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Anybody ever make a Winter Dog Bed/Blanket Setup?
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evan parsons
(freestyleparsons) - F

Locale: Dowtown LA
Anybody ever make a Winter Dog Bed/Blanket Setup? on 03/06/2007 17:45:53 MST Print View

I spend Saturday night up in The Angeles Crest National Forest this weekend with a couple of dogs along for the trip. It fell to about 35 degrees at the coldest point of the trip and our tent was on snow. I brought a large fleece blanket for each dog but this prooved to be insufficient and I ended up sharing a matress and as much body heat as I could with a canine.

So I've set course to create some sort of a nice warm sleeping system for the dog. Ideally it has an inflatable matress w some sort of fleece or fuzz lining on top and a blanket to go along with it, most likely synthetic cause my dog likes to chew on things.

Does anybody have a setup already? Or has anybody seen any great dog sleep products at a reasonable weight?

Nancy Charlier
(ncharlier) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
Re: Anybody ever make a Winter Dog Bed/Blanket Setup? on 03/08/2007 17:27:11 MST Print View

How big, and how furry, is your dog? I have golden retrievers and have hiked and camped with one or both on brief trips. I cut down a ridgerest pad, which the dog carried rolled up and lashed to the top of his pack. I've made fleece "coats" for them--just a rectangle of fleece with straps of fleece across the chest and under the belly--I fastened these with safety pins. For colder weather (about 20 degF), I made a crude wearable quilt of Primaloft and silnylon, with strips of silylon at chest and belly; I also made a sort of doggy balaclava of fleece, with big eyeholes and some ear slots. It stopped just short of his nose, hung over the sides of his muzzle, with nothing under the lower jaw, but kind of ciccled his neck so it would stay on. (He had a big bald spot on top of his head at the time, due to an autoimmune condition, so I had to protect him against frostbite there.) He stayed fine all night, never curled up tight, and by morning, he had left the pad and was lying on the bare ground. He really seemed to dislike the balaclava, even with his ears out, but, being a golden, he was too polite to take it off. Come to think of it, he didn't like the quilt at first either, until he learned to associate it with getting to go for a really long walk.

Simon Wells
(SimonW) - F
Re: Anybody ever make a Winter Dog Bed/Blanket Setup? on 03/09/2007 13:49:23 MST Print View

I've often thought about cutting down an old ultra-light therma rest, for a long time we've used a sqaure of fibre pile and a "coat" made from power stretch, over the top of that goes a nylon and fibre pile commercialy made jacket. Mind you I have an old syth "jarden" blanket, could use the power stretch coat + ease to make a dog duvet?!?!!