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Idea to use tent stakes as handles for various gear.
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Kevin Burton
(burtonator) - F

Locale: norcal
Idea to use tent stakes as handles for various gear. on 08/11/2012 16:36:16 MDT Print View

Many common pieces of gear have handles.

- toothbrushes
- pots & pans
- fishing nets
- chopsticks.

Would it be nice if the straight portion of your tent stakes could be used as the handles for these?

You can use them by themselves as chopsticks.

Screw it onto the brush of your toothbrush for a handle.

Use it to pick up your pot or pan by screwing it in...

Screw them together and use them as the handle for a fishing net.

I'm sure there are more ideas... but it could be a good idea for a company to sell these as kits.

I'd buy them.

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Jim L
Idea to use tent stakes AS various gear on 08/11/2012 16:41:27 MDT Print View

File some grooves in the side of the top of the stake - use it to scrape your teeth clean.
Use the other end of the stake as a skewer - forget the pot.


Carl Umland
(chumland) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Crest Trail, mostly
"Idea to use tent stakes as handles for various gear." on 08/11/2012 17:08:51 MDT Print View

Make them so that you could link them together as a backpack frame.

Link .
(annapurna) - MLife
Re: Idea to use tent stakes as handles for various gear. on 08/11/2012 17:20:39 MDT Print View

Like this

Franco Darioli
(Franco) - M

Locale: @Tarptent
Idea to use tent stakes as handles for various gear on 08/11/2012 18:09:05 MDT Print View

OK, OK, I know that this is BPL but...
(Anna's link)
Is it really worth the weight saving to risk spreading germs from stake to fork to toothbrush ?
Take a good look at how the stake is inserted into the fork/spoon/toothbrush.
How are you going to keep that tube clean ?
How practical is it to brush your teeth with that ?
Sorry but that goes with the paper pot and balloon mat idea. Strictly for backyard use...
(for me...)

John Nausieda
(Meander) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Idea to use tent stakes as handles for various gear on 08/11/2012 18:50:23 MDT Print View

I agree. It's a bridge too far. Do you want to burn yourself with a handle or spill boiling water? Hygiene is more important than weight.Even the idea of using stakes to stabilize a canister turned out to be unreliable in the field. Other issue-are you carrying extra stakes? Not a gain. Effective anti-burn ointments containing silver are Prescription only in the U.S. or big bucks from Canada. They work and are worth the $$$ but better to avoid the juggling and the pain?

Edited by Meander on 08/11/2012 18:51:17 MDT.

(Joomy) - M
Anna's link on 08/13/2012 00:52:12 MDT Print View

Wow, that has got to be the most hilarious thing I've seen on BPL. Just how much weight do you really save by severing the handles of those items? 30 grams, max? I like my toothbrush handle.

Rob Daly
(rdaly) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
hahaha on 08/13/2012 09:18:17 MDT Print View

Interesting concept. Hey, if it works for you, great.

Myself, I have no need for a fishing net or chopsticks. I cut the handle down on my toothbrush many year ago. And I use a lexan spoon that I drilled holes in to lighten. :D

Edited by rdaly on 08/13/2012 09:18:55 MDT.

James Marco
(jamesdmarco) - MLife

Locale: Finger Lakes
Idea to use tent stakes as handles for various gear... on 08/13/2012 10:40:02 MDT Print View

What is a tooth brush handle? Ohh....never mind...found it on Google...
They even have this thing called tooth paste, WOW!
(Ha ha....)

No these things probably don't save that much. But, as has been said:
Everything weighs something."