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Bubble attacks!
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USA Duane Hall
(hikerduane) - F

Locale: Extreme northern Sierra Nevada
Bubble attacks! on 08/21/2012 21:03:17 MDT Print View

:) Kinda funny when we talk about line size, can fish see it, etc. For years now since I found out about using a clear bubble to get a fly out "there", I have to laugh at times when my bubble gets attacked. Even in areas where I know the fish are small (6"-7"), my bubble still gets nailed. On my recent bp vacation here in Kalifornia to the Mono Creek area and its lateral canyons, I was amazed how often my bubble got hit. Sometimes it had barely landed and would get attacked and a few times I had to reel it in a little before it would be nailed. Always made me laugh because I knew the fish were small. Another observation, quite a few fish were leaping out of the water completely, trying to get a bug most places I fished. Super neat. For about the second time in my life, while on a longer trip, every place I stayed, I caught fish, c & r. Since it was windy everyday and all day long, I had dinner eaten before the wind died down, so I had no opportunity to have any with a meal, releasing all I caught. I like to have some with ramen if I'm at a lake that seems to have a lot of fish, placing the cleaned fish in the pot of water with the ramen and removing the bones after a few minutes. I prefer my fish fried, but when trying to save a little weight, it's either a small frying pan or a small pot for week long trips, a weekend trip may be different. Also on this trip, there was discussion here about reels with larger diameter spools, I couldn't decide or find one before my trip, so I opted to continue using my old drug store telescoping rod with duct tape on the end so the pieces did not come out the wrong end and my old long stroke reel. Smoothing the ends of the bubble really helped prevent the line from catching on the bubble, resulting in more clean casts. Best fishing I've had since doing a version of the Rae Lakes Loop about three years ago and fishing up a storm at Rae Lakes.