too militaristic, too Christian, anti-homosexual, and hypocritical patriots. This said by a homophobic, Christian, patriotic former Scout. When the BSA learns tolerance, I might consider a donation.

d k
(dkramalc) - MLife
Re: donating older gear on 08/30/2012 20:07:22 MDT Print View

Inner City Outings (Sierra Club) - make a difference in kids' lives (non-BSA):

Richard Lyon
(richardglyon) - MLife

Locale: Bridger Mountains
donations on 08/31/2012 21:30:23 MDT Print View

Don't get me started on Sierra Club

David Miles
(davidmiles) - F

Locale: Eastern Sierra
Gear Donations, Right? on 09/01/2012 00:30:50 MDT Print View

This thread is shameful. I think it started out about gear donations.

Over the past 100 years the BSA has been a positive influence in millions of lives. They teach the 12 point of the Scout Law as a way of life. They have been a major force in educating to respect and enjoy the outdoors. They do not teach hate or intolerance. And yes, they love our country. They have not become anti-anything, but rather have retained what they feel are good values.

You are welcome to disagree with their stand. However, militant and intolerant are characteristics of any person or group that expects everyone else around them to change what they believe, because they don't agree with them.

Let's stick to backpacking.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Selling / donating older gear? on 09/01/2012 07:43:12 MDT Print View

Gearswap for the stuff that you could recoup your losses on. Scouts and other large corporations don't need to be involved. Work on an individual basis if you wish. PIF it on Gearswap. I seem to find someone who needs something I may have and I'll give it to them. But I like Gearswap and have sold all kinds of things there. As well as purchased. It's free and easy.

Will have another Yard Sale at the GGG in Feb. You could try there too.

So for me Gearswap helps keep the money and gear recirculating. I like it.

Lighten up people, everyone is entitled to state their opinion without shame. Geez.

The OP sure has been asking the questions.

Edited by kthompson on 09/01/2012 07:52:10 MDT.

Brad Walker

Locale: SoCal
Donating on 09/01/2012 11:51:45 MDT Print View

Here in SoCal, Adventure 16 (a regional outfitter) takes donations of used gear which I've utilized before. They pass the gear on to youth organizations that have requested certain equipment. Maybe one of the more local-oriented outfitters near you does the same.

Tyler Johnson
(riemannia) - F

Locale: Northeast Georgia
Re: Gear Donations, Right? on 09/01/2012 12:37:47 MDT Print View

Personally, were I OP, I'd be interested in the merits of whatever organization I'd be donating to, so I think discussing the policies of each organization, in particular the BSA, is completely relavant.

Militant may be a bit of a stretch, but as the BSA does not *tolerate* g@y (seriously filter?) individuals in various levels of their organization, *intolerant* seems to be a completely reasonable description of the BSA in this regard.

Shameful seems a bit harsh. If we're not allowed to speak of the negative aspects of the BSA, we shouldn't be allowed to speak of the positive ones either (of which, there are many).

Nancy Twilley

Locale: STL
shameful? on 09/02/2012 10:09:12 MDT Print View

"They have not become anti-anything, but rather have retained what they feel are good values."

It's pretty clear the BSA are anti-g@y. They're banning g@y and l esbian den mothers and fathers just because of who they love, not even because of their religious beliefs, which may or may not be in line with the beliefs of the leaders of the organization.

Not sure how you can look at an organization that says nope, you can't be part of this group because of who you are as a human being, and say they're not anti-g@y.

And hey, forum editors! You've got LGBT forum members too. Clearly, we need to remove g@y and l esbian from the content filters.

Maybe the OP could donate to a local girl scout group? They've got no problem with us homos.

K ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Re: shameful? on 09/02/2012 11:08:40 MDT Print View

I am just going to address the profanity filter, again. The profanity filter was a product purchased by BPL and it is outdated, but the individual words are not a choice that is made by BPL at this point. Even Breast is not allowed.

Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
Profanity filter on 09/02/2012 13:44:18 MDT Print View

More interestingly, we ladies can have one breast, but not more than one--the plural rejects!

Jeff J
(j.j.81) - F

Locale: Oregon
Great thread on 09/02/2012 15:45:12 MDT Print View

I think this is an excellent thread. I, too, have some gear sitting around that I don't use anymore but is still serviceable, but don't want to donate to any group that has policies in place with which I disagree. Non-BSA options are welcome.

I can see how "g@y" landed in the filter list, this IS the internet after all, but c'mon.

In terms of the matter at hand, right now, my enormous pack acts as a catch all for miscellaneous gear, then gets tucked into a closet. I've been dabbling in MYOG for the past year, so I see the little doo-dads on it getting recycled into my projects. The cost of all the buckles and short lengths of straps and even practice fabric add up quickly, so I estimate a decent enough savings to make keeping the pack around worth it. So if MYOG is in the back of your mind, that's an option.